DePaul University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


DePaul is an urban university. Thus people seeking a traditional college experience should not go to this school. The Fraternity and Sorority life is minimal on this campus from what I have heard. Also the people who do choose to join one of these memberships say that the experience is different than in most universities because a large part of the campus commutes. There is a strong basketball program at this school; however, there is no football team. As a result, school spirit is not as a high as say a traditional state school.


Someone who should not attend this school is someone who is looking for college for strictly the "college experience". If a student is looking to get drunk and tailgate every weekend, DePaul is not for them. DePaul is a lot of fun, but there are too many opprotunities put forth by Chicago to give in to college temptation.


If someone is not willing to work hard in all their classes and also if someone does not have the ambition to succed then they should not attend DePaul University.


A person that is able to function independently and keep up with the fast pace. DePaul being on a trimester syster means that you have to work hard in a short ammount of time. Our quarters go by quickly and it is really easy to fall behind if you aren't on top of your school work.


Any person who does not want their dreams to be fulfilled and does not want to waste time and their parents' money, should not even bother attending college whatsoever!


I have yet to start at DePaul, so Im not really sure?


Someone who is lazy and not interested in doing their work for class. People who don't like the busy city life.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one whom is not serious about their education. If one is not sure, then they should rethink about their priorites and what they want to do in life. This school strives for excellence and nothing less. There are people where who will push and motivate you, not play games and discourage anyone. So with that in mind, a person can not come to this school and not truely know that they want to get themselves into.


This is a wonderful university with multiple diverse opportunities. Anyone pursuing a college education would be able to find this university appropriate for their educational needs.


Someone not intrested in bettering themselves not only academically but also recieving an all around education in leadership and social awareness.


An individual who doesn't feel serious about recieving an education really. Starting your Freshman year here at DePual, you are bombarded with questions regarding what your goals and aspirations will be, both externally and internally. The pressure is not there to hurry up and choose a career out of the blue, but being at DePual University will make you think about your future extensively, and all of the resources available to move forward in life really require an attitude to move toward sucess in education. There should be some understanding of what you want at DePual.


Narrow minded individuals would not enjoy the DePaul Experience. There are many different cultural clubs, groups, etc on campus, with very different opinion s and living styles.


DePaul University is a Catholic school and the largest in the country and we are based on religious values. if someone is not opend minded about religion then they should not attend because we do have to take religious courses. Not only that but if a peeople are also not open minded toward diversity then a person would not enjoy DePaul. Our school is very diverse and since we are located in Chicago the area is diverse as well.


If you are not interested in learning to step out of your comfort zone, meet people from ALL walks of life or participate in rewarding and exciting activities, do not attend DePaul. If you do not wish to be challenged academically, experience true independence and think outside of the box, do not come to this school. This school is not for the type of person who is satisfied with being average, uninspired to always go that extra mile, or contribute towards making the future world a better place.


You should not attend DePaul if you are not going to get involved. DePaul is a very big campus with a lot of different clubs and activities to choose from, and if you're going to attend this school and pay the money just to go to class then you are missing out on half of the experience. DePaul wants to give you an education both in and out of the classroom. If you are not going to get involved you won't get nearly as much out of your education as you could.


A person with no ambition to improve their education.


If you don't like the city, or get stressed out from a lot of hussle and bustle, this school is not for you. If you are intolerent of other races, religions, or sexualities, do not attend DePaul. If you have an interest in athletics or enjoy the social aspect of attending sporting events, know that DePaul does not have certain teams including swimming/diving, wrestling, and football. It also has no frat/sorority houses, so if you want to participate in Greek life, DePaul is not the best match for you.


It is not for me to say who should and should not attend this school, but if I had to say my opinion, the only people I don't think should attend this school is if they do not take their education seriously. DePaul has so many great resources for students to succeed in their field, and if a person attends this school but isn't so seriously, it is disappointing. Everyone deserves a great education though.


People who are not serious about being focused and committed to learning at a competitive and fast paced. Also you need to be opened minded and diverse because of the many ethnic groups that attend the university.


If you are looking for a greek based, big school feel.


People who are extremely introverted. Most of the classes require various levels of student interaction and discussions. People who refuse to speak their opinions would find classes to be uncomfortable.


Someone who is comfortable in a diverse environment without much of a sense of school community. Someone who is independent would thrive at DePaul.


Some one who is willing to charge of their own education. There is plenty of help from the school, but you have to be willing to seek it out and ask for it. You certianly can't get away with doing nothing.


Those who are at school for just to socialize, those on drugs or drinking. They will have a harder time focusing on schoolwork, which is the most crucial thing that they have to do at school.


The kind of person who should NOT attend this school is someone who is not dedicated to their field of study. All of the teachers here and most if not all of the students who attend this school are extreemly passionate about the major, meaning the competition here is high.


DePaul is a place for people to define themselves and make their own decisions. Those who want school spirit and clubs can have them, but those who don't still build relationships and connections on campus. A person who shouldn't go to DePaul is one who wants to go with the flow and have decisions made for them. This school has so many opportunities, but each student needs to take them for his/herself.


I have no idea what type of person shouldn't attend my school. The school, in my opinion has found a way to cater to every type of student possible.


People that don't like being challenged, being around a large variety of people from different backgrounds, and being exposed to all times of material/areas of study in classes, people that don't like big cities, and people that don't like small classes and having a one-on-one relationship with a professor.


People who don't like the cold and don't like the city. Even though we have a main campus in Lincoln park it's still the city.


A goal oriented person who know exactly what it takes to make it to where they want to be in life.


lower and middle class students.


Those who don't like big cities, or who are afraid of something different. This school is very diverse and it is a whole different experience than a regular campus such as University of Illinois, or large schools. It is safe, but something new and some people don't like that.




Someone who is looking for a typical college with a small community type feeling. Also someone who is looking to easily skate through school without learning much.


DePaul does not have a medical school, so I would not attend if I wanted be become a doctor. Not even for undergrad.


Fake ones


I think if you are looking for a fraternity/sorority party college this is not the college for you. Athletics has very little to do with the school as well. So athletes and athletic fans should stay away.


Anyone who is closeminded would not be happy here. DePaul is a very liberal school (even though it does have a strong Catholic affiliation).


Someone that wants to go to football games and state like schools. (party campuses with sorority and frat hourses)


Anyone going to school to relive their parent's experience.


A person that is not focused, who does not like to work hard should not attend this school. This school means business and you ahve to work very hard to be successful.