Dordt College Top Questions

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Dordt is unique because of the small town it is located in. The small town atmosphere carries over into the community of Dordt creating a tight knit student body, while at the same time Dordt is very advanced in their technology and teaching staff. The combination of these two--small size and advanced studie--gives students the universtiy level of education, while having small class sizes and great community. With both of these elements in play not only will I graduate with an excellent education, but also with friends that will last a lifetime.


The sense of community and the availability of professors to be communicated promptly.


It is small, so you tend to build better relationships. You know that the professors genuinely care about you.


The school is one of the few private schools with a 4 year accredited engineering degree.


I think Dordt College is unique compared to the otehr schools I visited because of its campus and community. Dordt recently upgraded its campus facilities and I I believe this will be a huge selling point for the school. The community here is also very accepting, and finding good friends has never been a problem for me.