DeSales University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to pick a career that I am passionate about and am willing to work towards. I need to learn how to balance and organize a schedule. To remember to take every opportunity, and always do my best. The real world will thow curveballsbut to always fight towards a goal. To not let my nerves make decision but my brain.


Some advice I would give my high school self is don’t be afraid to do things yourself such as taking advanced classes for art and learn to overcome my shyness. I would also tell myself that I should not have rushed my self stubborn and afraid to find a major that I could do best at. Atleast to had researched a head of time which could have kept me from becoming overwhemed and brought GPA down.


After completing two years of college, there are some things that I would have done differently as a high school senior had I known what was coming. When I was in high school, my grades were everything and they still are, but I wish I would have given myself more free time to hang out with friends and family and enjoy life more. Along with this, I would have told myself to manage my time better so that I could get all my work done and have a little free time. Then when I would get to college, I would be ready to buckle down and get to work because college is no joke, much harder, and what your future depends on. Also, I would tell myself to start looking for a summer job because college is expensive, and since I’m paying the tuition, I need money. One last thing would be to be more open to different experiences because in college, you meet many different types of people with different lifestyles. As a result, I would tell myself to explore new things and embrace the differences.


I would advise myself to separate myself from those at home. I got into a relationship at the end of my senior year, and it held me back my first year of college. I was stuck going home almost every weekend and really missed out on some awesome memories. Now that I stay at school all the time I have had the time of my life. I made more friends and have started my own life here. I would also advise myself to worry more about my classes. I thought freshmen year would be easy and I didn't need to stress too much about grades just yet. I was wrong; and now I'm trying to catch back up. I dont regret anything, but I would do things differently if I had the chance to go back in time.


I would advise myself to do even better in high school and develop my skills for standardized tests because colleges use SAT results as well as class rank to determine the amount of financial aid one recieves in college. Know yourself and trust yourself in what you believe you want to do in life. College is all about discovery, but you want to go into college with a strong backbone in what you want to do and accomplish in college. I always knew the health care field was for me. But it wasn't until recently that I knew exactly what field I wanted to be a part of. My plans for college however worked better than expected. I'll graduate with two degrees in a minor in 5 years (Biology, Nursing, and Chemistry minor). So, although one should know what they want to do, understand that circumstances do change and all things will work out for the best. So don't stress, just do your best.


Just go with your gut. You may second guess your decision a little, ut you'll ultimately pick the college that best fits you life.


Don't stress so much! It will all seem so scary and intimidating in the beginning but you will make tons of friends that will last a life time. School work will get tough but your friends and family will pull you through. Just have a little faith in yourself and don't be afraid to talk to teachers if you aren't getting things in class.


Get a job and start saving the money for DeSales and don't take biology!


I would tell myself to save my money instead of spending it on frivolous stuff. I would also tell myself to take not take dumb classes my senior year. Cooking was a great class, but anatomy would have been a much better choice. Moreover, my school offered the opportunity to stay overnight at the school which I should have done.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to worry. The middle of senior year for me was stressful, as I’d applied to all my colleges but was not yet sure of where I was going to go. This is hard for me as I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen. But now I know that, although natural, my worry was naïve because God has a plan for my life and He is always going to guide me on the right path as long as I trusted in Him. Although choosing a college can be very stressful, and students often wonder if they’re making the right decision, they should know that if they have worked hard and have been accepted into a good school which they like, they will be happy and thrive there. It is definitely a different world than high school, and every stage of life has its challenges, but it also has great benefits and joys as well. College used to seem so foreign to me but now it has become my home and I love it.


If I were to go back in time the main point that I would stress to myself would be to take more Advanced Placement classes. By placing myself in more than the two AP classes that I took, I would have been more readily prepared for college. Hitting the books hard and being in college prep classes would have gave me a better idea about being college student and having an easier time with things such as: studying habits, time management, and note taking. With this suttle piece of encouragment and by actually putting this to use I would have been able to succeed more not only as a high school student, but would also carry the knowledge and the work ethics needed to survive in college. When taking AP courses a premium is put on classroom performance, and the goal is to challenge you as college would. So, by subjecting myself to a college based enviornment my transition into college would have been a much simpler task. As a high school senior I would hope that I would accept this piece of advice and take advantage of the opportunities that were placed infront of me.


