CUNY Bernard M Baruch College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?




The stereotype seems to be that all students in Baruch are in the business major. Although the majority of students are in the Zicklin School of Business, or intending to be, there are also students in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Public Affairs.


Athletes. A lot of the kids that attend are athletes


Many people think students here are accounting or business majors, majority Chinese/Asians, as well as having a huge amount of Greek spirit. These sterotypes are very accurate. Many students are unsure of their majors and tend to lean towards managment as their major.


One of the many sterotypes at City Tech is that you have to be a genius to get in or you have to be "Chines." This is totally un true. There are many chinese students, but there are also many spanish, black and white students too. Don't think just because your not Chinese you won't get in. Another thing can be if your not a technology major the school is not for you. They have many majors that you wouldn't think they would have such as:cooking, fashion marketing and education. I am a fashion marketing major and its a good program. It is located in brooklyn, so people from other boroughs may think that its too far, its not. There are over seven different trains that go here along with many buses.