Cornish College of the Arts Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Cornish College of the Arts is best known for a talented student body, driven towards the mastery of their artforms. The alumni of Cornish reflect the prestige of the college, its students and professors. A majority of Cornish graduates are working artists in the city and abroad who are more than just artists but are advocates of the community and engage in multi-disciplinary affairs. The expectation of discipline and mastery of your artistic passion is what sets Cornish apart from other colleges.


My school is best known for creating amazing works of art and with that comes creating amazing artists. And going above and beyond the ordinary. The school is very small, the teachers are 100 percent focused on you at all times, and you really get to know your teachers on much more personal level than any other college. While growing in you field of study you always have support from everyone.


My school is best known for the combination of all of the different art-forms. It's also known for being Brendan Fraser's alma mater.