Cornish College of the Arts Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Cornish College of the Arts?


Cornish is certainly an eccentric enviroment; yet, within it's eccentricity there is a sense of a thriving purpose in the work you do. I beleive Cornish is most attractive to individuals who want to challenge themselves and grow as artist not achieve fame or material wealth but to embrace their potential as an indiviudal who strives to create impactfull work through the mastery of their art. I am constantly being challenged to self reflect and critically think about the world we live in and the role i want to play in it. If this concept excites you, then audition.


A person that is very self-directed will do best at a school like Cornish. Someone who is willing to take responsibility for their academic pursuits.


Cornish Is a school for those that are passionate about their art in every way shape and form, the school is a mixture of every race, gender, background and orientation, overall it is a very accepting school no matter who you are providing you love some form of art and wish to make a carreer living with it.


Determination is definately needed not only just to be accepted into the school, but also to stay in the school. The kind of person who should attend Cornish College of the Arts is going to have to require much of themselves physically and mentally in order to perfect their art and artistry. They will need to be open to things outside of their comfortable realm and be glad that there is always someone pushing your creativity.


Anyone who is serious about their goals in the art world. There is a very dynamic and diverse student body at Cornish, so no matter what your major there is a link amongst the students in the manner of passion and dedication to the arts. I am a transfer student and I was looking for a place that would inspire and challenge my progress into the world of performing arts. I found that at Cornish and the professors and administrators are very helpful in the development of each student as a well-rounded artist.


If you are Artistic you should attend this school. It is a great environment for creative minds to be in and be in a community together with one another. There are so many creative minds that may be practicing a different art form of you, but being around other creative people helps strengthen your own artistic identity. Also somebody who would prefer a smaller school compared to a huge University, the most classes have 20 people in it, so this school gives you the chance to feel like you have a strong sense of community within it.


People who want to learn about the arts in the real world and to find their own process into creating theatre and not people who just want to be movie stars, to be famous. You have to be determined and dedicated and love the theatre. You also have to be ready to change your way of thinking and process from high school and be able to grow from within yourself.


Cornish is strictly an art school, anything from painting, web design, photography, theater, musical theater, dance, music, and production. I f you have a passion for any of these things and you are serious about turning it into a career Cornish is the place to be. You have to put your soul and have a great deal of desire in order to achieve this dream you have been chasing after.


The only way I can think to describe someone that should attend Cornish College of the Arts is someone who is open to new and different experiences. This person should be someone who is not afraid of risking everything for their passion. You must be willing to work extremly hard and know that all this work and effort in the end will make you an amazing artist and an amazing individual. For the experience at Cornish is one that is unlike anyother university.