DeSales University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Almost any type of person can attend this school as long as they are not snobby or accepting of others.


A well-focussed school oriented student should attend this school. They should be a smart, well rounded, open minded person. DeSales is not a giant party school. We are not a dry campus, but fun on campus does occur without the use of alcohol. I would hope that DeSales continues to accept upstanding students from their own community to attend the university. DSU has such a great reputation, the school wouldn't want to ruin it with a few bad eggs.


Any kind of person! This school might be a private catholic college but it is certainly welcoming of all races and ethnicity. Everyone is welcoming and always there to lend a hand. I think any type of person and student would fit in well.


a truely dedicated student. hard working student. that loves to learn. but also loves to be surrounded by fabulous people.


Someone who wants to become a better person while learning about yourself. They stress an overall learning experience, not just your major.


One focused on Physician Assistant studies, Pre-Med, or any other Biology/Science degree. Or one in dance, theatre, etc.


Any kind of person. College is what you make of it. DeSales allows you to do that.


I feel that any type of person can attend this school. They will fit in no matter what and will change and adapt to the community. Religion is not really that big of a deal even though it is a catholic college. Any person with their head on their shoulders can attend.


Sadly, white-middle class. the diversity is low--this doesnt mean the school isnt open to diverse backgrounds, but a student may feel uncomfortable with only a handful of other students with similar racial backgrounds. i and many other students would love to see more diversity, but we understand it could possibly be intimidating for say a hispanic/black student to attend. there are many liberal arts so anyone could come.


Someone who is friendly and open to activities. Someone who dosn't need competitive sports or alcohol all the time. Someone who is chill in their mannerisims.