Doane University-Arts & Sciences Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That tuition would go up a little each year


That you have to apply for campus scholarships when you're an incoming freshman. You can't apply for scholarships through the school after you're here.


What I wish I had known before arriving at Doane is the way they go about selecting the housing. For instance I would like to live off campus next year due to the fact that money is very tight and living on campus would cost so much more. They set many restrictions on what qualifies you to live off campuse. For example: you must either be 22 when coming into the fall semester, staying over the summer working for the school, living with a relative, comuting from Lincoln everyday. This is what I wish I had known when coming here.


I had been told that people change their majors a lot, but I never really believed it. I've changed mine 3 times.


I wish I would have taken a tour and talked to more faculty and staff before coming to Doane, just to know a little more about the school


Dont be afraid to talk to your professors if you have questions. Be friendly and be accepting of new friends.


I wish i would have known what career field i wanted to be in before entering this college.


I wish I had known had little push I would get from the Art Dept.


How wonderful this college was so that I wasn't so worried about having picked the wrong place!


A lot more about what I wanted to do and the things that I would need to know throughout my college levels and what I should do so that I could later attain my goals for grad school.