Dakota State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any busy hard working individual who works hard and cannot attend school on ground because of a disability or day care or just a hectic work schedule. Online school should be treated just like any other type of schooling so only apply if you are serious about your education. At University of Phoenix we work in teams and only want those who care about their education.


Anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of computers in any aspect even if you are an art student. Want to get into art and design? Might as well do it digitally and learn how to keep up with the future of art.


Everyone! DSU is diverse.


Students who enjoy getting to know their professors and feeling comfortable approaching them with concerns would enjoy attending DSU. DSU is a college that is up-to-date with new technologies and how to use them in all the majors they offer. This helps with future job opportunities because they can count on you to bring new ways to use technologies to enhance the business for example. Students who are considering a education, business, or computer major would want to consider DSU. DSU offers students a great education as well as a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom and around campus.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person who is dedicated to learning and achieving their goals and high goals. There major should evolve around Computers or Education. They should want to learn and earn their degree.


Gamers or athletes


I believe you should be focused, determined and hardworking to attend DSU. This is a school that will give you a reall college experience, you will learn alot and take advantage of the university's wireless computing program. The teachers are supportive and classes are less that 30 student.


People who love to be on their computers and use technology on a regular basis will have a great time at this school. Another type of person that would do well here is one that likes tight-knit communities. This University is very well at engaging and encouraging students to work together, which will help create long-lasting friendships in the end.


The kind of person that should attend Dakota State University is a person who is willing to go beyond what they are capable of learning. They should also have a strong interest in the learning of technology. They should have a passion for computers and wanting to help people out with their knowledge that they have achieved over their years of college. The person should also be serious about wanting to learn something new and take their knowledge with them into their future and their business.


Any person should attend this school. Aslong as you have a desire to learn and improve yourself in general as a person Dakota State University would be a great place to go. It is small enough to have a personalized learning experience, yet still large enough to have that unique college community.


Someone who is wanting to get invovled in more than one extra-curricular acitivy. SOmone who wants to attend a smaller school where the professors know you by your name and encourage you to stop by their offices at any time.


I think that a outgoing person should attend Dakota State. We do have the so called "nerdy" people but as long as a person is willing to get outside of there comfort zone they will realize that those so called "nerdy" kids are actually so of the more cool kids on campus. I personally would love to see everyone form into one giant friend circle so that everyone would just get along so that there would be no more of this "that person liked this video game so I dont like them" attitude. So outgoing would be my answer.


Kids who understand technology should come to this school. Yes, there are computer classes that Dakota State requires everyone to take, but it is is still necessary to know the basics of computers and technology. A student who likes one on one time with teachers and smaller classes should also attend this school. The student can feel closer to the teachers and get help whenever they need it. Lastly, if they want a small campus. There is not as much on campus, but it is not overwhelming like South Dakota State University.


I don't want to say a specific type of person to come to DSU because we have alot of different types of people here. We have a lot of gamers, a few athletes, and then everything in between. If your looking for a huge party school though, this isn't it. We have parties, but nothing too crazy and out of control. If you don't like small school then this isn't for you. Madison has about 3,000 students. I think it's a perfect size for a college because you don't get "cliques".


Midwestern students who like the midwestern lifestyle. Also, students from small high schools that like the small atmosphere and one-on-one attention, or peopel from large high schools that want that.


Any type of person could go to school here. This school has everyone.


The kind of person that attends this school would have to be open minded due to the different types of groups of people. Also, a person whom has grown up in a smaller town because DSU is a smaller school. Another type of person would be someone who is majoring in Education, because this school has a great reputation for education class.


I think that this school is good for anyone to attend. There are a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds as well as many different personalities. Students at Dakota State University are all easy to get along with and very friendly. It is a smaller campus so people who attend must be interested in the smaller class sizes as well as smaller population. Overall, I think that anyone can attend this school and fit in wel with everyone including both faculty and students.


Someone who is very focused on technology for their related field of study.