DePauw University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The location. I am four hours away from home , yet the horrible weather is just the same. Blistering summers and equally blistering--except from the below zero blizzards--winters, not to mention virtually no way to get home if you don't own a car. There are no buses hear and we are an hour away from Indianapolis, where the buses travel from, so unless you own a car and a drivers license on campus, goodluck paying for transit. However, despite the ridiculous distance from transportation, the closeness to nature and to the community is wonderfully enveloping, like no other.


Theres some classism and racism, but it has to do with how greek our school is. Things are changing though, and it's hapening through activism from more liberal peers.


The worst thing about DePauw is the lack of extra-curriculars; there is not much outdoor activity and shopping/movies/city life is almost an hour long drive away. As a result, DePauw is very involved in Greek Life and partying.


Greencastle is a really small town that does not have a lot of public transportation options. If it weren't for friends with cars, most of the students would not find time to go to Walmart or Krogers for groceries because the public transit only runs from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Most students decide to go to Walmart at random times during the night when the transit is not running.


As an independent, the over-reliance on a fraternity/sorority-oriented social atmosphere can be off-putting--especially on weekends when there are few events going on. Rush period is particularly harsh on independents with all the attention being put on Greek recruits. Fortunately, most of my friends are independent so I frequently put myself in the position of making my own fun with them.


I consider the worst thing about the school to be the cost of tuition. Although it is a high caliber school, it is difficult to pay tuition.


The overwhelming Greek system; about 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}


The greek system has too much importance/influence.


Some may feel that DePauw is a little cliquey if they are not very involved in campus life.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the exclusivity and stereotyping of different Greek houses. Once students here "go Greek" they prejudice themselves against other houses (sometimes against their own) and therefore preemptively cut themselves off from friends they could be making because of a difference in affiliation with another organization.


The worst part is that the only social life you can have here is to join a fraternity or sorority. It limits the people you meet and limits the activities you can do on campus.


Very heavy on greek life. Also, having the meal plan is awful if you live with a kitchen!...and they won't let you off the plan.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is the city it is located in because it is a very very small town with hardly anything to do or any where to go, however my school compenstates with school activities and the town is in a near radius to larger more populated cities.