CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


You can start here and go anywhere.


My school is best known for their ability to accept all quilifiing students and the beginning stepping stone into the cities most prestigous public universities.


Before enrolling into my college, I've known it for being very culturally diverse. While enrolled, I?ve realized it lived up to the hype. Also I?ve known it for reflecting the culture of Tribeca and downtown Manhattan. Also, it's known for being the largest college in The City University of New York.


My school is best known for it education and ministry studies. We have the opportunity to learn how to teach children with heart and skill. Alot of schools do not offer this in their curriculum.


BMCC is best known for its small class sizes and teacher, student ratio. The professors at BMCC are vey helpful and really interact with the students. The varirty of activies and clubs are also a major plus.