Dickinson College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


As a liberal arts school, this school is extremely reading intensive. The classes are mostly discussioned based so it is expected that students come prepared to talk about the material they needed to read before class. It is really hard to pass on by doing the bare minimum because teachers expect full participation.


If you like city-life, large scale campuses, or adventure, this probably isn't the place for you. Dickinson is very small and not a lot goes on in the area, but it is a good school.


A person who does not care about their academic success should not attend this school.


people who are from large cities may not like how small the school is, and how the there is not much to do in the town. (not a big night life)


An engineering student, premed student, or any other student with a very specific career goal. Dickinson focuses on a complete liberal arts education, not on specific training.


Students who want to focus on more of a social life and not try hard in school. The students should be up for a challenge.


People that like cities, want lots of students, and big parties.