CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Brooklyn College was something that I could have finished in 3.5 years, but after my second year, I fell behind. I starting in 2005 and finally graduated in 2013 after taking time off for work. I went to work while I was still in school because I thought the opportunities would be better than what school had provided for me. I liked the thought of not having to do homework and instead to get paid for my time. Looking back, I would recommend not giving up on my education so quickly. I had wasted a lot of money and time unnecessarily, but the feeling of completing the program with my BA was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life, and the degree opened more doors for me in my career.


Do what's right for yourself. It's ok to help someone out every once in a while but make sure you are doing what's in your best interest so you can make a better life for yourself. I got caught up in other people's opinion and it distorted my priorities in a way that I couldn't even defend myself. If college taught me anything it's that you should worry about what you're doing and you're own priorities.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the first piece of advice I would give would be to constantly persevere. College life is not the same as what they show in the movies. In movies, they focus on the partying and drinking aspect of college even though college is so much more than that. Make sure that you always have a goal in mind and work your hardest to achieve that goal. College is not easy but if you work hard, it will pay off. Also, do not focus ONLY on your studies - make sure to make room for some fun. College is about creating a future, but it is also important to remember that it is about creating friendships that will last forever.


First and foremost, life is not meant to be rushed. It is not necessary to have things figured out from the very beginning. It is all right to change your mind. It means that you have learned and you're showing growth by not being bound to the person you were before. It will be okay that things don't go the way that you expected because it is more important to learn how to be flexible and resilient. When there isn't a struggle or a challenge that you had to face and overcome, you tend not to appreciate what you have accomplished as much. Most importantly, learn to be gentle with yourself because you are really giving it all that you've got.


Don't be in such a rush to figure everything out immediately; it's okay to explore courses while looking around for your eventual major. Be more accepting of everyone you meet; you can make amazing friends by being more open-minded. Go to as many campus events as you can; how else will you get to see Stephen King and Gloria Steinem speak, for free?! Know that being away from your family and your friends is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, but it will get better. The resources (libraries, teachers, other students) you have available to you will never be as readily accessible as they are when you are in college; take advantage of all of them. Remember that college should be fun, but that it's up to you to decide how to define it for yourself. No one else can decide that. Find your own path.


I would tell myself not to fool around so much, to do well in math class or you will be taking remedials. Take homework seriously, because once you reach college there is no excuse why it was handed in late, and to also not wait until the last minute to work on projects. I woud tell myself, that mostly everyone in college is there to learn and will help you if you need clarification on any subject.


Dear Shaindy, Take your high school studies very seriously because you will need to utilize all of your skills in college; Your writing skills for essays and research papers, communication skills to interact and do presentations, and test-taking skills to excel academically. Don't get sidetracked by the bummy, cool kids that seem to be having a good time chewing bubblegum and yelling dirty words. Take your education into your hands, absorb every ounce of knowledge you can because you are never too intelligent or too rich! Every bit of information may come to use at a later time. Education is like a bank account ; what you invest now, you withdraw later. So put on your thinking cap, Shaindy, and take steps in the right direction. Your efforts will be worth it.


Apply to cheaper schools because you will not get the aid you need to attend the more expensive ones. And don't try to hard to fit in to the "college experience", it's not for you and never will be, but you will make more interesting friends the second you stop trying to fit in to the college archetype.


Just be honest about who you are and what you want about life. It's no fun living the life other people want from you. I had a very hard time during high school accepting the things I liked as normal and okay. During college I came to realize that no one has to conform to someone else's standards. You are YOU! Enjoy it, embrace it, and others will too. There are big decisions coming up and if you aren't comfortable making choices based on who you are at the core of your being, you will regret it. I would also say to myself, BE EXCITED! This is college, explore the things (and people!) you think you like, and if you don't end up liking them or they don't like you - it's okay! This is the time to make mistakes. Start a journal. Read poetry. Join a crazy political movement - and then decide for yourself what defines you.


Although the transition to college from any high school can be emotionally and mentally challenging, the new experiences and outcome outweighs the worries. It's a new life experience where new people are met and friends are made. College is what each individual makes it for them where they strive to succeed regardless of what college they attend. As a high school senior, I was laughed at for accepting and going to a CUNY school. I know I made the right choice because I did research about the program I wished to study and what the school offers me in a long-term. Researching and visiting schools, and asking yourself if you fit-in with the school and its community environment is key in making your choice out of all schools when they all offer exceptional programs of study. In preparation for college, it is also essential to recognize that procrastination is a habit that will negatively impact your academics. Hence, gaining the skills to fight or minimize procrastination and learn to effectively manage time and stress will definitely translate into success in college.


