DePauw University Top Questions

Describe the students at DePauw University.


DePauw has a very diverse campus for being so small we have people from cities to small towns, people from all types of socio-economic backgrounds and many different races. I would say anyone would feel comfortable at DePauw, but if you want to blend in more and are not really outgoing DePauw can seem intimidating at first because most students are very involved and very social. And by social I mean they can talk to anyone and do talk to everyone from adults, to peers, professors, and important offcials and many of them have personal connections with all of these types of people outside the classroom. DePauw is great about giving out financial help where it is needed so it is not uncommon to meet people who are from economically poor areas of the country. One thing that all students have in common at DePauw is that we are all very driven and goal oriented.


Most people are middle to upper class and Caucasian. They socialize via the Greek system. Some students can work hard and play hard but many can't. The academic pressure affects a lot of my peers negatively, and those that don't turn to drinking turn to counseling. Overall, many students are involved in extracurriculars as a way to build up their resume. Most people are friendly but keep to their own groups, whether the group is determined by race, orientation, or something as trivial as Greek house.


Generally uninterested and immature with some exceptional exceptions.


My classmates are great because we all have different personalities, but we get along really well.


My classmates are very friendly and outgoing people who try very hard to get the best possible grade in school.


My classmates are friendly individuals who make social and academic life more enjoyable.


My classmates are very engaged in class, friendly, and easy to engage in conversation after class.


Many think they are smarter than they really are and party much too hard.


Classmates are a diverse mix of people, but usually goal oriented whose drive is to work hard in class and enjoy life outside the classroom.


My classmates are great. They are generally people with interests similar to my own. They work hard and can have fun, and are always up to a challenge, but generally try to keep an open-mind about the world and other people's views of it. It is easy to make friends with them and be "accepted" despite how different the two of you may be--there is almost always a common ground because of the DePauw environment.