CUNY Lehman College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You already think that the work is easy. Do the work first and play video games all night long. Remember, Mom and Dad said that we could do anything that we want as long as our grades are good. I'm also from the future, so believe me when I say that you get awesome Christmas presents for a few As. Get some tea, listen to some music, do your work, and then game all night long. You'll love high school.


I would tell myself to stop worrying so much about the little things that were affecting me at the time. The reality is that high school is its own world in itself, and when you're in high school, it seems like that is the only thing that matters. Fights with friends, a low quiz grade, or a rough day in general isn't the end of the world, and although it doesn't seem like life will change so drastically after high school, it definitely does. In college, no one cares what happened in high school - how popular you were (or unpopular) or all of the little mistakes you made in those four years do not matter anymore. After senior year, friendships might change and it's okay because you can always make more. Not everything needs to be such a serious matter, because in the few months between graduating high school and college, you realize that things are different now.


I would tell my High school self that in order to prepare myself for College that I need to learn how to present and thoroughly research a College paper properly. In High school the teachers unlike the professors in college do not baby you or remind you every second of when your paper that you have to do research on is due. There are some Professor’s who will occasionally remind their students about the assignment but others might not do that. They assume that since some students are more mature and are grown. Who have completed their degree or finishing that it is automatically understood, that they are responsible for any work that is required of them. No matter what life complications that will occur such as a family drama issues or a baby’s daycare needs. College Professor’s are very strict when it comes to punctuation and students being available 100 percent of the time. It can severely affect the student’s grade. If a student is absent 3 or more times without a doctor notice and comes to class after attendance is taken, and the student will be considered absent for the day .


I would tell myself to not panic, college isn't as scary as you think. There is a lot of people buslting about and you won't make that many friends but that's okay, because you have yourself and your family and a few close friends and thats enough. I would tell myself that it is okay not to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, because you'll find that a lot of people just like you aren't sure either, and that 's what college is about, figuring out who you are and who you want to be. I would tell myself to plan for the future, but stay open to options and don't be afraid to take a little leap of faith. Leaps of faith can take you to amazing places that you never thought you could go before, be brave and nothing can stop you. Above all I would tell myself that you are good enough, you will make it, and you will rise above all of the hardships and be the person you finally want to be.


I would tell myself to have more confidence in my ability to do what I wanted to do, and not let others' opinions influence my decisions. I let other people persuade me into choosing a specific school and major that I was not really passionate about, instead of the one that I was because I told myself that pre-med was too hard and I would not be successful. Now, three years later, I am starting over at a different school with the major that I originally wanted to do, pre-med. A prestigious school name or ranking, having good grades, and making lots of money after school mean absolutely nothing if you are not happy with the career path that you have chosen.


I would tell myself to be more open to the idea of going away to college instead of commuting. Also to take core classes first and understand what classes are needed for your degree. Get involved in school clubs that have your interest and participate in school events; you will make lots of friends and it will look great on your resume. Take at least one summer course a year so you will not need an extra semester because six classes each semester is too much while working part-time. It is okay to withdraw; if you are going to fail the class withdrawing is a better option because it will not hurt your GPA. Have a planner or use your phone to keep track of when assignments are due. It will help better organize your time to complete big projects, papers, or presentations. Lastly, take responsiblity for your future; make sure you understand the classes you need to take, the graduation process and other processes of the college such as the dates you need to pay by. Do not rely solely on the advisors at the college because sometimes there are miscommunications.


The world is yours as you set off to achieve your ambitions. The excitement of independence and new academic journey begin to dim with unforeseen insecurities and challenges. It's okay to be worried by setbacks, don't let it consume you. You're human and vulnerable to mistakes and defeat, more importantly you have promise to be brilliant and spectacular. Don't sink. Continue with more dedication and fire. There is more to you than lost battles; they are insignificant before your dreams and what you deserve. Everyone knows hard work, time management, and commitment are important for success. It's equally necessary to surround yourself with a support system that reminds you to love and forgive yourself. Half the burden will vaporize. Refuse to be intimidated by the steadfastness and dexterity of the tortoise or the speed and confidence of the hare. Your goal isn't to compete with your peers. Your education serves to illuminate and secure your future. Don't lust for profound wisdom or knowledge, doing so will make you shallow. You're complete and competent in your simplicity, this will take you to success. You've done well, and I'm proud of you.


Don't take your education for granted. It may not seem that the homework and grades in high school are pointless but only later will you find that the grades you recieve in high school will affect the rest of your life. Learn "how to learn" instead of simply memorizing for an assignment or test the night before. Organization is the key to getting things done and completing coursework on time. Utilize the tools available to you , like the library, teachers and counselors in order to make your college life easier.


