Dakota State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The many, varied technical courses it offers as well as the focus on Information Technology.


DSU is best known for the various technical degrees and courses offered which are all integrated with modern technology and hands on lab and studio work.


People being helpful.


Our school is best known for offering an excellent computer science program.


Dakota State University is best known for it's technology usage and the wonderful resources it brings to students. The students attending DSU can learn so much about the technology there and they are doing the right thing by always improving their technology.


My school is best known for technology.


Technology. It has some of the best technical degrees and training in the state. Our motto is actually: "Technically, we're better."


My school is best known for their technology degrees. As a techology major, I have gotten to see first hand how well the school provides the hands-on learning that makes this program so great. In addition, we get lots of opportunities talk and hear from companies out in the real world, which is why my school is also known for their high job placement after graduation.


Computer technology


Dakota State is best known for technology. Every student is given a tablet computer that they take to every class to help with the lectures and lessons. The school integrates technology into everything it does and prides itself as being the most technologically advanced of all the schools in the area.