The most important things to know about going to college will actually help you to enjoy your life long after college is over. These habits are initially frustrating to adopt as most habits whose rewards are long term usually are. However the length and depth of the rewards significantly outweigh the inconvience of learning them. First of all create a time management system that allows you to get physical exersice, sleep, studying, meditation, career research and hobbies satisfied every week. A balanced life eases stress and helps us make better decisions. Second find an advisor to help you map out your career and match it to your courses so that you get the most out of each class. Exploring the industry you are getting into will help you find your niche within it and save money on unecessasry classes. Third, find a financial advisor that can help you make a budget and practice sticking to it until it becomes second nature. This budget should have a separate savings and emergency fund as soon as financially possible. Do not forget the party fund and never go over that limit. Lastly DON”T consolidate your student loans without reading all the fineprint!!!


I would have come out. It's a told story like the ones we will look back on in the future when gay pride and justice shake hands and put their tired and troubled past behind them. My high school sweetheart or the man "who's name shall not be mentioned", decieded that it would be suitable for us to come out to our parents together in order to rid off "suspicions". When crunch time approached, he became scared and withdrawn. Eventully, he cavalierly "outted" me to our friends (FYI: That's the perfect way to "rid" off suspicions). Plausibly, out of my own ignorance, I did not dump him. Somehow, we managed to secretly stay together until he left for college. At that point, I began to wait, hoping his old feelings would return. Four years, and two replacement boyfriends later, I'm still trapped in the closet, while he is happily out. I'm not waiting anymore, I've just comfortably cocooned myself in my fears. A word of advice: always be true to yourself. P.S: When I do come out, I'll look damn good - I didn't spend all that time in here for nothing.


I would give my three children back and I would go to school and forfill all of my dreams. I would like to travel and get out of dorge city. I would go as far in school as i could. Then after finishing school I would be in business for myself. I always wanted to be a chelf and own my own restaurant. I would serve the most scrumise food as I could all the imported foods. From as far as Paris France to the Hawaii. I would like to be a private chelf. I lived a life as a fat kid and I was abused with words by all the kids in school from the second grade to high school. But as life goes on I became a better person and now I still have high hopes for myself . As of now I am disable but this will never stop me from being and wanting to be something in life and now I am 59 years old and very proud of it. I love to thank God for my making it this far and believe me it has been a struggle. But I made it and that a fact.


Work hard in high school, take whatever courses your high school offers for college credit. Schedule time for study and time for being with friends. Start getting volunteer experience if you haven't already. Look for scholarships. Be positive. When you get to college, take advantage of everything they offer you from the workout room to the learning center. Find your favorite place to study, where friends won't be able to interrupt you. Find something or someplace to recharge your batteries. Form study groups. Take initiative, do an honors project, attend career workshops as well as workshops outside of your field. Find internships or a part time job. Make the most of your time in college and maximize what they offer you.


Transitioning from an all-girls private school to a public college will certainly be an interesting experience. There are no more uniforms and you are free to mingle in a diverse community. None of your friends will be going with you--you are alone, but do not let fear overtake you. You will meet so many people, make so many friends, and they will all have a positive influence on your life. College is so different than high school--teachers in high school were unapproachable, but in college, they want to help you. Professors are there to help you understand a difficult topic, but more importantly, they are there to help you create a sucessful future for yourself. You may think you know all the answers, but it is better to confide in someone more knowledgeable. Do not be nervous, approach them, and they will steer you in the right direction. Even if you make bad descisions in college, there is always a way out--a way toward the future you want for yourself. You will be confused--an undecided major, obstacles, and hardships. You will make it, you will succeed, have faith in yourself!


College life is different from high school. How? In high school, you have teachers responsible for telling you to do your work. At college, it's different, you have to motivate yourself to do your work. If you dont do your work in college, you would obviously fail. That right there is called wasting time. Therefore, in high school, as an individual you should train yourself to be responsible for doing your work well, so that you wouldn't waste time repeating courses that you should have completed already. Also, you want to be a focused individual while in high school, so that when you make that transition to college life, you wouldn't be easily distracted. In college, you would have lots of free time and homework, you want to be able to have a balance between those two, where you use your time wisely. Your class time would be longer and your class structure different, since you will only reach for classes three or four days during the week for a few hours during the day and you would send more time in the library. Therefore, my advice is be more responsible and focused while in high school.


