CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular student activities include some fraternities and sororities, certain sports like track and basketball, and clubs for dancing and entertainment.


There is no dominating club that I am aware of. Everyone needs the Undergraduate Student Government to provide funding and they have their own office, but no one club dominates the student body. In fact, all student activities are always working hard to attract more students and build more community and campus feel. NYC is open to everyone for parting at clubs, bars and lounges. If you don't want to drink on a Saturday night, plenty of clubs who promote events like that as well. People do most things off campus, like hang out at all the venues in NYC. We have a huge theater that has its own funding and was recently renovated as well. And a big dance department as well with plenty of clubs that go on to competitions and conventions. There are Greek groups but we don't actually find them as their own group, they are Greek Letter clubs, but a lot of them are in contact with the the frats and sororities at other campuses.


Two guys from Brooklyn, O.T. and Ross, discuss Hunter, its many clubs and programs, and life in general.


Interview with Hunter’s Student Body President in the student government offices. He talks about his work at the school


If you're a guy, 70% of students are female. So, you're in luck. Social life is not very big at Hunter because it's a commuter school = education and personal life is separate. You come in, learn, and then go home to your life and friends. Also, you don't hear about fraternities and sororities. Maybe they exist, but I don't know about them.


clubs are very segregated with minorities on the 3rd floor of thomas hunter... dorm rooms are not open because the doors are too heavy for that (can that be changed!) alot of things to do always, great organizing especially at the dorms


I don't know about many clubs. I just know there are some film clubs and groups (Russian, German, varied, etc..). I mostly go to the film nights, especially when there are French films playing, since French language is my minor. Also, theater is very popular. Plays are always being put on here. Oh yes, the drama club is VERY popular with film and theater majors. For some reason, I never hear about fraternities or sororities. I live in a dorm on the Brookdale Campus and people are not very crazy about parties. Sometimes I get a few friends over and we chill. My floor is boring I guess.


I'm currently involved in two japanese media clubs, both are about the same thing -watching anime or japanese drama.


I know USG tries to make good events but we should have more collaboration amongst clubs.


Not many care


Most of my friends are people that went to highschool with me and now go to Hunter. It's a little difficult making friends because everyone is so absorbed with their work and time seems to fly. Also, I am a freshman and it is only my second semester here.


The nursing students have a nursing club. I am not part of it because I have no time with studies and work. Also, the nursing students are a bit distant from liberal art students because we take many biology/chemistry classes on the Brookdale campus, a few train stops away from Hunter's campus.


ASIA NSNA promotes health awareness through health fair teachings and whatnot. I do not know. Very. Occasional. Not frequent. People date like most other college students at other schools. Through classes. I'm on the internet. A outdoors fair in the Fall. Some not at all. Some party routinely. Not very significant. Go grocery-shopping, see my boyfriend, read, etc. Study. Study, see movies, go clubbing, etc.


You don't exactly hear about groups at Hunter. There are posters and fliers for different events stuck to the walls, but things just take place without the general body knowing about them . There are often bake sells in the middle of the hallways, or clubs trying to get members.


extracirricular and social involvement is pretty low, most students are balancing courseloads, internships, jobs and family responsibilites as well as long commutes. For me, my friends are very different from my proffessional/extracirricular associates and the 2 rarely overlap. female to male ratio is 70:30, dating potnential is very low. My closest friends went to high school with me, are from the same borough as me and have the same ethnic background (i think this is kind of sad). 2 am on a tuesday- studying or shooting the s*** in the dorm- where people keep their doors closed. No huge annual happenings (i can think of a french film festival), people party in their home-neighborhoods mostly, low greek life (mostly based around community service), a sat night without drinking involves eating and good conversation. Last weekend I went home to my parents in brooklyn and hung out there.


There are about 60 clubs at Hunter and organizations. The most popular clubs include, the Art club, Science club, African American Culture Society, and more. there are also various literary magazines, such as the Olive-Tree Review, which I have contributed to. It publishes fiction and poetry/ art pieces as well. Athletic events are not notoriously popular, as I never hear of them. Guest speakers include writers to politicians to performers (Madonna visited Hunter once). Last week, Laura Krafft, a writer from the Colbert Report, came to speak to the student body about political satirical writing. And Even tomorrow, 2/20/08, the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign is holding an event at Hunter College, and students are advised to attend. If people party, it is not largely discussed; I rarely hear about it -- as Hunter is once again a commuter school. Any partying done is done on ones own time and friends. Sororities and fraternities are also mum, and not discussed widely or openly. Mostly people stick to their own friends made within their departments, or outside the school. As for me, I'm a bookworm. Most of the time, I am somewhere on a windowsill studying, or in the library writing poems I will try to get published in obscure magazines. Strangely it is not difficult to stay anonymous and find peace in such a large and hurried pace environment.


There are many popular groups, including Alpha Phi Omega, ASU, CSU, IVCF, Muslim Students Association, Hillel, QSU, etc. My boyfriend is someone I met through student government. Unfortunately, with women composing more than 70% of the student body, many girls have to date outside of the college population. We have a bi-weekly speakers series from USG alone, that brings in interesting and acclaimed speakers such as Broadway playwrights, internationally acclaimed journalists, humanitarians, etc. There are at least 2 different speker events each week. As I mentioned, we have a very active student life. Each year, we have 2 club fairs, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners, Spring Break and back to school parties, Relay for life events, sexual assault awareness events, clothesline project, vagina monologues, etc. fraternities/sororities are not as important, which I believe is a good thing. Last weekend, I was in school for a USG-wide meeting and spent the remainder of my time with my boyfriend and avoiding homework. How I manage to keep summa cum laude grades is a mystery to me. Most of our events do not involve drinking. I try to take advantage of NYC as much as possible, and have diverse interests such as canoing on the Bronx River, attending the Cherry Blossom festival, going to the motorcycle show, the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show, etc.


The most popular groups at Hunter are Hillel, International Socialist's Organization, and African/African-American clubs. Hillel is the most active in terms of events, while the ISO has the loudest political voice on campus. In terms of parties, the African/African-American clubs are most active, with an extremely close nkit group of friends that love to just have a good time after class. Athletics are almost non-existant. Dating is interesting at Hunter. There's no dorm campus, per-se, so it's difficult to see a girl/guy outside of class, unless you make a concerted effort. I would say the scene is easier for men, as the school is largely women. Going out at night is great, and I often go out with people from Hunter. Again, it is a little more difficult since people live all over NYC, but people are willing to travel into Manhattan to hang out. When I go out, there is almost always drinking, and on the brief occassion, a lot of it. I'm also no opposed to heading out in the middle of the day with some friends and grabbing a drink at a bar.

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