DeSales University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How cold it really gets.




It would have been helpful to understand exactly how challenging the physician assistant program is; however, I realize that this is most likely not able to be done.


-different career opportunities for biology majors


I wish i would have known about the lack of off campus housing since the only option is to be in the less fortunate area of bethlehem.


The censorship for the film program, how dead the weekends are,.


I wish that I had known the requirements for my major before I entered the program and was made more aware of the weather in the area.


I wish that I had known that Snuggle was only a fabric softener. I can't really think of many big things I wished that I had known before coming to the university. I would have liked to know myself better but that's part of the experience. I wouldn't change anything.


There really isnt much that i had wish that i knew before i came to this campus. DeSales is a small university but the students on it make it feel like a normal large college.


I wish i had known that it is a "suitcase" school before entering my freshman year. While many students do stay on the weekend (including me) and there are parties at night, during the day the campus is empty and the buildings are quiet. It is harder to meet and get to know people when they do not stay on campus for the weekend and makes your college experience completely different.