Unfortunately you didn’t make it to your senior year of high school. You are terrified on going to college since your struggle of getting your G.E.D. I know you feel that you won’t amount to anything if you continue on with school but that is not true. It’s not always going to be easy but if you maintain focus of your goals you will be able to complete them. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from teachers, students, advisors or other faulty. They are all resources to your success. You must utilize all resources you have open to you including the tutoring hours, study groups and 1:1 time with you teacher. The more involvement you have with these resources the better chance you have to receive the best education possible. Lastly, be sure you acknowledge that college is a pathway to your dreams and your success. Every class that you will take ultimately contact with your degree in some way and the more the connections you can make the better chance you have to enjoy the each class.


Building social skills is very important. There is a reason colleges want to know if you have joined any clubs; it shows you can work well with people. I wish I had made more of an effort to reach out to my fellow students. Whatever you are going to do in college and afterwards, people skills count.


You are a senior now and at a point in your life that is very important to your future. I know you think that you have all the time in the world to make life changing decisions, but the truth is it starts here and now. Time waits for no one and those who prepare for their future wil be in more control of their future. We live in the greatest country in the world, one that bestows upon you the right to and education. Take advantage of what you have, earn a college education. The world as we know it now is changing and it is becoming a global society, and with that know realize you will have more competition. You will need to get the best education that you can earn and do not put limits on how much you can achieve. The most important things to remember is that you are you most valuable assest and don't let the price of college scare you. Funding for school is everywhere you just have to look and apply for it. You Listen, try, network, and study hard becaue time flies , if you do those thing you will succeed.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and knew what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give myself an ample amount of advice. The first piece of advice I would give myself is to take as many AP classes as possible. These are helpful because if you accumulate at least a B in the class, the credit will transfer as college credits. This is extremely helpful because it is one less class that you will have to worry about paying for and finishing. Another piece of advice that I would give myself is to do research and apply to scholarships early. You cannot always rely on financial aid. It is important to meet all of the deadlines when applying for a scholarship. It is also helpful to apply to as many as possible. It is simple to find scholarship offerings; you just have to know where to look. The most important advice I would give myself is to do as much research as possible. It is crucial to ask questions and understand the process of college life. Researching will help create a successful transition.


The main advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to choose things for me, not for anyone else. I went to Hunter College because I wanted my Spanish to be as perfect as possible for when I become a doctor, even though I knew I would be happier at Brooklyn College. Now here I am 2 years later transferring to Brooklyn because I wasn't happy at Hunter. I f I had chosen what would've made me happy I wouldn't have had to got throught the process of transferring. I would also tell myslef to calm down because I thought I would end up at a community college. I would tell myself that my SAT scores would take me to the colleges I wanted to go to and that I just needed to not worry about it.


I would say "Mitali you need to really plan out and reserach what is it that you would like to major and what career field would you go into?" Even though I now know what it is that I desire to major, I still don't know what career I would be interested in. If I were more serious before, I would have searched more than I did in discovering what it is that I want to do. This way I would be more focused in my classes than worrying about my career path. We all know time is precious, thus it needs to be spent wisely. I now know that the hard way and will try to make life simple now by taking everything head on.


If I had the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would probably slap myself. First of all, I would tell myself that their's a lot of competition out there and that in order to stand out and be seen I have to do more than just my best. I would also tell myself that life after high school is not a joke and who ever said it was easy was a big lier. Also, that high school work is not even close to what we go through in college, there's no more Mr. I need help or I don't get it anymore. It doesn't work like that any more. It's really up to us to take our time and study or make an appointment with the teacher during their office hours. Finally, the advice I would give to myself would be to just really enjoy my senior year as well as pass with better grades to be at least considered.


I would definitely advise myself as an incoming college to MAXIMIZE the college experience and every opportunity that comes with it. Remembering that this opportunity may not necessarliy come again. Academic excellence is important, but being a well rounded individual is also crucial. Finally, regret is not an emotion anyone should have to feel.


If I could give advice to my high school senior self about college, the first thing I’d say is to breathe. I’d reassure myself that by and large the students and professors are not out to make your studies more difficult for you. Most importantly I’d tell myself not to be embarrassed to ask professors for help. Because though it may seem like you are the only student in class struggling with the material, you’re not! Another piece of sage advice I’d give myself would be that college is just the beginning of dealing with large bureaucratic institutions. I’d tell myself to do more than just drudge through the bureaucracy but to conquer it by knowing the ins and outs of the system. Lastly, I’d tell myself that succeeding in college is not just about academic achievement but also learning to associate with people of different backgrounds, because to succeed in the real world knowing how to interact with different people is integral.


