Dakota State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The many, varied technical courses it offers as well as the focus on Information Technology.


DSU is best known for the various technical degrees and courses offered which are all integrated with modern technology and hands on lab and studio work.


People being helpful.


Our school is best known for offering an excellent computer science program.


Dakota State University is best known for it's technology usage and the wonderful resources it brings to students. The students attending DSU can learn so much about the technology there and they are doing the right thing by always improving their technology.


My school is best known for technology.


Technology. It has some of the best technical degrees and training in the state. Our motto is actually: "Technically, we're better."


My school is best known for their technology degrees. As a techology major, I have gotten to see first hand how well the school provides the hands-on learning that makes this program so great. In addition, we get lots of opportunities talk and hear from companies out in the real world, which is why my school is also known for their high job placement after graduation.


Computer technology


Dakota State is best known for technology. Every student is given a tablet computer that they take to every class to help with the lectures and lessons. The school integrates technology into everything it does and prides itself as being the most technologically advanced of all the schools in the area.


Being Technilogically more advanced than alot of other schools in america.


Dakota State University is best known for the technology at the school. Every student is required to have a laptop, which is provided through the school. It is very important for students to be computer savvy with all the technological advances in the world today.


Dakota State is best known for their use of technology. They apply it to education and try to further our knowledge about computers.


Dakota State University is best known for its technology. It is known highly for computer technolgy, digital art technology, and gaming technology. It also has been ranked as the number one univeristy in the midwest for five years. My school is also known for its small, town environment, with all the small town benefits such as its students being friendly and helpful, professors meeting one on one with students, and students, as well as faculty members being supportive and accomodating to one another. Madison may not offer all the big campus benefits, but it deos offer technology and friendly environments.


Dakota State University is best known for it's technology and technology majors. When coming into this school everyone is given a laptop that they use in every class and do their assignments on. The majors are broadening to education and health, but this college is mainly known for technolgoy and business courses, teachers, and majors.


Dakota State University is best known for its advances in technology and it's degrees in teaching.


Dakota State University it well known in the health care industry for the Health Information Management program. Which is how I came to find the school who is one of few schools that offer an all on-line experience for Health Information Management that is accrediated by the American Health Information Management Assocation. I hope to graduate with a RHIA license.


It's ministry jobs, it's nursing program, and it's friendly atmosphere.


DSU has been rated the midwest's number one public univeristy for the fouth year in a row. I believe part of this is due to the use of technology throughout the campus. Each student is given a laptop to complete their studies on and I believe this truely sets DSU appart from other universities.


Dakota State University is best known for the technology on campus. Each student is supplied with a Tablet PC. It is necessary that each student have a computer during class, since most of class work is done on a computer. There is a computing services desk on campus for students who have any difficulty with their laptops. Some buildings have fingerprint scanning technology for after hours, along with some rooms having iris scanning technology to gain access.


Computer- and education-related degrees. Also, the technological advancements of this college (Tablet PC program, Wireless Internet everywhere on campus, etc.).




Dakota State University is best known for its use of technology in all programs. A firm grasp on technology is expected when you graduate from Dakota State University, no matter what field you are in.


Allowing Idiots to come and get drunk and ruin other peoples lives.


DSU is probably best known for its technology. It is the technology school of the state.


Dakota State is best known for the wireless motives and advanced technology. Students are exposed to the very best in technology, which really prepares them and puts them a step ahead in the workforce.


Dakota State University is best known for its cutting-edge technology and advancement in the education of it. The university is now offering new majors for computer gaming simulation which is the first in the state. By incorporating technology into every major, students are receiving a more well-rounded education that will put them above their competitors when it comes to searching the job market.


Computer and technology oriented