School for me has been a very eye opening experience. I have been out of school for 15 years and deciding to go back was one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. It turns out that it was/is the best thing I could have done. Not only am I furthering my education and furthering my career, but I am showing my kids that it is so important to get a good education in order to suceed at whatever your passionate about. My field of choice is the medical field and although there is a lot to learn, it turns out that I am pretty good at it and am getting a 4.0. It just goes to show that it is never too late to go back to school and to be a good example to those who are thinking about going back to school. I have full confidence in myself that there is only one way to go from here....UP!!!


I went back to school to be able to get a better job so I can support my family. I have been at my current job for more than five years and relize its more of a dead end job than I knew. School has brought back hope for me, hope in being able to have a better quality of life to bring it to my family and my new family to come. The teachers even the other students help each other in any way they can becuase they dont want to see anyone fail. If a student starts to fall to trip over anthing everyone will help pick them back up and tell them "Dont you dare fall not while I'm here ." It really help me to know that everyone will help and do anything to see me succeed . If I dont attend then I will fail, that is the only way that the teacher and other students cant help me so it falls to me to keep going attend and see it through to graduate.


i have recieved knowledge and not only from classrooms but also from the people around me. desales university is a rgeat school and is producing many great people into the world. i have truely learned to be a better person.


If I could go back to my high-school senior self, I would tell her unequivocably not to become a theatre major and to, under no uncertain terms, go to DeSales University. I would tell her to listen to the doubts she had about theatre and think very hard about a recurring interest in her life (ancient cultures). I would tell her that there are indeed, valid career options in those fields no matter what anyone said and that she shouldn't let anyone dissuade her from following her passions and interests. I would tell her to be more diligent about finding outside scholarships. I would tell her that she will not be happy if she chooses to go the course that would make others happy, but not herself, because, due to money concerns, it will be incredibly difficult to get out to study what she truly wants to study. But I would also tell her to not give up hope and that if she works hard, she will find that if she wants it enough, she will be able to reach out and grab her passion and not give it up for anyone.


As a high school senior, it seemed I was getting all of the correct information about college. I thought college would be a fun way to meet new people, but more importantly, I would be working toward the goal of continuing my education in order to attain a good job. I learned I did not receive all the information about how difficult certain majors are compared to others. Additional information that would have been useful is more information about opportunities within college and financial aid. Also, guidance counselors should not ?sugar coat? the college experience. While some college experiences are fun, one must remember the main reason for attending college is to become educated in a field of your choice with the purpose of becoming a professional. Students need to remember to use time management skills if they want to succeed in an atmosphere of scholarly independence. From already surviving a year and a half at college in a difficult major, I believe that this information is extremely important for high school seniors to understand before attending the college of their choice.


I would tell myself to think about money more often. If I saved more money I wouldnt have to pay as much when I get out of school and I wouldnt be stressing about paying back my loans everyday. I would also tell myself to enjoy being carefree and irresponsable for one last year, because from here on out, its the real world. And last but not least, I would tell myself to enjoy using those free text books from the school, next year they are going to cost big bucks!


In high school, I felt that I was unable to act to my fullest potential, due to financial circumstances. My parents always worked, struggling to send me to school and even to have a home to live in. Everyone was always working, so I didn't have the chance to participate in all the extra-curricular activities I wanted to join. I was also forced to work 30 hours a week, on top of school, to help support my family and I. All this work and stress distracted me from school, undermining my abilities. Although I did well, I knew I could have done exceptional had I been more financially stable. Now that a few years have passed, we are doing better financially, but still somewhat struggling. I am able now to reach more of my full potential. I received a 4.0 during my first semester of college, but unfortunately, money troubles returned again. I was scared of not being able to even complete college, so my GPA unfortunately dropped to a 3.50. If I could do it over, I would have tried just as hard, but try not to stress as much over financial situations.


