Dickinson College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Dickinson is home to those who have a thirst to think outside of the box. Dickinson is not your traditional undergraduate institution. It's a community of students and faculty who desire to know more. It's full of fantastic minds who live to collaborate and educate the world at large.


Dickinson College values creativity, dedication, and appreciation of diversity of ethnicity, religion, and thought. Students at Dickinson are engaged and active members of the college community, and they place almost as much importance on their extracurricular activities as on their academic work. A prospective Dickinson student should be both intellectual and enthusiastic for experiences outside the classroom, so that they appreciate the incredible variety of academic, artistic, athletic, and community service opportunities Dickinson has to offer.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be one that is looking for an intimate learning environment which offers a wide range of educational opportunities. The person should also be one who does not mind being on a small campus and ready to be open to what others have to say. The person should also have a good grasp of finances and be wiling to contribute to discussions, as professors often engage their students. The school may also be appropriate for those who want quiet options on campus as well as roudier ones.


I person with a real drive to learn and make friends in a comfortable environment


Dickinson is made for students who really want to "engage the world". The school is geared toward individuals who want to travel abroad and/or get invovled with different communities in our own country.


I think this school is great for students interested in learning about the world. It is also great for those who really want to get involved on campus and in the community. There are opportunities every where for all different students if one wants to get involved.


Someone who is able to work hard and party hard. The work load is not unmanagable, but it is common for students to feel very overwhelmed during mid-term and finals. Although it is extrememly difficult to party without getting busted by DPS, it is most popular to drink on the weekends. A jock who can manage to get his work done is best fit for Dickinson.


Someone who is willing to be challenged intellectually should go to this school. Dickinson will challenge you, and make you think hard about the work you, why you do it, and even the way you think. If you seriously want a quality education that makes a well rounded person, I would highly recommend this course because of everything you have the possibility of learning here.


This school has a strong polisci and business department but just got a brand new science building so that should be improving. This is a good school to attend if you want to spend time over seas for part of your schooling.


Most students at Dickinson are similar. They are good looking, hardworking, outgoing, intelligent, and involved. It is hard for students who are shy and less motivated to enjoy their time here. If you want a place where you can disappear into a crowd, don't go to Dickinson. But if you want to make a mark on your college, you can do it here, and you will be eagerly encouraged by the faculty and your fellow students.


Someone who is engaged and interested in their community. Dickinsonians tend to be involved and active in the campus community, and many people are involved in the surrounding off-campus community. There are plenty of really interesting and unique people on this campus, and you just have to search for them. At the same time, there are a lot of people here who don't see reality or care to understand that there are people here on this very campus are disadvantaged in multiple ways.


Dickinson students are explorative, out-going individuals. The study abroad opportunities offered by the school are incredible and are readily taken advantage of by the majority of the junior class. Students at Dickinson work hard academically, but are also very involved with campus events. The attendee should be ready for a lot of classroom discussion and interation as well as a busy social schedual.