CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


One thing i wish someone had told me about freshman year is to join as much clubs as possible and be social. When you're out there doing things it can be more beneficial to you in the long run. Making friends and knowing more people can help you get many connections that will help you towards your career.


I wish I had known how competitive and fast paced the college was. Knowing that everything moved a lot faster than I thought would have made me buckle up and be well informed about the career choices and courses that I had to take in order to attain the degree in an appropriate number of years that it required to finish.


Before coming to Hunter College, I wish I had known how to properly write a research paper using MLA and APA format. I wish that I knew more of their major requirements before coming to going to this school


Had I known what was in store for me when I entered college I wouldn't believe it. I came in with one mind set about how school affects your life and now have a completely different one. Basically, I used to think I had to do something with my life that would guarantee success, as in "practical majors". Now I believe that if you do what makes you happy, you will be successful no matter what. I initially went into school to do science, but ended up changing my major to fine arts. Do what makes you happy!


Before I came to this school, I wish I knew that this school gives me the opportunity in pursuing my medical career. In the beginning, I hated this school because of the location, which is in the middle of the city and also because this school doesn't have any park liek other schools might have. However, when I started to study in this school, I realized that location doesn't effect the quality of the school, but It's the teachers and the curriculums that matter for my future education and career.


Before coming to Hunter I wished I had known what my goals for school were and that I needed to take full advantage of what they had to offer me. I knew what I wanted to major in, I knew what classes I wanted to take. What I did not know is what kind of group activities should I have gotten involved with, what study groups could I have joined and what clubs could I have been a member of. I was figuring most of this out along the way and in some cases too late.


I wish I had known ways I can fulfill my GER courses faster and under what circumstances am I not allowed to take a minor along with certain majors.


I wish I would have known that the financial aid they bragged about at college fairs etc. was mostly fake. My family lies barely above the poverty line and out of the five semesters I have attended CUNY Hunter College I have only recieved assistance one semester, and neglegable assistance at that. I also wish I'd known that their art programs weren't competitive or up to par with the arts scene in NYC. They are very behind and even seem a bit ridiculous and petty at times. The performing arts programs are especially unprofessional.


I wish i had known what classes i was able to take so i could have worked out my schedule the way i wanted.


I wish that I knew more about New York City when I started school. When I moved into my dorm, I didn't know where I was going or how to get around town. I think that I spent too much time getting used to the city. Before I knew it, I was heading home for the summer, and missing the city. I really enjoyed my sophomore year right from the start. I think that's because I was more comfortable in New York City after my first year.


The paperwork and bureaucracy to get anything done in this place has to be seen to be believed. Get EVERYTHING done ASAP because you wont have time to go from building to building all day when the classes are in full swing. And as stated, the professors are well known but the adjuncts are just there as a part time job. So if you really care about a particular class, do your research, find out whos who, and go for the distinguished professors who arent as uptight as the adjuncts and usually more fun and effective.


I wish I knew that the Physical Therapy Program at the time I transfered from Lehman College was transformed to a Doctoral program. I transfered with the intention of becoming a Physical Therapist. When I transfered, the same semester the program became a Doctorate program which left me having to choose another major to obtain a Bachelor's degree and then apply in 3 years to a Masters program. The program was originally a 5 year B.A/ Masters program but the semester I entered I was left having to complete a 4-year degree first . Was quite expensive!


It is important to be self-motivated in the school to get the most of the offerings. There are many students and, in some areas, limited personel and resources. Be interested in your course of study and your own progression in your classes. It really makes a difference to take responsibility for your education - seek out your teachers, work with advisors to guide you, and get to know your fellow students. It is these relationships that will make your education incredibly valuable as a foundation and ensure a lasting impact in creating what you want to create in your life.


I wish that I had known what a great school and affordable it is so that I may have made the decision to attend sooner. After graduation I attended a school out of state that was very expensive. Not only was it expensive, but I made the wrong decision in going so far away. I wish I had been aware of the benefits of attending a school closer to home.


I wish I had known about the work load because it is difficult to hold a job and manage alot of the schoolwork, but I am able to do it, it just becomes extremely time consuming.


Don't be afraid to ask for help. Whether it be financial aid, cirriculum, or even personal matters relating to your education. There are so many resources available to you as a student. And while it may seem intimidating, you need to take advantage of these. Also, attending every class and taking good notes will save you from last minute cramming and improve your GPA.


I wish I knew to get involved in more social groups. Outside the clubs, there really is not much going on on campus, and therefore little opprotunity to meet people. A good social life requires that you take the first step.


I wish I knew more about the programs available to me when I first got here.


how to go about choosing classes.


I wish I had know how competitive the nursing program really was.


I should have known their curriculum because they expect too much from their students. They are very strict with their General Education Requirements and that this must be followed by students and approved by the school administration. Being a transfer student, I should have known the school's requirements so that I could have taken those courses I need to satisfy their requirements. I wish I didn't underestimate this school because they are really strict with their rules and guidelines pertaining to graduation requirements. And I wish I was better and more knowledgable because students here are highly intelligent.


i wish i had known how to take my classes.


how hard it was to get dorming when you dont apply as a freshman


no comment


I wish I knew what it felt like to graduate with no debt so I would not have been apprehensive to begin with.


there was so little campus life


I wish that I knew how they teach the science courses there because I don't do well in lecture classes.


I wish that I would have known what I want to major in instead of exploring and taking so many different courses.


That the faculty is full of idiots


I wish I knew what my chosen major/career was so I could begin on its mandatory course track immediately.


That getting a lab seat in Organic chem was going to take be two semesters. Everyone is either achem or bio major and needs lab hours

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