DeSales University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The financial aid


the tuition is extremly high and I will be in debt when I graduate.


The most frustrating thing about my university would probably be its parking policies. I wrote an article to the editor of our newspaper discussing my frustrations with parking for residents on campus, because there are many restrictions and not much negotiation. I made proposals such as having parking at the university center (where the cafeteria and bookstore is) that would have meters or simply to add more "to-go" parking. It would be more convenient for students who have to walk very far or have time constraints, especially in the cold winter months.


The TV/Film program looks good on paper, but I learned so much more in high school.


Progress and forward thinking seem to be accepted through the university message, but not in action. Also, the student body doesn't appear to be serious about college.


Grade Inflation


All the restrictions regarding co-eds sleeping in the dorms. It's lame. We're old enough to handle the responsibility.


People focusing on their academic education while leaving education outside the classroom in the woodworks. There is so much oppurtonity to grow outside the classroom and some people don't take advantage of it.


People aren't there to learn, they're there to party...then they wonder why their grades aren't up to their parents' standards. On top of that, all of the females are either fat or ugly, and those who are actually attractive are as dumb as a year is long.