If I were able to go back in time to visit myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to use this opportunity as a second chance. I would tell myself that I doesn't matter what college I attend, but what I do with my time there both academically, socially, and career-wise. I encourage myself to never lose the drive to do better and to develop a competitive nature by befriending the best and the brightest to challenge myself with. For even if I never surpass those students, there is an increased chance that I will sustain a very high GPA and have fun while I am working so hard. Since I have always believe that kinship or companionship makes for a better journey, I would tell myself to form friendship with a diverse group of people, because these are the people that will eventually be my foundation and motivation to continue pass all the hurdles I will definitely face. Although I have been successful in areas of my life inspite of a few hiccups along the way, I would tell my past self that having fun and working hard would make me a happier me.


The schedule in college is very flexible. You can decided what time and day would most likely be best to take according to your personal schedule. College is not as intense as everyone makes out to seem. Yes, there is material and essay that will be required to be completed but overall the workload is very managable. You dont need to know what your major will be and you dont have to declare a major until you reach approx. 60 credits. Dont feel afraid to ask questions to any department regardless if it annoys them, they are here to help you.


I graduated high school in 2003. I didn't go to college until 2008. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would've put a lot of emphasis on going to college right after high school. College life is great and making the transition wasn't that hard. I would've liked to experience that when I was younger with many of my other high school friends. It saddens me to see that a lot of them have already acheived their Bachelor's degree and are in graduate school while I'm still working on acheiving my Bachelor's degree. I am proud of myself for taking the necessary steps to get myself back on track, but if I could go back and give myself advice as a high school senior, I would've stressed going to college right after high school.


Go with your first choice in school. Don't let people persuade your decision. Enjoy your college years.


The whole purpose of college is to train students to become a vital part of society. Society needs college students now more than ever before. This is because the socialization of college is incomparable. Necessary skills are acquired within the four walls of the college classroom. As a student, one of the most important things I have learnt in college is that it is only in the dictionary that success comes before work--only because “s” comes before “w”. In real life, one has work comes before success. This means that as one lives, one has to work in order to attain success and become noteworthy. It also emphasizes the fact that things are bound to get tough and rough at times, but determination and perseverance would surely see one through. As a student, I have also learnt to make good use of acquired information in all situations of life. Being taught so many things in college, one would wonder what to do with such material. Sometimes, the information could be overwhelming; nevertheless, acquiring the information and using it in our everyday experiences is an indication to society that one has seen the four walls of college.


I have learned to stay open minded in terms of work study and socializing. Something might not seem for me at the moment but I learned that it could be I just have ot trust myself and God's timing. I have not experienced much because I am on the verge of being a college freshman.


My college experience has allowed me to meet professors, in varied fields, that personify passion and success in their fields. In other words, they love what they do and do what they love. These professors take the time to find creative ways to engage their students; therefore, ensuring our understanding, opening our minds to other disciplines and helping us locate our passions. As a result, I have reignited a previously lost passion and found a greater appreciation for subjects that, prior to these classes, I had little interest in. I have also come to a deeper understanding of the importance of multi-disciplinary training for a truer perspective. It has been valuable to attend college for three reasons. One, I have been able to determine, without a doubt, that my career choice is my true passion. Two, the heightened cultural awareness from a diverse student body has been extraordinary. They have demystified myths and enabled me to understand the strong desire I have to work on an international level. Last, yet certainly not least, by finding new strengths and refining old ones I can be successful in my personal and professional life.


I've learned how to be more flexible, compromising and out spoken about me work. Instead of sticking to myself and my profeesors helped me get out of my head most of the time, though at times i go back but their words keep me in check when I need it. I won't forget it.


I completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Cuny Lehman College. The college experience provided me an opportunity to express myself and learn more about me and who I wanted to become later in life both professionally and personally. I had the invaluable experience of learning from great professors in my chosen field that have really made a difference in how I conduct myself as a teacher in the classroom. The one thing I think I really learned in college was to take responsiblity for myself. I did not have teachers coming after me for work or reminding me when work was due as I did in high school. I had to learn to leave myself enough time to complete the assignments while working. That lesson has helped me more in my professional life than most of the material that I learned during my college career.


Before I attended college I had very little experience of the world beyond my hometown. Going to community college brought me into contact with new people from diverse backgrounds and life way?s; people, whom I believe have taught me as much about the world over the last two years as I have learned from the textbooks and lectures of my college professors. As a result of their stories and actions, I am more aware of the social issues and cultural differences that surround me, and more likely to ask intelligent questions when I encounter them. Additionally, this awareness has lent me the finesse and the courage to bring my own ideas into the discussion of what makes us human and what the role of humanity is in the contemporary world. As an artist, anthropologist, and individual person looking for her place in this world, I value this awareness as the greatest gift my college and the people that inhabit it have given me, and hope that that it will help me to be a more effective person in the world of which I am part.


