Coppin State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing that I brag most about, when speaking to my friends are the many areas available on campus, in which I can study without interruptions.


I usually would brag about the students and the professors here at the university. I did not expect what I got here at Coppin State and I am glad that the people here proved my negative thoughts wrong. Coming into here as a freshman I thought that I was going to hate the schoolbut I found out that they are nice and friendly. The campus is really sociable and has a lot of activities that gets the students involved. The professors at Coppin help out the students a lot. They have their doors open and ready to help you.


The thing I brag about the most when telling my friends about my school is how wonderful college life is in its entirety. I brag about how diverse Coppin is and all the different kind of people I meet. I brag about how everyone that attends college has a long term goal to be something in life and how important higher education is.


I brag to my friends about the new projects that Coppin are doing with building new buildings and new programs this school has come a long way and I am very proud to be a student here.


I think the best thing about Coppin is flexibility. Being a father, I need room to fit other things into my schedule that are as equally important as my education. At Coppin I am able to maintain a full-time course load as well as a full-time job and all without losing time with my daughter or the ability to have a social life. It would be unfair for me to chalk this up to my own multi-tasking abilities alone. The flexibility coupled with understanding professors is a priceless advantage that one gains attending Coppin State


I love to tell people that Coppin State University is located in the urban area and it is doing a lot to improve the lives of students through education. the faculty and staff are dedicated to learning, and the college is also very involved with the community where it is located by providing healthcare, internet service and othe educational tools and assistance. The school is greatly developing and students here have a safe learning enviroment.


My Class schedule and my personal schedule works very well together. The students and staff at the school is very friendly and campus life is the best.


I brag about the students, professors, and campus. i brag about these the most because the students are friendly. The professors are nice and very help ful. The campus is beautiful, it has everything a student need to succeed in one place.


How much of a family and school spirit Coppin State is and has.




When I tell my friends about my school, I usually brag about the social life. Everyone is so friendly and drama-free on my campus that its easy to make friends and have a good time. There are plenty of events held by the sororities and fraternities as well as by the campus staff. You're guaranteed to have a good time. I also brag about our athletic events. There is so much school spirit at my school. It makes everyone want to come out and support the school, even people who live in town.


What I brag about my school the most is how the fauclty and staff never give up on the students, they know it isnt easy for us and they help us the best way that they can by calling us, coming to our class, they will hunt us down in school or even if we are not in school just to make sure we ace our classes, not just pass.


Absolutely nothing to brag about