College courses are tricky never let yourself become over confident. Do not take nap breaks while studying or doing assignments. DO NOT ATTEND BROOKLYN COLLEGE, try John J but do not settle because of lack of financial aid or what mom claims is one of the best cuny in the state. If you unfortunately end up at Brooklyn College RUN from anyone asking you to join the RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) program. Study hard but do not forget to have a social life or you will find yourself only leaving the house for school and other required outings. Always ask for help when you get stuck. Study in groups. Join a club or maybe try Greek life. You are your own person, do not measure your success in comparison to others, do your best. Get a job to help pay for college because it is expensive. Apply for as many scholarships as possible, you are bound to get financial aid from somewhere. Business Not Biology!


Dear Past Me, Stop messing around, figure out a that you want to be in the tv/film industry, and throw yourself into it. Study hard, buckle down, apply for scholarships, and save your money. Do as much as you can and hold on to all that knowledge to get yourself some internships. I promise, you won't miss the fact that you don't have a social life because you'll be working in the tv/film industry. Also, start working out more now, sure it's boring, but it makes you feel better. Also, you're allergic to wheat. Go ahead and stop eating it now. You'll feel a lot better. Also, not eating wheat isn't that hard, so don't even think about whining about it. Also, find a find another word for "also"... Also, write that script you've been thinking about. It turns out well. I believe in you. Oh, and if you can, buy stock in this thing called Netflix. Once it makes you a lot of money... SELL. They begin to spiral pretty quickly. Love, your Future Self.


Dear High-School-Senior Furness, After completing my first semester at Brooklyn College, I have a little advice for you that I hope you will always keep in mind: First: Never let opportunities slip away. I know you have been a bit timid before, but be sure to take advantage of different things that you have the chance to. No matter what, you will come away with the thought "at least I tried and learned something." No living with regrets! Second: Begin working on better time management. Though you have never been the type to hand in assignments late, make sure and plan ahead of time, to avoid the clashing of any work you need to complete for classes. Third: Do "it" when you think about "it", and do not put "it" off for another time. This pertains to what I have said before, because I just had to restate how important this is. I put "it" in quotations since this applies to everything. Last: Be sure to maintain a good relationship with your professors from day one. Also, make use of their office hours when you need to since they can help. Sincerely, First-College-Semester-Successfully-Completed Furness


Stick with it, you're almost done.


Take as many electives as you can before deciding on your major. If you like a class take more classes in that field, so that you can choose your major wisely. When you have free time, for example if a class starts late, instead of sleeping in, which you can do on the weekends, go to a club that explores your interests. Instead of googling it at home by yourself, find a club or start a club that has those same interests. Look carefully at each syllabus to know what each teacher is looking for; working hard in important, but working smart is too. If you meet someone cool in your classes, ask them to hang out, you can make tons of new friends if you don't just wait for them to come to you first. Always make time to read for fun!


I would tell myself that all the standard, angsty high school drama ends with high school. In college, none of it matters, so I should focus on my classwork, and not what others were saying. I would tell myself to buckle down and go to class, so that I could end high school with a high GPA so that I would be eligible for more academic scholarships. I would also tell myself that school is more important then the part time, underpaid internship I had, and I shouldn't worry too much about being at the internship as much as possible, since it wouldn't get me anywhere. I wasted so much time and energy on things that didn't matter, and weren't as important as my actual school work, that I wish I knew then what I know now.


If you have an idea about the career path that you want to embark upon, go for it and never look back. No matter what people may say to dissuade you, keep at it!!! Always remember that success isn't measure by the number of times you fall down but by the number of times you get back up after you do.


do not work as hard in your senior year because you will get into brooklyn college with a lower average anyway.


Attending Brooklyn College is a great experience for me. In my years of studies so far, I was able to meet lots of helpful friends as well as lots of caring professors. For the most part, I've received all the help I've asked for. These particular supporters came from the offices of advisement, the enrollment services center, and the College's Learning Center, where tutorers help to the best of their ability in helping students get better grades. I received experience and knowledge in all the classes I've taken. This is mainly because most of the professors I've taken, were compassionate about their students' success in their classes, so they did all they could to make sure their students understood what they needed to know. The College has been valuable to attend for all of those reasons. Also, I believe that I'm getting the most out of my education at Brooklyn College. The Library is a very useful place, where I can go to use the computers, read books, or even have some peace and quiet in order to study. The campus has a beautiful scenery, which gives students the uplifted feeling they need.


