DePauw University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


DePauw University is best known for its challenging academics, welcoming environment and Greek population. It is a small liberal arts school that allows its students to dabble in all different areas, and encourages them to look at all aspects of living and education before declaring a major. It’s most distinguished areas of education definitely lie within its school of music and high-tech science education programs. It is also a comfortable learning environment in which a student can walk down the pathway on their way to class and know the people they pass by.


DePauw University is ranked number 43 in "US News and World Report'"s list of the best Liberal Arts Colleges in the nation. The professors challenge you to think critically and look at the material in different points of view.


Probably the rivalry between Wabash and DePauw for the Monon Bell. That or the little mention of Greencastle from Public Enemies.


DePauw is known for providing its students with an excellent education, alumni connections, and parties.


DePauw University is best known for its rigorous academic curriculum. It is a place where students come to compete, and academia are very important to the students who attend.


Probably a tie between athletics and greek life.


It is known for its strong academics and the Monon bell game (one of the longest college rivalries).


It is best known for being a party school. Academically, it is best known for its pre-med program and communications program.


Journalism, music, and the liberal arts curriculum.


It is best known for its prestigious level and alumni relations


The Harvard of the Midwest. Unless your from Utah then you've never heard of DePauw hahaha.


It's best known for being a expensive private school with strong academics and an even stronger Greek life. The school is known for Monon, which is the rivalry football game with Wabash University, and the partying that goes along with it.


Working really hard at homework, but than partying harder. So Drinking.


Being a work hard/play hard atmosphere with a great success rate.


Greek Life


I always heard my school be referred to "The Harvard of the Midwest" so academics and facilities have a lot to do. According to the Princeton Review, Beer consumption is also notable at Depauw.