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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Taking college visits and overnights are great ways to get a culture of the school. A student will not know whether he made the right choice until he after the first year. My first year was terrible. I had roommate issues and did not have many friends. I was very shy, unmotivated, and depressed. The second year I decided to play football, and it was the best decision I made at college. Find something you like and do it. DO NOT BE AFRAID. If you fail, who cares. Move on and try something new. Also, if you do not know which major you want, it's alright. Many people switch a couple of times. The important choice is to choose to earn that diploma. That is the main reason for going to college. Always keep that in mind. College is not easy. You are going to have to work hard even when you want to quit. Keep your eye on the goal and envision how rewarding it will be when you have that diploma. Once you earn it, you will have it forever, and no one can take that away from you.


I would recommend you find a college that fits your needs. I choose a school that offered the program I wanted to pursue. They also have several branch locations allowing me to attend a center that is closer to work and home. The school also offers classes in a number of ways including classroom instruction, telecourses, and e-learning. Finally, they also offer exams that can be completed to obtain college credit. To me, these were all important factors when looking into schools.


Choose a college that not only fits the area that one desires to persue, but gives an enviornment that helps one grow into an adult. Professors that help and are willing to help one when they need direction. A student body that is devoted toward one another. Taking these ingredients and mixing them with some oppertunity, it makes a sweet place to live.


Take a lot of time to decide because you only get one chance for the perfect decision


Visit as many colleges as you can and base your decision not only on academics, but also campus atmosphere, extra-curricular activities, and campus location. To make the most of your college expereince, don't be afraid to try new clubs and activities while not losing focus on your academics. Make as many contacts as you can and try to get as much-real life expereience as possible. Don't pay to go to college until you know what you want to major in. Don't go home every weekend, stay on campus and make new friends.


When you are looking for a college make sure that the school has something you find interesting, this could be classes, groups or even professors. Get involved in your campus activites but be sure to put your academic work first, because if you do not do well your first semester your GPA is hard to get back up. Do not be shy, and ask questions.


Know why you are choosing a certain college and don't just go somewhere because everyone else is. Always look over the campus and meet the professors to determine if the college is a right fit for you. The sky is the limit , so pick a college the is academically strong and works with local businesses. Find a college where usiness offer internships or come to the classroom to speak about real job experiences. Strongly find out how the college deals with special students with learning problems. How patient are the professors, how willing are they to working with each student, and how open are they to communicate what any student may need because of how they learn. Its really important for both the parents and the student wanting to attend a this certain college to talk about the pros and cons and using these elements to narrow down a college decision. If you are still unsure go back for a second visit or ask someone you know who attended the college. Being 17 and wanting to leave the house may seem exciting but what should really be on your mind is why this school and what do they offer?


When you go to college, approach it with a positive attitude. Make sure to study hard and accomplish the goals you want to accomplish. Also, make sure to make friends, socialize, and grow through relationships and not just education. Most importantly remember who you are and have fun.


Take your time about deciding on the college.


I would allow ample time to thoughfully think through each school, listing the pros and cons of each, and then basing those observations on how you would best see yourself in that college life/atmosphere. Do not make a rushed decision and just think about how the college would benefit you as an individual best.


The most important rule to follow for when you are looking for a school is to find one that has ties to your desired industry while providing links to other careers. It is very important to have connections with possible employers or professors that know your desired industry inside and out so you can benefit from the connections and experience. While it is great to have those connections, it's also important to diversify yourself in this economy and the job market. Multiple skills or disciplines understood can make you more valuable to companies and able to move from one career to another if need be. It is also important to find a school with an atmosphere you will thrive in, not necessairly one you are comfortable in, but one that will challenge you and encourage you to spearhead new ideas and experiences that will also help you later in life.


College will be the best years of your life, but remember it is what you make it. Visit as many schools as you would like. The best thing I did was visit and experience the campus life with students. Be sure to look at all aspects of the college, including academic, social, and economics. College is more than just the money, more than just the academics, and more than just a social experience. Overall, you can make your college experience whatever you want it to be. Seek out the challenges, get involved in campus activities, and step out of your comfort zone. There will be no other time in your life like this, so make the best of it and live life with no regrets!