If i could go back in time to talk to myself, the first advice would be to get my Associate Degree immediatley. Get it out of the way, no matter how unsure and confused I am with what direction I would like to continue. After the 2 years have gone by, if i need to take some time to "find myself", I should travel to different places so that that i could continue learning about the world and myself. The second advice would be to concentrate on college and keep focus because as hard as it may be, it is even harder to catch up after you have wasted so much time. Find out what you love to do by meeting and talking to new people. Dont be afraid to try new things. Always follow your heart. Once you find what you love to do, do it. Life is too short to be wasting it on a career you hate.


To work harder because the higher the average a person has in highschool the more awards a person ends up receiving in the long run. College is a new start and that highschool is only something that prepares you before you enter a place where you have to be serious and consistent with your work. It's like a job and your only pay is the knowledge that you are aquiring. I would also try to see how I would save up money so that I will not be so badly in debt when I am in college. Also to take college seriously it is not like the movies where people drink and do not care about class that is only in the movies. If you do good in highschool you will prepare yourself and be succesful at college.


As a senior I would tell myself to choose a school in the area that I would like to work in. Choose a school strong in the field of study desired. A school with the creditabililty to get a good job upon graduation. Choose a school with strong internship capability and placement. A school that will support your eating habits ie. vegetarian. A strong campus community and strong school pride. School with many extra curricular activities and sports teams that fit you best. Do not worry about the finances as much as doing well. Network as much as possible and develop strong relationships with key people. Have a clear goal as to what you want to accomplish and execute it. Plan future and goals out and reevaluate progress periodically. Seacrh for scholarships to help with cost of college. Study abroad and enjoy the experience. Try not to work a full time job or too many hours if possible. Think long and hard about where you choose to go and research as much as possible as it will heavily influence life. Do not choose a school based on being division 1 in NCAA. Do as many internships as possible.


In order to be successful in life I suggest that it is best that you know what you want to do in life so you get a head start in the neccesary classes. Take time to research prerequisites that are mostly required for your major so when you register you know exaclty what classes to take so you don't run out of time in the future. Also, expand you choices. Apply to as many colleges as you can and as many scholarships as you can as well. Once you have completed everything just choose the college that is perfect for you so you can avoid transfering and loosing credits in classes you have taken. Once you are college be open into meeting new people and be prepared for long study hours in the library. And also take note that each semester is harder than the next but if you have the support from your family everything will be great along the way!


To save more money and dedicate myself to school more. To research schools more effeciently and vist them.


If i could go back in time, and have coffee with myself as a high school senior, there are a few things i'd say to myself. One of the most important things I would try to impress upon myself would be the value of time. I'd try to convince myself to give up the age old practice of procrastination. That when a professor gives you a week to write a paper, Do not wait till the night before its due to start writing it. If you know there is going to be an exam two weeks from now, start studying tonight. I would also try to convince myself to apply to more than just one school. I would lay out the values of cultivating more than oppurtunity as opposed to "laying all one's eggs in one basket" The last thing I would tell myself is to remember, that the only person that can ever stand in the way of accomplishing a goal, Is myself. Sometimes you get a professor who doesn't care, and the way to deal with that is to succeed in spite of that.


I would say that, I need to focus more on my school work and stop being a procrastinator. Take the time to filled out college application properly.


Don't leave things to the last minute. If you want to get something, fight for it.


If a miracle happened and I was allowed to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would most likely tell myself to take school more seriously, and enjoy the last year of high school, because even though most people say college is the best years of your life, the work only gets harded and if you don't keep up, you will FAIL. There is no body pushing you to do your homework or hand in your papers, its all up to you, and 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time, you will procrastinate. So, in conclusion to all this, I would tell myself to enjoy doing "nothing" in high school.


Hello Estefania, I want you to know that college is not as terrifying as you may think so don?t let your anxieties take over you. I think one important key pertaining to academics is to always do the best work you can. Never underestimate your workload and seriously kick the habit of procrastination that will only serve to hinder your efforts for good grades. When you arrive to college you have to be willing to shed your shyness since it will completely prevent you from fully enjoying all the aspects of college. Putting aside your drive for high grades being a mute seat warmer in class will not make you feel fulfilled. Develop your voice and do not be afraid for it to be heard since that?s all professors want to listen to. Also feel free to be yourself because there is nothing more motivational than good friends in college. Do not isolate yourself because the friends you make will not only help you when you?re struggling with a course but they will enhance your social life and aid you into learning more about yourself. You Are Awesome, Estefania Ure?a


i would tell my self to take as many classes as i can and to get involved in the campus.