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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

The City College of New York, located in upper Manhattan, is one of the most diverse Universities in the United States. There are many students majoring in engineering and science. The school has substantial numbers of Asian people. There is a stereotype that you find only Asians majoring in engineering and science. The stereotype seems to be mostly accurate, but not entirely. I have heard a professors guessing about Asians students’ majors as either engineering or science. Some tended to be wrong, while some were right.

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People tend to think of CUNY students as less intellectual then students who attend Ivy League or private schools. This stereotype is inaccurate as some students who attend CUNY turn down private schools because of the reasonable cost and numerous opportunities.

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Many students at our institution academically match up to Ivy League counterparts. Most actually go on to continue studies at these institutions including last year's valedictorian. The student population is very diverse. Most are first generation to seek college degrees and students of immigrant parents. This makes for compelling classroom settings,especially those that encourage discussion among colleagues. Opportunities to learn about a new culture ate endless.

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