Make sure you pick a college that you feel comfortable with. Too big or too small of a college can greatly affect you. Also, choose a college where you feel you can express yourself without being ridiculed in any way. Your college should be your second home, and you wouldn't want to feel out of place or lonesome. Choosing a college can be very difficult, but the best way to choose it is to choose the one where you are most comfortable being.


Look for a college that offers many different degree's and make it easily to witch to different ones. Private ones are better becuase they offer internships as a part of the program and get you in to where you need to be ealier than public schools.


Go with your gut.


Find a college where you feel at home. If you go to school worrying about fitting in and not being able to be yourself, you can't get comfortable and then concentrate on the things that matter most: studying, getting to know others, growing in mind body and spirit and having fun.


You have the find the college that you know you will enjoy for the duration of your time there. You need to fit in it, not it fitting you. Parents should allow their children to have the ultimate decision on where they would like to attend college, however the parents should give their input on what they think are the positives and negatives to the place the student is choosing. Money always seems to be a issue when it comes to choosing where to attend school, but it is important to remember that an education should be affordable for everyone. There is always financial aid and some way to attend the school of your choice. I thought money would be an extreme issue because I was choosing to further my education at a private institution, however I know that I will be able to pay back my loans and that I will be getting a stellar education.


Prior to sending their son/daughter away, a parent should research the academic and athletic programs at the school to see if they align with their views on education. Usually schools with good academics and athletics shows that there is a good balance between school and life. If it is soley an academic school, then the school may be lacking in some of the social experiences that are just as much a part of their education as the academic side. Most employers look for the person who can understand complex ideas and display them in a manner that is understandable to others. That skill develops from socializing and understanding different people. I believe a parent should also examine the students and staff at the school when they are on a visit with their son/daughter. If these people do not align with their standards or vision of where they want their son/daughter to be after graduation, then I would suggest they do not send them to that particular school. It is a decision between both the parents and the son/daughter, so whatever decision is made must be a mutually accepted decision.


From expierence and looking back at my college decision, the advice I would give in finding the right college is to find a place where you feel the most comfortable. Visit the campus and talk to students that already go there. Talking to currently attending students will give you insight to the University that a tour will never give you. Once you visit the college, you will know if it is the place for you. To make the most of your college expierence the number one advice tip is to get involved!!! There are so many things to get involved with on campus and in order to enjoy college you must at least join a club, go to church, or play sports. College is about finding out who you are and in order to figure out who you are you must engage in many activities with a variety of people.


My advice to any prospective student is to choose a college that represents the ideals of what you as a student hope to achieve academically, socially, and spiritually. College is the time in which most people grow to become the people they are going to be for the rest of their lives. That is why, it is so important that the time be taken for a student to choose the school that will benefit and help them to become an individual who will prosper not only at that institution for those four years but all the years that will follow after graduation.


Find the college that fits your personality, needs, and interests.


Just find a place that will accomadate your needs but yet instill the needs you will need even if you dont like that sort of thing.


If you are a student that really knows what they want to do in life, or may also not know what they want to do in like, you should really sit down and talk to your parents about the decision you plan to make about college. If your a parent listening to your child, you should listen to your child, and really care a value what they choose to do with thier life, because experience is everything.


Find a college that is comfortable, one that you feel you can easily settle into. Do not have your heart set on only one college and carry a biased opinion, its better to be open and look at many different universities before making your decision. Some students tend to feel they need to be as far away from home as possible, but then realize when they're gone how much they miss home and end up only staying a semester or a year. An hour or two away is far enough to be able to have freedom from your parents but close enough to go home. Parents, this is your child's decision, not yours. Guide them, but don't tell them. If they chose only for you, they most likely wont chose correctly. Do not forget to look at extras, food, housing, hidden fees (weight rooms, parking, laundry), accessability and classroom size. If individualized attention is important to you chose a school where you can find that. Lastly, make sure the college or university you are wishing to attend has the major you are looking for and easy accessability into it's programs (nurses-nursing school).


Check out lots of different schools, because you can't tell which one might be best for you until you give it a good look. Once you choose a school, get involved in as many activities as you have time for. Put yourself in positions to meet new people and have fun through sports, clubs, and campus events. Also don't be afraid to ask for help. Try to get to know your professors on a more individual basis. And finally, don't forget to follow your own dreams and not let others pressure you into studying or doing what you don't really love.


