CUNY Bernard M Baruch College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?




Dry, crowded, boring, asain


Ambitious, hard working, strict parents, some students travel 2 hours just to get to school, Baurch has no social life, a lot of people look for something to do after classes.


Baruch's reputation


Baruch's reputation


A student describes Baruch's reputation


Too serious and "business like," sometimes to the point of self-parody.


That all students that attend Baruch are business majors. We all want to be rich and work in the corporate world


Anti-Social School. Only for business.


Most of the school is of some Asian descent no matter how "diverse" they say it is.


1. There are a lot of minorities in Baruch 2. The escalotors never work 3. Most people commute to school 4. The math department is absolutely horrible 5. All departmental finals will hurt your grade


Baruch students studying Finance are thought to be good enough for getting all those back and middle office type internships and jobs but not sophisticated enough to obtain a front office position, like people who come from so called Ivy League caliber schools in the area like NYU or Columbia.


Indifferent? Students are probably more driven and possibly smarter than those at other CUNY colleges.


1. Baruch students are nearly 100% career students and recieve succesful jobs once they graduate 2. Baruch is one of the best business schools and has one of the most prestigious Graduate school 3. Baruch students have great networking and communication skills but are horrible writers 4. Most top companies recruit Baruch students becauase of the great history Baruch has proved to others


Baruch is strict business school. Most of the students at Baruch College are there for accounting.


No one is friendly, everyone is a stuck-up business person, everyone wears suits.


1. Students are very business minded 2. No one takes the time to know anyone because it is a commuter school 3. There are no clubs to join 4. It is hard to make friends


Baruch College is a very good and top business school and Students are study and work hard in this school.


Stereotypes include that all Baruch students are stuck up, unattached New Yorkers that just think about going to class and going straight home, and becoming accountants.


Baruch is all about business. If you are in the business school you are majoring in accounting or finance.


We're too serious and it's not fun


That out of the CUNY's Baruch students are a cut above the rest. They are seen as more intelligent, dilligent, and mature.


Baruch is a school filled with future accountants and finance majors, with very few liberal arts majors dispersed in between.


Best in accounting


Everyone's an accounting, finance or marketing major.


Some stereotypes are that we're all uptight suits and think about money all the time.


Introverted, Smart, Book smart, accounting, diverse, primarily Asian's


Stereotypes about Baruch & students.. well, to me, when I mention Baruch, other people are just like.. Baruch? Where is that?


Stereotype about Baruch Is all about business. Stereotype about Baruch Students is that they aren't as smart as other top business schools, especially NYU's. The fact is almost half of my classmates received offers from other schools including NYU but didn't think the their education level was worth the tuition.


Baruch students are there because they are money-hungry business majors who are unhappy after graduation in accounting and finance jobs. Baruch students tend to hang out with their own race. Most students are middle class and work part time. It's hard to maintain friendships once the semester is over.


Students have a business look and many have their own little clique of friends within their own races.


In general, Baruch student stereotypes usually consist of the many ethnic groups that Baruch is known for. Typically, it is the stereotypes that have plagued society wherever there is diversity. Stereotypes about Baruch as an academic institution include it being regarded as being a college for "poor people" and is less sought after because it is a CUNY and public institution.