Dear 'Anxious, Excited and Unprepared' 17 year-old, Can you believe how fast time has flown? You are about to embark on a new journey that will take you to places you never would have imagined. My advice to you is merely TO BE. As DeSales's motto states, "Be who you are and be that well," embrace life and take every experience to the fullest. Never dwell on the future nor live in preoccupation with the future that has not come, live for the present moment. Don't forget to breathe, and to take a step back and remember what the big picture really is. Soak in the wonder of it all; never lose the innocent amazement of a child but don't be naive to the world around you. Follow your dreams, and soar above and beyond your potentials. Have faith. Live with no regrets, and love with no restraint, for in fact, the "journey is the destination." Sincerely, 'Growing, Maturing, and Learning One Step at a Time' young adult.


If you aren't 100% enjoying your college experience, it's time for a change. My freshman year I was a Business major but my heart was originally into tv film. After taking MicroEconomics, marketing, and management, I realized I wasn't enjoy my college experience. I switched to tv film my sophomore year and have been enjoying my classes and feel like I'm preparing myself for a career I'll enjoy. If you're going to college and only worrying about your social life and drinking, every school can fulfill that need. If you're serious about your education, make sure you go to a school that has courses that stress the major you want. The tv/film equipment at our school is far more advanced than the local cable companies have in our area, and the school always has new cutting edge equipment for us to test. Go on campus tours and over nights so you can experience campus life. Make sure you enjoy it, because it will most likely be where you're spending the next 4 years of your life.


choose the school you want to attend based on the major, im transfering to Kutztown from DeSales because I made a mistake in the beginning but now I corrected it so I'm on the right track now.


I would say not to worry about attending the biggest party school, or even worrying about a social life while in school. If you go in very focused and tough out the years, you'll come out mature and ready to have an entire different kind of social life. You will be able to socialize with people who very well match your interests as well as afford to do fun things like going on trips and weekend getaways. Education is the best part (in the long run) of college.


It is really as simple as this: find the school that feels like home!


Choosing a college is one of the most important choices you will make in your life. It is vital to pick a school that will give you a great education as well as provide excellent opportunities for growth as a person and student. Extracurricular activity offerings are also a critical point to consider when choosing a college. My recommendation for choosing a school is to visit each option several times to really get a feel for the campus atmosphere. Sit in on some classes and stay overnight if possible. Once you have made your choice and have started school, try to get involved in as much as you can handle. By doing this, you will make friends like no other who share your interests and ambitions. Plus, you will be able to network with professors and alumni for possible jobs when you graduate. But do not forget your school work. Academics is the reason you are attending college to begin with, so make the best of it. My best suggestion is do not procrastinate and always stay caught up with your work. These tips will ensure success both socially and academically. What else could a college student ask for?


-keep an open mind, and always apply to a safety school! -stay overnight at the school which you apply to if @ all possible!


Feel at home, first impressions are not always the best. Go on a nice day because a rainy one could ruin your whole view. Check out every aspect of the school even if it is not your interest at the current moment, your major can always be CHANGED!


Chose a school that is willing to go out of their way to make you happy. You will know once you step onto a campus if that school is one you want to be enrolled in.


Go with your gut, don't choose a school just because you're best friend, teacher or family member said to. Go where where YOU truly want to go, it will make things so much easier for you.


I would advise both students and parents to look at many different qualities about each school before making your choice of college. A great way to do this, which helped me, is to make a Pro/Con list for each university of choice. You should first and foremost look at each college for your defined major. You should look hard as to which school has the best program for your major. Also, I suggest you look at college size, campus life, off campus life, etc. That way, you will make the most out of your future college experience. No matter what, you should always have fun at college. And you will always have that no matter which school you choose. Look into every aspect as to what each college offers you, and you will make the right decision. You are going to college for a purpose, and you should also have fun while being there. Make the most of college experience, follow your heart, and you will have the time of your life.