You need to make sure you visit each college/university and meet with professors, see facilities, and talk with current students. You are going to be spending important years of your life at this school and need to feel comfortable. The first couple weeks of your freshman year may be tough, but you have to push through that and everything turns out in the end. Don't let the worry of your financial situation deter you from going to the school you love, there are ways of paying for your schooling.


Make sure you visit the college campus and take a tour, because you can just get a feeling of whether or not you will fit in or feel comfortable in a campus once you walk around and sit in a classroom. Participate in activities during college, they are a great way to meet new people and new friends that could last a lifetime.


Pick a college that you feel comfortable at. Even though getting a good education is important, college is a time to have fun and make friends that will last forever. College is a time that you will remember forever, and when you are older you will not look back on all of the hours that you studied. You will remember the moments that you spent having the best time of your life!


Don't go to Concordia University Wisconsin.


Keep everything organized! It gets to be a lot once application forms and health forms and acceptance letters and fafsa forms start flying around. It's important to have an individual file for each college and a specific place for each form. Also, keep the doors open. Take advantage of scholarships and financial opportunities. You never know what may come through or what may happen. Conserve your money. Have fun, but be smart. It's easy to go out every weekend and spend your money on things that you may think you need, but in the end you're going to end up regretting throwing away your money. Work hard. Keep your grades up. Because the better your grades, the more opportunities that you will have. Have fun!


Choosing a college is kind of like picking out your first guitar. When you pick out a guitar, you need to have an idea of what you're looking for, find a few to try out, and trust your gut to help you know which one is right for you. When you pick out a college, you should know what's important to you, identify schools that match up, visit them, and trust it when one of them feels right to you. Once you're there, be willing to take some chances. That's how you grow. When people first learn to play a guitar, they often hesitate between each chord to make sure they have their fingers in the right places. They have to learn to keep strumming, even if they're not sure their fingers are right, before they'll be able to hit the right chord at the right time. In college, you can stick to what's safe, but unless you're willing to take some steps you're not sure about, you won't grow to your full potential and get the most out of your college experience.


Do not pick a school without going to visit. I was hesitant to come and visit Concordia University-Wisconsin becasue it did not seem like a place I would be used to, but once I experienced the atmosphere, met some of the people, and realized that the faculty really did care about me getting a solid education, I could not pass it up. In conclusion, please do not choose a school merely becasue some of your friends are going as well. College changes an inidividual so much, that you should really come into it with an opne mind and a good attittude to meet new friends.


If students have the ability, they should bring their parents when interviewing prospective colleges. Important questions to ask include what is the standard or average Financial Aid, how often classes for the degree are offered, how many students have graduated with that degree, and what the school's placement rate is, especially in the student's field of study. It is best if students can visit during an active school semester. This way they may view the campus and campus life. They may even be able to sample a meal in the dining hall. Once enrolled, students should join organizations that intrigue them. If possible, they should look for an on-campus job. If the school offers a place for tutoring, students should take advantage of those services. The students not only increase their knowledge, but they can also expand their social arena by doing this.


Parents and students need to be aware of what each university has to offer. Many times the students will go into the institution not knowing what they want to do. Make sure that there are a variety of degrees offered, especially those that you may be interested in, with well-respected programs. Also, make sure that the financial aid is substantial enough for what you have to offer. Don't back off if you think you deserve more, you're worth it. For students especially, it is extremely important to get involved. Academics are important, but that is not all that college is. College is making relationships that last and having fun while doing it. Go out and meet people, you won't regret it! These are the best years of your life before you have to go out into the real world, make the most of it.


Find a school that fits and not one because of a legacy or athletic program. Students should feel safe and secure and comfortable in their major and while living on campus.


Look for the major you want to do. Find true and trustworthy friends. If you want to play a sport in college try out its the best experince I have had personally.


Don't be afraid to try new things. Don't be afraid to change your mind. I was in nursing. I thought my soul purpose was to be a nurse. Then I became a CNA. Hated every minute of it. Now I've switched majors to Music Therapy.


To find the right college you must not worry so much about the social scene. There are always those who study and those who don't. Just try and figure out what you want of your college experience and will that school deliver what you want.


While giving advice to incoming college students, I would tell them to look for the program which best suits their personal career choice, and to continue applying for independent scholarships throughout their student career. I would definatley advise them to do extensive research on the colleges they are considering, and to compare them side by side on as many things as they can find.