CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who desires a campus life and be able to connect with other students outside of the class.


A person who wants to be in an environment where he/she is able to personally know all his/her classmates should not attend this school. This school has a lot of people and while its diversity is something I personally love, others would rather just closer to a certain group.


Anyone who can not handle a big work load or is bad at time manegment. Classes at Hunter have a lot of work. Regardless if its an advanced or one of the lower courses you will have a lot of reading to do on top of assignments and studying for tests and midterms. This can easily burn anyone out regardless if they are full-time or part-time. You have to be able to mangage your work or you'll become overwelmed.


Everyone can attend this school. There is no type of person that should not.


People who want the dorming experience, people whom are interested in finance or business degrees as well as those who are looking for the "college party" experience. There are clubs and organizations at Hunter that are decent for socializing, but hunter is mostly a commuter school, so its not exactly the number one place for meeting people.


It's a great school, but if you prefer a spacious and scenic campus to study in then this one is not ideal.


A person who wants a typical college campus lifestyle


A person that justs wants to have fun all of the time.


A person who needs more structure and guidance should probably consider somewhere else. You really have to be independent when navigating Hunter, which is tough, but reflective of NYC. At Hunter, you have to do the leg-work to meet counselors and professors. Because unlike a college town, Professors and such are only there maybe 2 times a week, sometimes once. As an 18 year old who is use to the structure of high school, navigating Hunter, seemingly by yourself can be challenging.


Individuals who don't take the initiative here and are conservative in nature. There a so many opportunities here that if you don't fight for them, will easily be taken by someone else. People here are very resourceful so use it to your advantage! Network and be open to ideas!


Any individual's interested in a business career. Hunter is a college focused around the sciences. It is a community school so student looking for the university college life should not attend because the campus life will not be what they may be expecting. Students at Hunter are very focused and competitive in the science background majors. The cirriculum is very demanding and those students not ready to focus on staying ahead of the competition need not apply. Students interested in majors such as photography, law, engineering, and business should look into other CUNY schools that specialize in those areas.


If you don't want to do anything with your life and don't like authority, than this is not the place for you. If you don't want to stay up many nights reading endless chapters , writing a paper for six different classes, then you don't need to be here. If you don't like waking up early to educate your mind and learn a craft, and perfect it, then you should not go to this school. This school gives you the best and if you’re not willing to give it back, you’re wasting your time.


Someone who wants to live on campus,should not attend Hunter College.


Racists, homophobes, sexists, and agists. This school has no place for hatred.


I f you don't like to socialize or be around lots of people, I would not recommend Hunter. Most students are outgoing and very sociable and like to get together and study. Hunter is also located in a great area of NYC which also has lots of people around all the time. I love to be around people and NYC and Hunter have lots of people from all over the world speaking every language imaginable. If you are a person that doesn't want a new experience with different cultures Hunter is not for you.


Although Hunter has an Art Depattment, the Arts is not one of Hunter strong points. So any student interested in pursing a carreer in arts tshould not attend Hunter, but should rather attend Schools that specialize in the Arts. Hunter College also does not offer courses in Law thus students interested in pursing a career in Law should not attend Hunter. College.


There really isn't any one who shouldn't attend Hunter. It's a fantastic school, and the professors (with few exceptions) are well educated and do a great job of teaching. The only student who won't make it at Hunter is one who doesn't work hard, or doesn't want to do the work needed to graduate. And a student like that probably shouldn't be going to college in the first place.


Someone who wants to live in dorms or have a more traditional college experience shouldn't attend this school.


A person who is uncomfortable with crowds and large groups of people should not attend this school. Someone who does not like city life and all that goes into it should not attend. A student who needs a lot of individual attention from advisors, teachers, etc. should not come to this school.


Students who want to pursue a business career should not be attending Hunter College. Hunter College is a school primarily on science and health. Hunter college doesn't provide the best academia for business majors but does introduce small categories like accounting and computer related careers.


Those who are lazy or laid-back people should not consider this school. The work is demanding and a lot of times, difficult. Since this school is mainly for health fields, if people are not interested in this field, then most likely, this school is not for them.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is artistic or one who is very much into science or nursing.


Someone expecting to party and not do the work. Someone who just want to blend in in a classroom/lecture hall of over 300 students. Someone who wants a "typical" campus feel.


People who are pursuing law.


Social creatures, people who did not like high school, conservatives


Lazy students should not attend this school if they wish to pass.


all kinds attend


A person who is close-minded about everything. Hunter College is the most liberal college I have ever known and the student population here is very diverse, hailing probably every single country one can think of. One should not attend this school if he or she is not open to the idea of sexual orientation, political and religious views, and everything else in between that may be a problem for some conservative people. One should not attend this school if he or she does not like the busy and hectic, though always exciting view and atmosphere of New York City.


Anyone that's not sure of what they want for their future.


no comment


You should avoid this school if you're uncomfortable in racially diverse classrooms, or if you are looking for a true campus experience. The school is situated in the middle of New York City, so you'll have to take public transit to arrive there. There also may be safety issues at night if you walk alone.


Someone who is not interested in college, but only seeking something to occupy themselves after graduating high school should not attend.


People who want a small college with a real campus, are not actually interested in learning, or prefer to study vetinary sciences (as opposed to medicine or nursing).


people who intend of living on a campus since since this is predominantly a commuter's school.


Anyone who is lazy or wants to skate through their classes. Teachers don't tolerate laziness or obvious indications that you aren't doing the work. I can't speak much to the extra curricular activities because I've worked full time while going to school and therefore haven't had the time to participate in any.


Someone that doesn't like Manhatten.


Students who want a campus.


Those who are intolerant or discouraged by differences, those who are not open to a world beyond themselves and those who aren't open to changing themselves or their environment for the better.


People who dont like the city or the city environment should consider the location of the school. It is in the heart of Manhattan. It is convenient but at the same time, lacks the community feeling that you may have at a community college in a suburban location.

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