Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that is not serious about their education and is looking to party though their college years. This is not a party school and they would not only be wasting their time, but their money.


I would advise people who do not want to work hard to not attend this school. This school has high expectations of its students and expects you to work hard at everything you do. The teachers are almost always available to help. We also have tutors and people in the library to assist you. If you are not willing to put the effort into your classes or seek help when you need it, this is not the school for you.


you shouldnt attend concordia if you are lazy and plan to slack your first year because the first year will start you off on your journey of getting where your going in the future.


Concordia is a dry campus and very strict. Someone who wants to go to college to party should not attend Concordia.


Anyone who can't buckle down and do their work. There is a lot of homework given and you have to be able to think through and solve your problems.


People who are looking for college to be all about partying should not attend this school. Concordia has a dry campus meaning no alcohol. Students who are looking to go out every night and drink and not study as much as they should, will not find this or be very successful at the school. Concordia's main goals are to help the students grow in knowledge and spirite and in order to help reach these goals, they try and prevent certain distractions such as wild parties with alcohol.


If you are a person who is a loner this school isn't right for you. There are certain things that give you your own personal time for example there are single room dorms but you are still encouraged to meet with others who live in your dorm hall and make new friends. People who just want to go to college to have fun also shouldn't attend because this school is not a "party" school, this school shows you that there are other things to do resposibly then partying and keeps you focused.


someone who wants to party all the time and be able to go out whenever


any kind of person that is ready for an interesting experience of college


The only people who would really have a hard time are those who really don't want to hear about Christianity, faith, etc. Otherwise, pretty much anybody will be able to find a group of people to hang out with and will probably be able to make it through their classes. If they don't intend to put any work in whatsoever, they'll probably flunk, but otherwise they should be okay.


A non-Pre-seminary, education, or nursing student. The other departments do not get the same funding. People that are looking for an open student body that is receptive to new ideas and people. Religion-sensitive people, as there is only one allowable religion at this school. If you like to drink, go elsewhere. If you want a wide variety of after-school activities, go elsewhere. If you want a school that gives results to student wants, go elsewhere.