Dordt College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is not much about Dordt that I do not like. It's actually taking quite a bit of thinking to come up with something. However, if I had to critisize something about Dordt it would be where it is located in the United States. Iowa gets very cold in the winters so the walk to class can be pretty chilly at times, but you can always stop at one of the coffee shops to warm up.


I think that the worst thing at Dordt College is the coldness of winter, though you can't do much about that. There is a lot of snow, but Dordt does a good job of keeping the sidewalks cleaned off. And you can always find something good to do in the snow.


The lack of diversity. I feel like an outsider at times.


I think the worse thing about Dordt College for me, is that it is far away from home and it is very costly. The distance part of the school doesn't but me too much, but the cost of attending this school is very pricy. It is hard for me to work enough hours to earn the money to continue at this school, luckily the financial aid and everything can help out. Each year the tuition keeps going up, and it gets harder for students to pay the money needed to stay at school.


The judgmental students.


There is not a whole lot of diversity here, people do not get a very real world experience by coming here. Its more of a happy-go-lucky little Dutch Reformed college that is rather sheltering.


The campus was mostly the same religion, held the same political views and were mostly caucasion, it would have been nice to have more diversity amoung religion, ethnicity, and politics.


I'm in debt.


The food is not the best, but it is getting better each year