Cornell University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Cornell was a place that helped me orient myself in the world and understand how powerful my thoughts and ideas can be. Cornell taught me how to see, create, experience and respond to the world around me.


Best thing is definitely the size and diversity, as I mentioned in the previous question. With majors ranging from Agriculture Studies to Wine Making to Engineering Physics to Fashion Design and Fiber Science, it's a great place to be if you're not quite sure what you want to do. Once you figure it out, there's a 99% chance that you'll be able to find a class here.


Advising is very good, since all of the advisors are very invested and care about the students.


The best thing about Cornell is the ability to learn just about ANYTHING from amazing professors. There will always be a class, a friend, or a professor with your interests if you look hard enough. I will always appreciate and feel incredibly fortunate to have studied with the best of the best.


Our campus is unique in the amount of opportunities it offers and the diverse set of people that are here. There are hundreds of clubs, intramural sports, organization, and chances to get involved with the Cornell and Ithaca community, all while interacting with some of the best people you will meet in your life.


The best thing about my school is the amount of academic freedom students have in choosing classes. I am in the College of Arts and Sciences and everyone encourages you to try classes very far outside your major. I am studying psychology, but I'm taking a classes on dinosaurs and comic books as well! The choice in classes is extremely diverse and definitely something that not all schools have. It truly provides a broad, liberal arts education.


The best thing about Cornell University is the academic freedom it offers. Students can take classes across colleges within Cornell. As a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, I am able to take a variety of classes within my majors and outside of them. I don't feel constrained at all. If a student has an interest, they are free to pursue it.


There are many resources available. The professors make themselves very available and you really do get an education.


People are friendly and the classes here are challenging and fun. Students get really involved in extra-curricular activities and that gives character to the school.


Cornell's best attribute is its size. Cornell is a big school which allows for students to be constantly meeting and interacting with new people. The campus is always bustling with students, so as to make all the sporting events, clubs, and activities that are hosted there very lively. However, its size does not diminish the intimate student-faculty interaction and the great relationships you form along your college journey. Its mid-size student population gives an undergraduate the best of both worlds.


The students are the best thing about Cornell; it's almost impossible to not form meaningful friendships with people who are unlike anyone that you ever met during your K-12 school days. Cornell's tendency to recruit a geographically and culturally diverse student body allowed me to learn more about myself by learning more about the varied experiences of my peers it also made me realize that, although my rural upbringing had allowed me to become familiar with most of the people in my community, this familiarity came at the expense of my worldview.


Being a Physics major, the best thing from my perspective is the wonderful resources the school has in the fields of math and science. There is an abundance of research going on right here on campus, and the university even has its own particle accelerator. Continuing with the theme of facilities, the dining halls and dormitories are very nice, and the food is great and varied (for college standards). Research opportunities for undergrads are also abundant, and even freshmen can get positions.


How different everyone is. It's nice to not be stuck with a bunch of people that are all the same.


The academics are superb. If you are genuinely interested in what you've come to study, you will love Cornell. I leave some classes with a smile on my face, wanting to know more -- something that rarely happened to me in high school. My classes are inspirational.


The best thing is the options and opportunities avaliable to the student who looks for them. There is something and someone for everyone who looks for it.


Ezra Cornell said in 1868, "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study." Cornell University comes as close to that as any university I have ever heard of. Where else can you study architecture, hotel administration, labor issues, law, dairy science, fine arts, and pretty much anything else you can think of? You can enroll in Cornell with a particular major in mind, then if that doesn't turn out to be your passion, you can find almost any other course of study without changing schools. And the campus is beautiful!


Cornell University is a very large school in terms of undergraduate students and campus size. This, in my opinion, is one of the great attributes of the school. Although it seems very intimidating at first, the number of undergraduates are separated into individual colleges and then into majors within the colleges and then by graduation year. Therefore, as a student you have the opportunity to interact with many different people, but not so many that it is overwhelming. Also, a large school offers many opportunities and a wide range of classes and extracurriculars.


The best thing about my school is the student body. Cornell is a really diverse place racially, and socially. This is the best part os Cornell because I am meeting new people that I would never have met is I had decided to go to the University of Maryland.


a lot of extracurricular activities


The resources, it's possible to get to information about anything from almost anywhere. It's phenomenol the kinds of things students have available to them here.


The opportunities to do as you like and the harshness of the school that compells you to do them.


It is a place where you can interact with people in the frontiers of whatever field you might be interested in. There are lots of opportunities in which you can discover your career interests through school-provided programs. There is a diverse, variety communities, so you are certain to find a community that you can find yourself most comfortable with. Intellectual as well as social growth is stimulated through the interaction with similar-minded students and professorss.


Lots of opportunities to do well


The best part of Cornell is how diverse it is. I have literally seen every type of student here and it is refreshing to know people can be who they want to be.


They best thing about my school is the actual campus. There are just some days when the campus is so beautiful, it's simply breath taking.


The incredible diversity of studies available to all students, no matter what their main focus is.


Faculty. Outstanding scholarship combined with an interest in teaching. Highly approachable and willing to give undergraduates tremendous attention.


The people you will meet here and the friendships that will form.


The endless opportunities offered to you through the many departments and numerous courses offered each semester. The courses are geared towards challenging an individual and exposing them to ideas they rarely thought about.If you are an individual who is already set in a particular field it gives you more chance to delve into work and understand more of what you are interested in.The professors and people (TAs, support staff and students) are all amazing and will help you to feel at home as you become more knowledgable.


The alumi newtwork because everyone is willing to help.


The people, the location, the social scene, the academics, I honestly cannot pick only one thing that makes me ecstatic on this campus. I absolutely love it and wish that I could spend more than just four years here. Also, we have to have one of the prettiest campuses in the world. How many places have gorges in the middle of the campus? While winter may be cold, Fall and spring are incredible.


Diversity! The people you meet, their different backgrounds and viewpoints.


The people! Everyone is so interesting and intelligent and different! The friends I have made here, I will keep for the rest of my life. I also highly value being exposed to all different cultures and ways-of-life.


good professors, strong sense of communnity, excellent career centers and on-campus recruiting, school reputation & prestige


The best thing about Cornell is the diversity of beliefs on campus. Any person can find a group of people that share their sentiments. I also enjoyed how the conversations that I had were usually deeper than those I had with high school friends who attended other schools.


Cornell has wonderful, wonderful professors. Many fields do not allow students one on one interaction with professors, but students who are interested in developing relationships with faculty can absolutely do so. In the humanities, the small class size makes it possible to meet professors who are leaders in their fields. In the sciences or social sciences, students can do research with top professors.


Any place. Any study.


How large it is and the opportunities that brings


The faculty and student are amazing. I really feel like I am learning for what it's worth. I think that Cornell is breaking me down and building me up to be a better person.


reputation, well known faculty, scenery


The great academic support. If one was failing a class, he or she could easliy obtain a tutor.


The variety of classes available to the students and the variety of students enrolled.


Our Ivy League status. Not only does this foster a sense of pride, but it also greatly helps influence success post graduation.


The best thing is the great environment: the atmosphere is studious, but at the same time created by lots of interesting people that are diverse in many different ways.


The variety of people and opportunities allow you to thrive at your fullest potential.


There's lots of opportunities for professional placement or advancement.


The friends I made. Post-graduation we still have weekly dinners, and they play a huge role in my life.


career center offers mock interviews and other resources for practice and networking. many companies come to recruit at cornell.


I think our school has a great alumni network and some fantastic resources on campus.


The people.

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