DePaul University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about DePaul is when breaks come and the Students Ventra Card are shut off. This is the most frustrating because I am a student who has to commute every where, by taking away the thing that helps me pay for transportation it causes serious complications.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the tuition. Although I am aware that it is a private school, tutition is almost 34,000 a year. Being a student in financial needs makes it hard for me to attend a university that is that costly, but I will do whatever it takes to be able to attend Depaul. I will fully take advantage of grants and loans to be able to succeed at DePaul.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that on fridays the library closes too early.


One important aspect that DePaul University lacks is community. Although DePaul is a division one school, it does not have a football team and all other sports do not gain much student interest. This may have to do with the several professional sports teams in Chicago that have tons of appeal. Also, the university consists of over 25,000 students. The large size of DePaul can be quite aggravating when it comes to registering for courses. It is very difficult to compete with thousands of people over a class that holds a maximum of fifty people.


The most frustrating thing is to find a job on campus, and to find nearby, cheap apartments. Just balancing everything is a struggle, but there are so many local businesses that could hire you, and there is so much public transport, so there is hope. As for apartments, I can't help you there. I'm still living on campus.


When I think of DePaul, nothing frustrating about it comes to mind except the fact that everything is so expensive, but I think that applies to most, if not all, colleges.


The most frustating thing about DePaul is the cost of tuition. Even with grant and aid, it is still very difficult to support your education at DePaul. It is also very frustating at DePaul's lack of commitment to their students, especially when students need another route to finish their degree. DePaul is very stern on their degree progress, and offer little help when a student is seeking other ways to complete their degree.


The downtown campus does not have a parking lot for DePaul students. Also, tuition is rather expensive.


The residence hall adminnistator in my building.


Professors here are great for the most part, but of course there are outliers. I know that I am a student and thus not exactly an equal. By no means, though, do I consider myself or any other student here arbitray or expendable. Some professors are non responsive to questions or are just genuinely apathetic. Tuition is too high to tolerate any amount of that kind of treatment.


One of the things that frustrate me about DePaul is the cost of living around the school campus. The campuses are located in Lincoln Park and Downtown, two of the most expensive areas in Chicago. Since I could not afford housing on-campus, I had to get an apartment 40 mins away. I travel on a city bus every day to school and work.


The most frustrating thing, however not a bad thing, is the fact that the school has three quarters with ten weeks of classes. The school is very fast paced and can get busy during midterms and finals. Other than those times, DePaul is a great and exciting place to be !


Some professors are hard to follow. One may speak with a very heavy accent and go fast whereas another professor will speak fast and be unorganized in regards to the students understanding.


Due to the expensive nature of living on or off-campus, students are forced to look for cheap housing or commute from home. As a result, the amount of communter students makes meeting people challenging. Also, there is a large amount of students that live far off campus, in order to have cheap housing, which adds to the difficulty of socializing with classmates.


I enjoy my school ing experience at DePaul very much. I guess the only real frustrating thing is trying to get your studying completed and have a vast array of knowledge on the subject in a little under 11-weeks.


This is mostly restricted to the theatre deapartment, but the work load at this school is very heavy. This is not really a bad thing, but being in Chicago obviously there is a lot that students want to do outside of school, but many times you have to give up the fun of the city to do homework and other class activities. It is a bit hard to do this, especially with downtown Chicago so close to campus. Many a Friday night I've watched people outside my window on their way to fun, and I'm doing homework.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost of tuition, my tuition alone is $26, 000 a year. Chicago is a very expensive city to live in to begin with, it's tax is 10.25% and the price of rent is ridiculous. DePaul doesn't have a lot of on-campus housing available, so unfortunately student in their junior and senior years are forced to commute by the El train to eithier the loop or lincoln park campus.


I would have to say for me the most frustrating thing about DePaul is finances. I had a 4.0 in high-school and didn't get any scholarship at all. According, to the school you have to score so high on your ACT before you are considered. Since I have trouble taking standarized tests and only received a average score I wasn't even considered so I have sizeable amount of debt but DePaul is worth it.


Classes filling up early on during registration.


The counselors do not seem to help out as much as they should. Although there are some that do help of course, there are many that do not. Also, due to the fact that it is not a school where everyone is always located in the same area (it being in the city) it is often hard to meet people.


Sometimes I feel like the school only helps you when you're just starting out, but not in the end.


The most frustrating this about my school is the somewhat lack of advising when it comes to questions about you majour. I was struggling with trying to figure out what were the next steps in order for me to get into grad school. It was a little harder to get ahold of the woman that was advising me and when I did get an appointment I was left confused.


The most frustrating thing coming to DePaul, from Iowa, was the lack of instruction for a big city. Chicago is a huge city, with plenty to offer, for which I know now, but when I first came I did not know how to get around and what I was interested in. The sometimes lax community of DePaul facilitates a lot of the loneliness. I wish that I had cgotten involved earlier, because once I found my place at DePaul it was easy to see that anyone could fit in and find their niche.


There are several campuses and several buildings. Make sure you have a map if you are new to the area or else you might get lost.


Sometimes it can be difficult getting a straight answer from the different offices around campus. Since it is a fairly large school there is a large staff and people can sometimes tell you different things in different places.


The weather for most of the school year sucks.


The most frustrating thing at my school is the bookstore because the people that work there do not necessarily know what they are doing.


Getting back in the groove of school is not easy for an adult learner. I feel that the professors should be a little bit more understanding to students that do not remember the 8th grade grammar rules and each professor should understand adult learners are going to be invading the campus more and more each year.


The class scheduale and the transportation to school from home when living outside the city limits.


The most frustrating thing about this school is getting different answers to the same question when asking information.


The customer service.


I think the most frustrating thing about school is homework and papers; which I think is common for most college students. It can just become a lot when you have like three papers due in two days.


It is a good thing and a bad thing but their 10 week quarters. It is hard to jam pack everything at once, but its got to be done.


The idiots that go here. Also, it costs way too much for the education I'm getting. DePaul isn't a great school yet I'm paying $20,000 a year.


classes can sometimes be hard to get into because they fill up fast.


Depaul keeps expanding, adding more buildings, attempting new programs when : 1. School keeps getting more expensive- no UPass for adult students 2. More teachers who really aren't qualified or experinced enough TO TEACH material. 3. Programs are muddled and unclear when enrolled in the School for New Learning 4. Many courses are not available or offered, except for one quarter during the academic year.


That classes are ten weeks long and we have to cram all the material in that time. We end up having to skip a few things but they are usually picked up in another course.


It's expensive.


Sometimes the offices and administrators are unorganized, although they are friendly.


Having to commute to class on a regular basis.


The food service and options. The people that work in the cafeterias do not care about anything, not even life itself. If they serve you poorly prepared food and you complain about it, they look at you with complete hatred and probably hope you choke on their abismal luke warm turkey sandwich.


I never had an issue with my financial aid until I moved off campus (my senior year). Then all of a sudden when I needed money, they never gave me clear options and I was calling different offices for days to figure out what I needed to do. Also my academic advisor was HORRIBLE. I saw her maybe a total of 4 times in my 4 years.


Advising! its the worst!!!


Off-campus affiliated housing is very expensive and usually does not meet students? expectations. On-campus housing is very limited and usually it only applies to freshmen and sophomores. The school has very diverse student population, but it is also very segregated regardless of its best efforts in promoting diversity in classes. Most of the students are commuters and the atmosphere of school spirit, socializing among students is weak.


The quarter system.