CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend Hunter College should be an idependant, autonomous and determined person who is set on their goals. Hunter College had all the resources, aid and knowledge one could need, but the student must be ready to use and attain what is offered. A student who attends Hunter College should also be an open individual ready to communicate and engage in a friendly, diverse and unique New York City environment.


A commuter. Someone who lives at home or with roommates, and usually maintains a job while being a full-time student. I think someone who graduates from Hunter most likely plans to join the workforce immediatly after, rather than grad school.


The kind of person who should attend The City University of New York's Hunter College is a person who is interested in furthering their future and is interested and curious about whatever subject they are majoring in.


The kind of person who should attend CUNY Hunter College is the person who loves diversity. They should be aware that by attending, they will be in the most diverse school in the world. Not only will they be surrounded by people from all walks of life, but they will have the choice to select their studies from a wealth of subjects. The kind of person that attends this school should want the New York City experience, meaning they should be open to everything, want to drink it in and want to explore the person they are meant to be.


Anyone. It is a very diverse school.


Someone with a career mindset.


All kinds of people sould attend this school because its diversity is what makes it so great, yet they should be prepared to be open-minded in order to absorb all the rich knowledge around them.


I think a degree-seeking person who is not in the best financial situation should attend this school.


The people who should be attending this school, are people who are motivated and eager to learn. Yes, school is not cheap. But, the ends justify the means. The professors are dedicated and you can learn something. When you get into the real world, you have knowledge which others wish they had. If you want to learn and be ahead of the game, then this is the place to be. When employers see you’ve succeeded and obtained a degree within a college which is challenging, shows character and determination; and that’s always a great quality to have.


People who want to be in the heart of Manhattan.


A individual who is dedicated, ambitious who wants to recieve a world class education for a successful and brighter future; should attend Hunter College.


A person that should attend this school is one who is serious about their studies and have a sense of direction in their life. But just in case they don't the faculty here will help them try to find their career interest the best way they can.


Hunter College is for anyone who is up for a challenge and determined to meet their goals should definitely come to Hunter College. Hunter College provides students with challenges and makes sure the hard work does pay off. The effort put into a students work is the key to success, and Hunter College makes sure every student gets to experience the challenge and the happiness when goals are met.


Hunter College is best for students who are willing to commute and want a liberal arts education. It’s also suitable for students who want affordable prices to pay their tuition.


strong independent motivated learner, good in a big city


Any person that loves the city life, people, shopping, eating, anything really NYC has it. Hunter is a great school and the tuition is very affordable for the quality of education. If you are interested in other cultures, religions, other parts of the world, this is the city for you. This is a place to make friends from all over the US and the world. Hunter has clubs and activities for many interests. There is a great sense of school spirit from Hunter students, which makes the school days more exciting and enjoyable.


Someone who neither underestimates the coursework nor overestimates their own abilities. Someone who feels a thrill working in a high paced and high pressured environment. Someone who wants to succeed.


Hunter College is a great school for older adults returning to college. I am 32 years old and going back to school after years of working in the private sector. I feel very comfortable in this endeavor as there are many adults in my classes who are my age and older. Hunter also offers many classes in the evenings and on the weekends to accomodate the schedules of people who work full time. I've never had a difficult time taking the classes I need at a convenient time.


open minded, ambitious, hardworking, a person who is willing to experiment, liberal, active


A person who likes a busy environment and can handle stress well.


A liberal/ open minded student who is not afraid to meet an internationally diverse group of classmates.


Someone who likes the busy, city life. Though the school may seem fast-paced, there will be people who are willing to help you and help you open your network. This new network will even help you in classes in the future. They should be also be open minded in what they doing and try out the different club/groups that the school has to offer.


Someone who likes to be in the city, doesn't mind not having having a real campus and is open minded. I think also they should be prepared to do a lot of things on their own.


Males minority. who are 100% focused on classwork and will get along with sexist teachers


a person who is outgoing. not for shy people. This is a city school, where you don't see the same people everyday unless you have class with them. Very hard to make friends, people just come and go.


Someone who is concerned with a quality education at a decent cost. Hunter doesn't have all the bells and whistles that more presitgious schools have, but a large portion of the faculty is engaging, brilliant and proficient.


Hunter is mostly attended by non-traditional students who work part or full time while pursuing their degree, often older students with families and/or children. Hunter isn't great at offering services to night/weekend only students, and class selection is sometimes limited, but if you plan your class schedule ahead and research previous class calendars, you can graduate on time. You have to be dedicated to your class work and willing to sacrifice personal desires to do well, but most teachers understand the average student's situation and are willing to work with you.


Someone who is hard working and determined. As well as someone who doesnt have a job orsocial life, because the professors think their class is the only one you are taking.


A person who is well focused and is really into Law, Business or Pre-Med. It is a really fast-paced university where you can't fall behind in your readings and studying because you will never pass if you do it at the last minute.


An idiot, its not for you!


Very liberal, forward thinking individuals seem to do well here. We also have a strong nursing program so many career-oriented students study here.

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