Of course a higher education often provides for a higher expectation of living financially and in these current days many people believe that “money purchases happiness”, but attending college, and life in general, has a greater meaning than being wealthy. I believe that college students are challenged and question their identity daily. The many surprising difficulties often send stress levels through the ceiling and our self confidence plummets into the ground. In order to succeed, students are required to be self accountable and extremely flexible in their old way of thinking. The moment people become familiar and comfortable with their way of life is when college will challenge that idea. Yet, the college experience strengthens people’s identity far more than wealth ever could.


Upon entering CUNY Brooklyn College I was skeptical of the quality of the education I would receive. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity, opportunities and knowledge I was exposed to at Brooklyn College. My degree was a Master of Arts in International Affairs, and all of my classes focused heavily on theoretical issues and policy. My courses went far beyond teaching students about current events and facts about foreign policy. Instead, professors worked to teach students how to think critically and analyze global issues from a variety of perspectives. My professors challenged me with unique perspectives on the world's most pressing issues and changed my approach to discussing and analyzing politics. The classes were engrossing and the coursework accelerated my interest in the field. This contributed to my overall 4.0 GPA throughout my graduate studies. In addition, assistance from my professors and the Brooklyn College staff led me to participating in internships with CNN and the Office of Congressman Anthony Weiner. I look forward to using my knowledge, experience and academic success to win a scholarship and attend University of Maryland University College for a second graduate degree.


Prior to going to Brooklyn college, I had been to two other schools. In each, I was alone and isolated. I couldn't make friends and I was surrounded by people that were unmotivated and cold. Ever since I attended Brooklyn College, I have made friends and have found others who are dedicated and interested in similar things like myself. Also before attending this college, I wanted to be a writer/Creative Writing major but I was taught to believe that one should take a major that makes them money rather than makes them happy. As a result I have switched majors many times often to ones I had no desire to undertake. Fortunately I came here and met a few Creative Writing majors and befriended them. They, along with the faculty, have encouraged me to write and do what I love. Through them, I learned that I am have an affinity for writing and that my works are worth reading. As a result, I am now finally a Creative Writing major and I am on the path to doing what I love. The best way to describe my experiences here is that I learned to find and embrace myself.


The year I spent in college has meant a lot to me. It gave me great knowledge and experience and has prepared me for the future. It has influenced my decision about my major and future career. From what I think, being fully prepared for the future was because of the help and great effort the school staff has offered me. I have had the best experience during the last year of college. After spending a year in college, I think I would be as fully educated and cultivated as much as I could be. After receiving my masters degree, I would want to get a good job in a hospital so that I could get a chance to work with others and share ideas. I appreciate what my school has offered me because it really helped a lot. Besides the excellent classes I took, the extracurricular activities, clubs affected my interests and career decisions.


At my school its more than just learning about your major you learn about people and their cultures, you get to have fun while going to school, everybody gets along great, you get to explore the many different subjects in school from music to politics you can expand your mind. I use to did not like school but now i look forward to going to school everyday, the classes are fun the teachers are outgoing and willing to help you out in anyway possible. We have events where other colleges come along and give you information on whatever it is you need to know , there are games, food and everything you need to enjoy yourself. Before going to college i wasnt sure what i wanted to do now i have two majors that i wish to pursue, I finally made a goal for the first time in my life, I met new people from all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. Without this school I wouldnt have much to look forward to in my days, college is great you make your own schedule , it teaches you how to become more independent and it helps you leave the stresses at home behind.


I moved to Brooklyn from Kansas seeking a different cultural experience. I am an Archaeology/Anthropology major so having the opportunity to observe and engage with so many different types of people has been absolutely the best thing I have done. At Brooklyn College, I am granted the opportunity to study with people more advanced in the field than I, graduate students are mentoring and encouraging me. We are able to visit all the different museums and cultural performances available to us in New York City. I chose to go to school in New York because of what it has to offer historically and culturally. I chose Brooklyn College because of what is has to offer me academically, culturally, and personally.


i have gotten that life is not all that easy. im trying to jugle work and school and my life around to better myself. it has bin valuable because iv'e missed a lot in the two years i took off after highschool so getting back into school really help me relize that i havnt forgot much and i can go to collage and still be able to have a life.


