DeSales University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


DeSales University is truly a great school. It has great educators and a great curriculum. The only three options I could possibly say are the worst thing about my school is the availability of the library. We do not have a 24 hour library which hurts the students who want to study at all times of the day. The food here is great, but the fact we have to have a meal plan and that we can't use it off campus hinders the school. Signing up for classes is also a hassel as well.


The worst thing for me is the food. The choices are really hit or miss, and I cannot watch them make any of the food otherwise I won't want to eat it. I can tell that they take the cheapest way out for ingredients and utensils.


The worst thing about my school is there's nothing in walking distance, as far as shops or restaurants go. There is no regular shuttle service so those without a car must rely on friends to drive them places. Also, not a lot goes on. Weekends tend to be very boring if you do not go off-campus.


The small size and lack of football team


Campus life can be a little dead on the weekends, and there are some rules that go against the "norm" for most colleges, including having no guests of the opposite sex in a dorm room after 2 AM.


I think the worst thing about DeSales is something that i feel they have been trying to work on through the past few years. I believe that the lack fo diversity at DeSales Restricts its ability to become a Top top university. By bringin in more diversity the dynamic of the school would greatly change and most likely benefit everyone it touches.


I feel the worst thing about my school is how there is a lack of different religion and ethnicities. It is a catholic univerisity where the majority of the students is caucasion/white. While I like this and have no problem with it I still feel that the students are not getting the full experience of meeting different people and learning about different cultures. We do come from different backgrounds and some went to very diverse high schools but for those who didn't may not be very accepting of those who are different.