Dartmouth College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Nothing, Dartmouth is a great place to be all around.


The worst thing about Dartmouth has probably been the travel expenses to get there. I live fairly far away, and plane tickets are very expensive. But, it's totally worth it.


The worst thing about my school is the empahsis on drinking. The culture of a school is what makes the school and tradition is vital to the sustainability of a school. However, when the health of students are put at risk because of the act of drinking and so forth then that should be an issue. Efforsts have been made in order to minimize the incidents of binge drinking as well as sexual assault that is also influenced by that.


The worst thing about Dartmouth is not having enough time to do everything that the college offers. There is so much to do here, and the college really spoils it student with a wide varety of activities.


The worst thing about Dartmouth College would be the lack of diversity, meaning the very small number of black students who self identify as black that attend this school. There is also not many, if at all, activities that Black students like to do. THe culture of Dartmouth is predominatly white or centered around white culture.


The worst part about dartmouth is that a large percent of the student population view their Ivy League education as a stepping stone into high-paying banking and finance jobs. This is a mindset I've found at other Ivy League schools as well. The college is overflowing with incredible professors and great resources, but you need to have the motivation to pursue your education in order to make the most of it. Some students understand this, and others don't.


I consider the worst thing about my school is that it's on top of a hill, which means during the winter it will be rather chilly.


It is located in a small town where the primary social activity is attending fraternities.


Gender dichotomy created freshman year for men and women not in greek houses.


Perhaps the worst thing is that sometimes with trimesters, off terms, internships, and travel abroad opportunities you might not see a friend for a while, but all of that is worth it. So it's really also a great opportunity for all of us to travel or try something new. The D-Plan is challenging, but freeing at the same time.


There's usually too many things to do and not enough time to do it.


Pressure to drink to be social.


The worst thing about Dartmouth is that courses are only offered at one time in a given term and not at all some terms. This make is hard to take all of the classes one wants.


The financial aid provided is inadequate to support many students to attend this school. I believe that when I graduate I will definitely be in debt, but the education is of the highest quality.


I can't think of anything.


Lack of a dating sceen. I really am quite romantically lonely.


The food is overpriced and a lot of it is really heavy. It's better than a lot of schools, but that doesn't mean it's very good, and the food payment system is not very effective.


Probably counseling on what courses you should take and how you should take them. The prospectus is only set up with a two year forward horizon, meaning that you can't plan everything right away, which made taking all the classes I wanted to difficult.


The students and faculty are fabulous, but I feel the administration is sometimes a little hard to get around. They, of course, value Dartmouth as an institution of higher learning, but also as a business, which sometimes makes it difficult for the rest of us to get things done.


The dorms are nice - good sized rooms, etc, but there are very few suite-like dorms on campus. I didn't want to live off-campus, so I could only live with 2 other people on campus. I would have prefered more 4-5 people apartment-style dorms


Gender issues can be a little trying. It is not absurd or dispicable, but that "old boys club" mentality can sometimes crop up and make women feel uncomfortable. The school is for the most part responsive, but could improve here.




D-Plan: the trimester system that makes friendships and dating difficult


The weather.


no off campus activity, high tuition costs,


The cold. It's freezing and makes attending class difficult in the middle of winter.


Far away.


There's so much to do, it's often hard to choose just one or two things to focus on.


Nothing is horrible, but the worst thing is probably the lack of non-alcohol-infused social spaces on campus (however it is possible to have fun at frat parties and not drink and the campus has arts events and local activities so that it is possible tohave fun without drinking)


The focus on fraternity and sororities as the main source of social interaction is what I dislike the most.


The effectiveness of lectures.


A lot of drinking.


It is difficult to label one aspect of Dartmouth the "worst" because there is so little I dislike about the school. I would say that at times there can be a social hierarchy and that some students, mostly female, are social climbers. They care more about their reputation than actually making friends, but these people are few and far between. Beyond that I have no complaints about Dartmouth. It is an amazing place that high school students would do well to consider.