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Cornell University is beauty hidden in gray skies, bridges connecting cliffs, and a place where, "Any person can find instruction in any study." And Food, Cornell is food. Cultural food, fast food, good food. It may sound silly, but the multitude of colorful dining options truly evolves into a common ground for meeting others, and engaging in scholarly debate. The community is open, and students study well into the morning hours on a regular basis. These qualities naturally drew me to Cornell. In no other college did I find this awesome combination of intellectualism and collabaration. I could grow here.


The View! It is amazing up here as far as scenery in every season. Between the campus location above the city, the hill overview looking towards the stars, the beautiful creatures (deer & squirrels), and the waterfalls all throughout the Cornell University campus, anyone would be amazed at the sight, I know I was. Also the amazing people you meet. I am sure many people believe college brings them engagement with awesome people but up at Cornell even the most disagreeable people are nice in comparison to others I have met.


it is small, everyone cares about school


Cornell is absolutely amazing. As long as you can handle academic pressure, it's truly a wonderful place to be.


Our campus is gorgeous, lectures are unique and the professors are extremely smart and engaging.


Cornell boasts an extremely diverse student body with students coming from all over the world to study and share their passion for education in a diversity of subjects, from engineering to hotel management to architecture. A school that is so diverse in its interests, backgrounds, and personalities offers an opportunity for every single individual to realize their dreams. Additionally, the sense of community shared by all members of the Cornell family is a strong presence everywhere on campus; while Cornell has the feel of a small, tight-knit family, it still has the resources of a major institution.






Cornell has so much to offer because of its size. For example, there are program houses that allow for you to live with people that have similar interests. My freshman year, I lived in an African American dorm. It was a great experience. That is a prime example of one unique aspect of Cornell University.


The driving factor in my decision to go to Cornell was the department of biology and society. I found that the program was unique in the country for studying bioethics and the impact of science and technology on laws and policies. The prestige and long running history of the school were also attractive factors.


All in all Cornell is a highly rigorous, diverse, and rewarding school to go to.


It was the only ivy league school without a latin motto


It's very diverse and accepting.


Ivy league, easy to move around the majors/schools, great research base.


Cornell University is unique because it is the largest Ivy League institution and the only land grant Ivy league institution. Coenell allows New York state residents to attend certain colleges within the university to pay SUNY equivalent tuition rather than the entire cost. This allows for more opportunities for less financially elite students to attend such a high calliber university. Cornell is also unique because it has the widest course range which allows students to test the waters and obtain knowledge in a large array of subjects encouraging students to branch out of their major and expand their horizons.


Only a few US schools have an Urban Studies major. It's great to be in a small college of Architecture, Art, and Planning in a major of only 100 students with the resources of a 13,000-student university.


It is an Ivy League


rural area - really spend social time with the kids who go to your school


People here love to have a good time and although studies are extremely important, it is easy to find a group of friends who like to do the same extracurriculars as you.


The atmosphere is a mix compared to agriculture colleges, ivy league universities, technical schools, etc.


Everyone is willing to help others and it is really easy to make connections.


-almost endless amount of opportunities to try different things -many different schools to take classes in -unique theater department with equity actors


Has vast array of resources availabale to help its students.


Ivy league. Top programs in it's fields.


It is very research oriented, and has many of the top programs in the fields that it offers. It is also the largest school I applied to.


The variety of courses and majors offered here.


The outstanding financial aid, committments to diversity and the environment, and the number and quality of campus libraries.


It has an real marching band.


It is very competitive, with a high quality education. It is pretty big. It is located in nowhere new york.


Cornell has a beautiful campus, however it might be hard to notice it while you're busy studying for your next exam. You realize how relaxing the environment is after you are done for the semester. It is a good place for self-discovery.


The food quality and number of places to eat are a lot better compared to other schools


very cold


Alll freshmen live in dorms together in ones section of the campus (North Campus). They also eat in dining halls on North. This allowed me to adjust a lot better than I think I would have had I been mixed in with people from different years. It helps create an automatic smaller community where you consistently see the same people within a larger one. It made the adjustment a lot easier for me.


it was the only ivy league i applied to


You can pursue pretty much anything you're interested in to some degree. I've met and lived with many different types of people, and you can find your niche socially. We tend to pride ourselves on our academic reputation, and almost anywhere you go you can find a Cornellian.


It's a highly ranked school located in one of the most beautiful regions in the United States. The school provides opportunities to do whatever anyone desires to do.


Diversity and Opportunities


Great academics however has a pretty strong social scene considering the location and that it is an Ivy League school. There are gorges on the campus and the entire campus is amazingly beautiful. It just stinks that there only seeems to be two seasons, winter and summer. Fall and Spring seem to short to remember.


The campus is beautifull.


beautiful campus, intellectual community, very different environment (rural), four full seasons, distinguishment as an ivy league


it has everything you could ever want academically and socially. it offers way more majors than 99% of schools and you get to know someone from every department. socialy it is wonderful. the campus is so big you can definitly find something to fit in with, whether it be gay rights or the soccer club... i will always be proud of my alma mater!


ability to choose any major, as the school provides something for everyone. plus it is not that difficult to change your mind.


Wonderful team aspect, best Hotel School in the world.


great diversity of opportunity. you can find and do anything there.


It's in the middle of nowhere. It's also an Ivy League University that you pay state school tuition for.


It became my home away from home. Being practically it's own little town students really fit into a new and very welcoming community.


You can take ANYTHING you want to-- one of the biggest pros about Cornell is that as an upper classman you can enroll in very specific, in-depth courses ranging from ice cream science to insect conservation bio.


Admittedly, Cornell's established reputation did add a lot of appeal when compared to Berkeley and Northwestern. That, however, was definitely not everything. More important, was the way I felt on campus - comfortable, intimidated (in a good way), and generally impressed. The campus is one of, if not the most beautiful campus in the United States. I also like that Cornell has the stereotypical college campus image, and that it isn't in a big city, allowing it to feel through and through like college - we will all have the chance to live in SF or NYC later!


There is a strong emphasis on research and desire to create knowledge. This is an ideal that seems to be shared throughout the faculty. Undergraduates are encourged to get hands on experience in research in almost any field and there is ample oppurtunity through the university to do so.


I cried for a week after I left Cornell, so clearly I loved the school.

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