Dowling College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Dowling College is a campus on the water and has a beautiful landscape. The Kramer Science Building is a part of the old Vanderbuilt mansion. The ballroom, the Hunt room, and the study are all either original wood and carving and sculpture from the mansion, or recently restored. All of these rooms are accessible to students. The study has real books, some of which contain old medical studies that may interest a medical student or science major looking into doing medical research or studies. There are also old reference books and history books on the shelves. Dowling has a courtyard with a massive fountain that is constantly flowing that gives a real regal look to that area of the school, and is a nice place to relax before the next class. The library is very quiet and has lots of tables set up so that students can study on thier own or together. Student artwork is on display throughout the library. Many of the images are compelling and beautiful at the same time. Visual arts students can see thier images around campus framed and there are several scupltures, including an outdoor stone sculpture in sign language that says "Love."


I'm the type of student who is very big on school spirit but is also extrememly focused on my studies in order to keep up my good grades.


Dowling has great professors that are almost always friendly and extremely knowledgable in their subject matter, and the student body is very friendly and I really don't think it's possible to not make friends here.


dowling college is your home away from home


A small school in which there is a lot of ethnic seperation.


Dowling college is very academically focused and challenging, however its always difficult to put together a decent schedule each semester because of the lack of classrooms and teachers.


Dowling College is truly the personal college--it works for YOU and you alone.