CUNY York College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


It is the time where you should explore all the opportunities available


I wish I had known about the steps that it takes to select a major for important postgraduate programs.


I wished i known my major before hand. now that i do everything else seems easy.


It requires lots of hard work and determination. Paying for college directly out of my pocket made me realize how important doing well in a class is. Therefore attending college gave me a drive to do well so I can attain a good job when I graduate. I also wish I had known how expensive college textbooks are. I wish I knew in high school how to take better notes because, the professors lecture a lot and as a student I have to take excellent notes to do well in the class. My GPA is now 3.5.


I knew everything about my school. I only wish I could've elaborated more on it and encourage others to apply. York College offers everything from accounting and aviation to psychology of terrorism and advanced writing sessions. If you are someone who is eager to learn and is very motivated to continue education and excell in life, York College is the right place for you!