CUNY City College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Poor people's Harvard


engineering department, architecture, diversity, pre-med


My school is best known for Engineers and it is the reason why the Math and Science classes are more difficult and challenging. The school is known for its engineers and so they provide challenging courses to shape the minds of students following that field of study. Of course, it is rather difficult for other students such as myself who do not look towards anything having to do with that field of study and look towards other fields (like Childhood Education).


Their engineering and architecture program


The campus is a historic architecture. My school includes sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, a certain type in limited numbers around the globe.


In terms of academics, City College has a well-known engineering and architecture programs. It also is home to CUNY Medical School (which has separate admissions from City College). The College is also well known for its athletics namely track and field, soccer, basketball and baseball.


My school is best known for their architecture and engineering program. CUNY City College is mainly an engineering school. The school mascot is the beaver which represents an engineer because of the damns they create. For those who want to become and engineer or architect , this school is right for you. There is also a good pre-med program called Sophie Davis that is well known


Each class issues 4 credits instead of 3.


The City College of New York is best known for the diversity of people that attends the school, as well as the diversity of programs available to the students.


The website states that the College is best known for comprehensive teaching, research, and service institution dedicated to accessibility and excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. From my personal experiences the Center for Worker Education (CWE) program provide students with all need to obtain a bachelor?s degree and certification in Early Childhood Education. The CWE campus is small and personal for someone who favors that one on one feel. I attend classes with many students in my field. Having classes with the same students helps build a support system and in the future a network.


City College of New York is known for their impeccable Science and Architecture departments. They are also known for being the Senior College in the CUNY system. City College is also know for the feeling you get on campus--a feeling of family.


My school is best known for its quality education, relatively inexpensive price, and "best of both worlds" campus experience. Not only is it located in NYC, but it has a "campusy" feel


engineering , pre-med, psc


It has some pretty famous professors. It also has a ridiculously famous ridiculous bureaucracy.


The City College of New York (CCNY) is greatly known for its Sophi Davis School of Biomedical Education. The students go on to great medical schools and become the future doctors. CCNY also has a great engineering program at the Grove School of Engineering. Being a civil engineering major and also being at career fairs, I know contruction companies and engineering firms want to hire CCNY students because of the knowledge they come out with when they graduate.


My school is best known for thier Sophie Davis Medical/ PA Program and their Engineering Program as well.

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