Trust your instincts and drink a lot.


Follow your heart and your passion, not the money.


Look everywhere you can. Never turn down a school because you've never heard of it or it isn't big enough. Never pick a school for its football team. Visit. Sometimes, even though you can't pinpoint why, a school simply doesn't feel like home to you. It will be your home, so that's important. Take into consideration where you've always wanted to live. Look there! Keep finances in mind, but remember there are aways options like financial aid and scholarships. When you visit schools, ask questions. Keep in mind the area surrounding your school. If you don't have a car, an area with not much to do could be a bad idea if you have to drive to places. If you hate the city and your dream school is in Philadelphia, definitely take time to think. Will there be places to worship? What if hunger strikes during an all-nighter? Are the dorms wet or dry? What are the rules for visitors in the dorm rooms? When you visit schools, write things down, because after a while, they all run together, and this is an important decision.


When picking a school, the parents and students should agree on what both of them want in terms of size and location and how good the programs are at the school. In the end though the student has the final say in where they would like to attend. Go to the colleges for tours or open houses and get a feel for what the campus is really like (it is probably better to go on a school day and not a weekend when all the students are sleeping). Really get to know what the students and faculty are like at the school to make sure that they are people the student can get a long with and learn from for the next four years or so. Find out as well what the social life is like and what kind of activites are offered so that one learns outside of the classroom just as much as in the classroom. Also see what the living conditions are like and how safe the area is around the school because no one wants to feel unsafe when living on their own. Make sure that the school cafeteria has good food as well.


When students look for a college that is right for them, they should consider two things. The first, they must evaluate where they feel most comfortable. It is so important for a student to feel like they belong at the college they choose to attend. They should have an idea of whether they want to attend a large school or a small one, and whether or not they want to be in a rural or urban environment. The second important thing for a student/parent to consider when trying to find the right college is where are they going to get the best education for the cost. College is very expensive and it would be a waste to spend so much money and not receive a great education.


Do your research, visit schools, ask students who go there questions, talk to professors, explore the area around the school.


No advice


Make sure they like the teachers and the program for real. Don't go to a school for one reason alone, make sure there are a lot of reasons for picking a school. Find somewhere to get involved.


I believe that when you are at the right school you feel it. The moment I walked onto DeSales campus I knew this was the school for me, my mother felt it as well. Follow your gut, when your in the right place, you will feel it!


You can find the right college anywhere. No matter where you go, it's what you make of it that matters.


To students who are searching for the right college for them, follow your gut and visit! I had no idea what type of college was best for me when I was a senior. I did a lot of online research but nothing compares to being on campous. The college I would have picked on paper I ended up really disliking. Yet when I walked onto DeSales campous, it just felt right. The atmosphere was just what I had alsway imagined college to be like. Friendly people, well kept grounds, great facilities and a staff that really cared about the student as a person and not just another dollar sign. You really have to just try everything and imagine yourself there in a year or two. It's only scarry in appearence. For parents of soon-to-be-students, support your kids. The right choice does not come easily. Point out things that they might not know to look for like activities on the social board. Use your experience and knowledge of college and your child and help blend the two together. Don't be afraid of the price tag either, with aid all doors are open. Good Luck to All!


When I was trying to decide where I would spend these four important years of my life, it was overwhelming and a little scary at times. What helped me the most was my family. After visiting a college, my parents would ask me what I thought. They did not try to sway my opinion if theirs was different, and they always made sure I knew that they supported me. After visiting DeSales University, I got this feeling inside that I could not explain. I knew that this was where I wanted to be. My advise to students is to do everything you can to find that place. Not everyone has the same opinions, so go where you feel comfortable and academically challenged. College becomes your second home and you will be happiest when you attend the college that actually FEELS like a second home. Parents, do not be afraid to let go of your children. It was hard for my parents to say goodbye, but despite the distance between my family and I, we are as close as ever. Showing your children that you support and love them will make their return visits even more special.


