CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are all fast-paced and knowledgeable.


my classmates are city kids that don't like to waste time. If we aren't on campus we are running around the city taking care of errands, working, or interning. In class we talk and participate to sitmulate a converstaion. Everyone is incredbily diverse.


My classmates are smart and hardworking individuals from different walks of life with the same goal and determination as every other person who attends college, which is to have a career, whom I’ve been fortunate to meet, know and work with.


Being a member of a scholar cohort, I took most of my classes with members of my scholarship group. They are very competitive, as well as very intelligent. I was able to learn from them and gain help whenever I wasn't clear on something. They never hesitated and helped me get through some of the most difficult classes I've ever had to take.


My classmates were attentive and hardworkers when it came to getting their work done on time.


Well rounded, bright and creative.


My classmates are awesome.The best classmates any student would want to have.We all come from different ethnic groups and nationalities and that makes it interesting to learn from each other.


My classmates are usually engaging, thought provoking, supportive, well-versed in the subject in which they’re enrolled in, helpful, and generally provide a unique experience to the course; however, there are times in which a sour disposition or a bout with Murphy’s Law can drastically change the mood of a classroom, however it should be noted that it’s a rare occurrence.


They are very hard working in lectures even though they know their weaknesses.


I'm a bit of a recluse so I don't speak to too many of my classmates. Plus I usually have to rush off to the next class or something. The classmates I have worked with have been quite friendly, I have to say. There were a lot of group discussions in my Expository Writing course so in that class I got to know most of my classmates. No complaints here.


I have yet to meet a student brag or complain about how much they earn, but I am sure they exist. Every type of student exists at hunter and you can avoid them as much as you can find them and be with them. You will be sure to see a 'punk' or 'alternative' dressed student happily and politely give directions to a 'nerd'. There is definitely a high tolerance for diversity here, it would be more awkward to find a student confusedly and judgmentally staring at someone else, I think the student body agrees on that, and they do not agree on much. The LGBT community is getting bigger and stronger, there are a few clubs that fall under this umbrella. There are socialists and liberals and plenty republicans and a bunch of people in the middle, politically as well. Hunter definitely has something for everyone.


Most of the people I've shared a class with have been nice. My first semester, I had a block program so I'm still friends with most of the people that were in my block. I find it hard to judge the other classmates. Some are pretentious know-it-all's. Others wind up being awesome, but I don't realize this until the very last class. So it's basically like any other school, where there is an even divide of assholes and normal people


My classmates are very eager to learn and advance in their lives as well as in their education.


I think my classmates can be unmotivated at times considering it is a public school, but some of them can be very determine.


They are are dedicated students who care about their academics.


My classmates are all unique in their own ways. I went to high school in the city so I'm used to all the different personalities, but those who haven't are probably not adjusted to the "New York" attitutde.




Intellegent people always asking questions to help them better understand what they are learning.


My classmates are individuals who listens to professors and interact in the class activities when necessary.


They are very determined to succeed.


My classmates are amazing we love to talk about topics we've discussed in class. They enjoy group work and like to help one another.


My classmates are diligent and opportunistic young individuals that are challenging themselves with rigorous courses in their fields of major and/or minor, striving for the best by studying hard to reach the ultimate goal of graduation with that stunning 4.0 GPA, taking the most of each experience they encounter, networking and meeting new individuals that will open new doors of opportunities, and utilizing the knowledge learned from the classes to real-world problems and situations; however, they are capable of doing so by creating a balance of work and study with having fun and enjoying the college life.


For the most part they are nice and helpful.


Helpful, friendly, very enthusiastic.


They are fun and friendly people who work hard when they need to and are able to have fun, as well.


Uninterested, not very engaged, keep to themselves.


They are very diverse and an interesting group of people. I feel like I learn a lot from just observing them in my daily routine at school.


I don't know.




diverse, ethnically and culturally. they have strong view points and opinions.


Classmates are generally very friendly. It is easy to make social connections in this type of environment where everyone is equally loaded with work and is encouraged to work together towards common goals.


My classmates are so diverse that a single sentence cannot encompass them.


It can ranges from smart to dumb.


My classmates are usually a very diverse bright bunch, mostly female though.


They are richly diverse, articulate, open-minded, friendly, outgoing and helpful.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.


Classmates are people like me, learning about themselves, constructing new identies, all by taking different courses that stimulate new great thoughts.


Very diverse and well educated


Most of them are friendly and not too uptight or act like a "no it all." They are respectful towards each other and do bicker over the discussions. Afterall, we are all adults.


Hunter is a big school. Many races, ethnicities, religions, etc... If you are biased, you'll get a wake-up call at Hunter, because it is so diverse. People from small towns often experience cultural shock at first, but you get used to it. And you'll learn a lot about others and yourself this way.


I think people are very segregated. I think people should run against goverment as there is no competition at all among students and so we only have one option, but since students are not involved the same group remains in govement and i think they are exclusive. there are too few men. most students are lower-middle class so have jobs and other pre-occupations on their mind. hunter is not a home, its an obligation. most are liberals to an extreme (for example, the socialist club) that has completley biased and misinformation.


I don't think anyone would feel out of place here. This college is so diverse and is right in the center of Manhattan. You can't go wrong. Most students are middle class. Most just can't afford to go to the top notch universities, no matter how good their grades are (unless they get a scholarship somehow). With America in recession, I speculate that students are doing the smart thing here. Graduating from NYU $30,000 in debt and then not being able to find a job, like a few friends I know, is too risky for even those who can afford it. Especially for international students like me because you're pretty much on your own two feet.


I think the student body is pretty diverse.


Very a stupid uncritical way.


Students who have a problem being independent would have a hard time being at Hunter. Though it is social, you really need to rely on yourself to get anything done around here. Students are very politically active. Especially during student election time, because they decorate the hallways with various posters TELLING you to vote.


Students in Hunter are from all over the placee! Really, there are many international students, making this an especially diverse college.


I have friends of many nationalities and religions. Mostly they are from South Asia, like myself, but many others are foreigners from Ireland, Englad, etc... I'd say, I mostly gravitate towards international students because I am one myself, and we deal with similar issues involving becoming used to life in the US.


It has increased my cultural awareness immensely. A very country person. Casual jeans and Ts. Yes. One table has 10 people sitting together, talking loudly about the group project they are working on together. Another table has three students chatting as they eat because they had randomly ran into each other. One other table has four people chatting about the class they just left from. One table has a girl studying by herself on her lap top w/ her coffee. Brooklyn. Middle-class. Some. left. yes.


Hunter is very diverse, and most students interact with each other, regardless of ethnic/ religious differences. When it comes to discussing how much they'll earn one day, usually it's the opposite: how much we won't earn! unless you're i nthe medical field or law.


very very very diverse, everyone is here. Most students are middle-class, a lot of immigrants and 1st gen college students, it's a city school, hugely commuter and tuition is low. Interaction occurs in classrooms, not so much outside. classrooms are diverse but major-dependent. No one uses the dining hall. Very left (for the most part), there's a lot of political activity and activism on one end and a lot of apathy on the other. Most people come from backgrounds that emphasize the link btwn edu and $, so money matters, but the pre-meds and pre-laws probably care more about it than the film majors.

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