Doane University-Arts & Sciences Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that doesn't respect the campus grounds should not atten this beautiful campus. Students take pride in the work they put into this campus to make it look the way it does and students should respect that. If they don't they shouldn't attend.


Someone who wants to live in a big city with opportunities to do things. There are many things to do here but you have to be creative and spontaneous. There are big cities within driving distance. Also, people who are not willing to be a part of a family shouldn"t come here. There is a low enrollment rate here at Doane, a lot of athletes.


Someone who doesn't take college seriously. This is a "cream of the crop" school and they mean bussiness when is comes to acedemics. Sure, there may not be an essay for admittance, but if you don't "do" school well you'll be out of here by the end of the first month.


A person that doesn't want to part of a community and would like to be considered a number instead of themselves.


Someone who doesn't like to be around people or isn't friendly. Everyone smiles or says hi on the paths.


A person who works better with large class sizes and impersonal teachers.