I chose to go directly into college after graduating high school not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I then made the mistake of just going into the working world, had a successful career in the mortgage lending industry and during the housing crash, realized I was in trouble. Now, at 37, I am realizing that I must and will go back to college. So, my college experience is just begining. We do not get to go back and repeat anything in this lifetime, but I am truly blessed that as an American, I do get the opportunity to return to college. I have finally found after all of this time, what it is I want to do.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a better sense of myself and what I want to do in my career. I also learned that I love the medical field. It has been valuable for me to attend college because I have learned things that I did not know was possible and realized that what I want to do with my life would be something that I love!


So far in my college expirience I have not only gained a sense of self but it has been valuable to attend because of the life lessons I am learning in addition to what I am learning in the classroom. I know that attending college is the gateway to many opportnities that will not be avaiable if I had not attended. As a college student you figure out a lot of things about yourself and what it is you want out of life in general. It is not uncommon for a student to change who they are and become who they want to be while in college. I find myself expiriencing these changes and I know that it will only lead to my sucessful future


I have gain alot out of my college experience. I have come to appreciate the individulas that teach in these environment a bit more. Additionally, I became more aware of life, and the challeges I faced financially as a test to take everything I do seriously. I greatly enjoyed being at the school during the time I spent there and will do it all over again with no regrets. It was a valuable school to attend because the professors care about the students and wanted us to do well.


My college experience so far at my community college in Connecticut, was a good choice for me. I had a chance to be close to home, while still studying my general requirements, and paying a low rate to get that college education. It gave me the basic skills to succeed in college and if I transfer to another college. Which is exactly what I did, I am now enrolled in a 4-year University in North Carolina and am ready to start this new semester. Am I ready to be away from home, 12 hours from where I dropped everything I ever knew and just uprooted my life? I would not say so. I am really home sick, and I know I cannot just hop in my car and go home. But I think I am ready to finally meet new people and put myself out there. I'm hoping that my first community college experience helped me enough to be ready to take on these University courses. College is a very valuable experience because in order to work at a nice-paying job, you need a full education. College is definetly the right choice for me.


My college education is really important for me to learn basic step in my life. I have learn so many thing from my life to make my life easier and understandable. I have learn to be creative in every aspect to live the life easier. Many professionalism aspect that I can make myself very creative to be a perfect person to wards the life. It has been valuable for me bacause I have learn how to develope an idea in order to make the people life easier. I have got education that will be very helpful for me to help the disabled people in the country and make thier life easier to wards their dalily activity. I really want to help them. I want be as creative as I can support whole country people to help their basic need in their life. I think the best education what I am receiving right now will be very helpful to wards developing good thaught for the country.


I went to college because it seemed to be the most logical step to take after High School and at first it felt like I was going to college simply to say I was going to college. It took awhile for me to see it, but now I truly believe that college was the right choice for me to take. Underneath all of the books, expenses and the myriad of assignments I had to attend with, I finally found what it was that I wanted to do with my life and if I hadn't struggled and pushed through my first year I may have never found it. I now plan to enroll in a college in florida that offers my chosen field and I owe it all to my first college experience; although it wasn't always pleasant it was certainly beneficial.


My college experience at first was not the best for me. I wanted to go away to college and my parents were very strict and asked that I choose something closer to home. All my friends went away and I heard stories about the parties on the weekends and other activities I was missing out on. My freshman year was miserable but it was because I choose to be miserable. I didn't allow myself to be open to all the things that Brooklyn College had to offer me. After my first year, I decided to apply for an on campus job and it opened my eyes to a new side of BC I never knew about. I met amazing faculty and staff, other BC students and people interested in applying to BC (I became a tour guide). Before I knew it my Senior year was here and I was loving it at BC. Being at this school has helped me to open up as a person and become a contributing member of society through the knowledge i've gained in my classes. I am greatful for my experiences and amazed at how I have positively changed.


Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to work with the mentally ill. I have had the passion and motivation to improve the lives of others, and change the circumstances of those with mental illnesses. When I decided that Brooklyn College was to be a part of my journey to help others, I dedicated myself completely. The skills, knowledge, and training in psychology I have recieved have been priceless in allowing me to be able to enter graduate school, work with my population of choice, and do what I have always dreamed of doing; making a difference in the lives of others. Aside from educating myself in the liberal arts as well as my chosen field of psychology, I have learned to interact with, work with, and be part of a team weather my fellow students have the same major or not. I have witnessed individuals working hard to achieve their own dreams and that in itself has been a rwarding experience. My education has been priceless in helping me on the road to my ultimate goal, a PhD in the field. Looking back at my bachelor degree years, I am a forever changed individual as a result.