Visit as many schools as you are interested. I only visited one and based my lone decision on purely the academic stand point and particularly for one major that excels there. As many other college students, I changed my major and now I am someting compeltely different so ultimately the original reason I came here doesn't exist anymore. Although along the way I met life long friends through my varsity soccer team, I could have had a much broader selection if I would have taken other things beside academics into consideration. Education is important especially as your college education is meant to build your career but consider all aspects of the college before deciding.


Choosing the right college is one of the most difficult decisions you can make in your life. Find a college that has the area that you want to concentrate all your studies to and pursue that as a backbone for your decision. Then look at the social life of the campus. Does it fit your needs? Is this what you are really looking for? When you visit the college, picture yourself walking through the halls as if you were a student walking to class and see if this is what you want. Be honest with yourself, trust your instincts, and follow your heart. Find your dream and live it. The sky is the limit.


When starting the college search process, it is important to make sure you look at colleges that you, as the student, are interested in. It is also important not to feel obligated to go to a particular college because someone tells you to. This choice is about your future, no one else's. Visit the top colleges that you chose. The one that you feel most at home is the best one to decide on. This college is where you will be spending four years to better your education. Picking a college that is rather large as opposed to a smaller one is not necessarily the one for you. During college the most important thing is to make the most of it. Meet new people, take time to enjoy the campus and surroundings, be active in campus activities, and most of all remember that your life after college most likely depends or your schoolwork. But remeber that there is alway time for relaxation and time with friends. College memories will last for a lifetime, so make the most of them.


College is a experience that helps develop who you are and who you want to become.


Do not focus on just money, remember college is a wonderful investment and you have your entire life to pay it off. Try and choose what will be best for you, you would not want to be somewhere unhappy or depressed. Remeber your happiness is key and if that means spending some more than so be it.


Think things through very carefully and take into consideration EVERYTHING you want in a college to find the right one for you. For example, some things to consider would be: would you want to attend a school with a large sports team? small/large class size? does the school offer your specific major, and does it have alternante programs of interest to you if you decide to change your major? does the school harbor peers that have similar backgrounds/interests as you? Is your school affordable? For students: choose the school that YOU like best and feel the most comfortable attending. Don't go by where your parents want you to go, where your friends are going, or just so you can say you go to a specific school (if it's an unknown school, but you're happy, that's whats important). Think about yourself and your true wants and needs and find the school that works best for you!


In the words of Socrates, "Know thyself." Before making a college decision it is of the utmost importance to understand your interests and your limitions. So many kids go to college with the attitude that they are gonna get a fresh start and leave behind their high-school selves. This attitude is not only unadvisable but dangerous. Since the college world so different with all kinds of new responsabilities and choices to be made, personal freedom becomes a huge factor. Personal freedom can be a good thing as long as it entails growth, but that becomes impossible without an identity. That identity void can be filled with many different oppinions, habits, ideas and life-styles. For example, some might lose themselves at a party school, so go for something small instead. For new students, in stead of trying to find a new identity, try to improve on the things that are already good about yourself and let college develope those aspects. Otherwise, regardless of what you think about yourself right now, you never know what kinds of things you might get yourself into. So when choosing a school, know yourself, know what your interested in, and stick to your values.


Don't worry about the grades, go somewhere that you can GROW!!!!!


I would explain to the students that they should attend a college/university that they love; not one that there parent(s) love. The student is the one attending college, not the parents. While parents' advice and knowledge is important in choosing a school, the student must make the final decision themselves. Once the student chooses a school he/she loves, he/she should get invovled in at least one activity at the school; this should occur within the first couple of weeks of school. Also, many school are now holding orientation programs for freshmen/first year students once the students move in to the school. I would highly recommend that the students attend all of the programs the school plans for orientation. I have known many people who have made their closest friends during orientation. My final piece of advice would be do stay in touch with friends at home. Many times people have one extreme or another (they lose all contact with friends or don't make new friends because they are too "into" their friends from home), so they should keep intouch with the friends from home, but make new ones at school.