Doane University-Arts & Sciences Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it is a small college town. The school itself is small but it seems big because of the way the students and athletes interact outside of class. Everyone lives close to eachother. Seems like one big family.


It is best known for the small campus feel that draws many to small towns. You can't get the friendly people and close friends at large universities like you can at smaller private colleges. It doesn't match up at all. There are many benefits such as decreased walking distances, the meeting of many people and the development of many new friendships and the development of study habits. The best part about Doane is the feeling that the instructors care about your education and want you to succeed in college and also be a successful person in the future.


I like the small atmosphere. You get to know lots of people well, including your professors.


There are many opportunities to grow socially and academically.


I have developed some very strong friendships here and have had some really great times. I have a few professors who I'm really close with--the small class sizes allows for things like this.


The small class sizes are the best thing about this college. They classes average about 10 to 20 students, and the professors get to know each of there students on a personal level. The small class sizes also allow the professors to use other teaching techniques besides just lecturing. Most classes are more like group disscussions, which makes learnig a topic more interesting.