Dakota State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who think that they are going to experience "The Greek Life" should not attend this school. It is a really great school but it does not have that scene at it. Honestly, there are more important things than that any way.


Someone who wants a good deal of sports in their college career.


A person who doesn't want technology to be integrated in everything they do. Dakota State uses the most recent technology to enhance the learning experience. Sometimes new technologies cause problems, but DSU does a good job of working around/with them.


I would not suggest this school to someone who wants to be in a large community or wants to go to a large school. People who come from larger cities might not like the small town. I also would not recommend DSU to someone who is not willing to find thier own source of entertainment. There is not a whole lot of things to do in Madison; so, if somone wanted to come here, they would have to figure out how to spend their free time.


A student who struggles with the use of technology may not want to attend DSU. DSU focuses on the integration of technology in all the majors they offer. Education, business, and computer majors are the bigger programs at DSU. Students that know they do not want to take a basic computer programming class and computer hardware would not want to attend DSU. DSU is a small college located in a small rural town in South Dakota. If students want access to stores and opportunies bigger cities offer, DSU may not be a good fit for them.


A person interested in computers or business.


Someone that is not willing to work hard and get their work done should not attend this school. They shouldn't attend this school because you need to be willing to get your work done and it's not just going to be a cake walk. You actually have to try along with attend class.


A person who does not enjoy learning and having technology integrated into their learning should not attend Dakota State University. Also, if someone doesn't like having great communicating professors, does not like having great and numerous clubs and organizations to join, as well as if they do not like making great friends, someone who does not like any of that, they should not attend.


a person that enjoys being around large parties that occur every weekend and students who do not like computers.


I think a person with a low drive for success shouldn't attend this school. Not only this school, but for all academic facilities.


Somone who can not motivate themselves and is only going because its the thing to do


The only type of person that I can think of that would not enjoy their time here is a person who is not computer-savvy. This is a computer-based school where most of the work is done online. For those who do not get along well with computers and Internet will have tough time. At the same time, though, they will be able to learn a lot by attending this University.


I t h in k any body who has the potential for l e a r n i n g should attend this school. You m u s t h a v e the p a s s i o n for school in order to survive and enjoy education. Firstly, choose your major wisely and stick to it. Do not change your major, because it will take you more y e a rs to c o m p l ete your degree as a consequence. So, you must be sure enough to choose a major and going with it.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person who is not serious about wanting to learn something new and exciting and take their knowledge that they have gathered from years of college into their future and their business. Another reason they should not attend this school is if they are not serious about learning and helping people out in the future with their knowledge. They should also not attend Dakota State University if they are just going to mess around during class and distract other people because that is not the reason they are there.


I believe that students who like a bigger atmosphere, such as a big city or they grew up in a big city, may not like this campus because it is quite small. The town of Madison is also quite small, so I do not think the student would enjoy it here. I also believe that students need to have at least some interest in technology in order to attend this school. Email, online classes, and web intereaction are the main techniques for learning here at Dakota State University.


Dakota State is a school that focuses mainly on computer majors, therefore if you are achieveing a degree non-computerized Dakota State is not the best school. This school wouldn't be best to go to if you were looking for a medical degree. Dakota does have degrees in some medical fields but most students that go to college for a medical degree end up transfering to a different school.


There isn't a type of person who should come to this school because DSU has programs for everyone.


A person who likes a large campus and no individualized attention should not attend this school.


Someone who isn't into computers, business, game design, or teaching shouldn't attend my school


A person who does not like working on or with computers and who does not like a little challenge within the classroom should not attend DSU.