Dakota State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The level of technology used in the classrooms and the small class sizes. Students can get personalized feedback from everyone of their professors and the student body itself is very nice and helpful.


The best thing about Dakota State University would be the student faculty ratio. Since the campus is substantially smaller than other college universities, it creates a smaller student faculty ratio. In the core and major classes, there is about 20 students to every 1 professor. This allows students to create stronger relationships with professors and get additional help in their classes if needed.


Dakota State University is a wonderful school to go to for the technology and the small school atmostphere. There aren't many students that go there but that makes it a friendly campus and a feeling of a neighbourhood or community, rather than a college. The technology at DSU is also very amazing and impressive and the things you learn at DSU about the technology is important for our changing and improving world.


The best thing about Dakota State University is the Distant Education Program. DSU's Distant Education Programs allow students to obtain degrees through many online undergraduate and graduate courses which is ideal for persons with full time work schedules. Additionally, the tuition is very affordable for not only in-state students but out-of-state students as well.


I consider everything about the school the best. This school is a small nice little town where you get to meet lots of new people and you get to know all of your professors and they all get to know you.


I am taking classes long distance via the University Center in Sioux Falls; I love that I can work full time at home and being able to finish my degree


I consider the best thing about Dakota State to be size and teacher involvement. The two go hand in hand. This is the reason that it is easier to succeed and harder to fail because professors take a personal involvement in every student's learning and grades.


The best thing about my school is they give me ability to achieve my educational/professional goals without moving across the state. They have an excellent Respiratory Care program that is offered close to where I live. This allowed me to finish school without uprooting my family. They are always very polite and helpful when I need assistance, even being so far away from campus.


The best thing about DSU is the small campus size. I like having a classroom where there is only about 25 kids because you can actually interact with the teacher and they know who you are.


The best thing about DSU is the class sizes. Classes are usually very small and it makes for an easier learning enviornment. The professor also knows their students names and they are always eager to help students reach their goals.


I like the tutors, they are relly helpful and know what they are doing.


The best thing about my school is the professors. They all strive to help us learn and keep us engaged in coursework. They are also great with feedback and prompt with communication.


I consider the size of the school to be its best quality. I love the student to teacher ratio. My professors know who their students are by name and not by number, which I think is very important. They are conserned about students' acadamic progress and well being.


I like the small campus size. I'm an older non-trad student, so not having to walk alot is nice.


The best thing about my school is that the teachers are always willing to help. I have never had a teacher that wouldn't make time to help me if I had a question or many questions. They all seem like they enjoy what they do, and that is very encouraging.


The best thing about our school is that it is a technology based campus. When paying your tuition to attend DSU, students receive tablet computers. The computers are used in class to take notes and do presentations. Society is taking a turn towards everything being based off of some sort of technology, so it is good for students to be able to practice and learn how to further use computer software to help them with their career. I like it because I'm going into education and when I graduate from DSU I will automatically get a technology minor.


The teachers and staff are amazing. Fun to be around and great learning experience.


The best thing about DSU is the small class sizes. Having the professors know who I am means a lot. Being able to ask questions during class and the ability to focus are huge bonuses of the small class sizes. The small classes also offer more one on one opportunities with the professors. Being able to do that also offers more opportunities for success. This is only one of the many things that make DSU great.


I like that it is just the right size. It is just big enough, yet small enough that you know a lot of people. All the students are very friendly and there are many groups that I am a part of that I feel like they are my second family. I love the location of the university. Everything is within walking distance and the students feel safe here.




I feel the best part about Dakota State University is the opportunity for students to get involved. Whether it be sports, computer club, clubs dealing with specific majors, intramurals, or fun organizations, there are many options. Facuty really get to know students on a personal basis, and classes are more discussion oriented than lecture-based.


The best thing about DSU is how small it is. There is a good faculty to student ratio and you are not just a number to this college. You feel comfortable and safe on this campus.


It's online courses are very helpful to me. I am an online student only and this has helped me out alot having all my classes online.


I love the campus community. The campus is small, but a small campus means you can easily meet & interact with people. Developing relationships was very important to me because I had previously attended two larger colleges (this was my third college in three years), and I love walking down the halls or in the student center and seeing tons of people I know. The school also has nearly 100% job placement for students after they graduate and the professors are very student & campus oriented, donating their time and money to supporting this school. They're love for it is obvious.


The best thing about my school are the sporting events because they are filled with lots of excitement and you know everyone at the school so you can cheer for everyone.