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Drake University is personal. The first time I visited the campus I met a counselour and she later came to my school and remembered who I was and even commented on my hair cut. I felt so special to have someone at Drake who remember me and was concerned with my higher education. The same applies to the professors, everyone is a class often recieves multiple personal meetings with professor so they can have a better understanding of how to make your education more successful. I love how much care there is from the staff about my education.


Fast start into professional activities and resume building. Starts working towards your career as soon as you begin classes.


At Drake, you can get started right away on studying your major without having to take a bunch of general education classes, allowing more time for the student to decide whether they will pursue that field of study or switch to another.


Creates a very professional environment that trains you (in the pharmacy major) to be a compassionate and trustworthy person when we join the workforce.


Drake is a lot smaller than the other schools I considered. This gave me the advantage to attend low populated classes and have a close relationship with my professors.


Drake places less focus on general education classes. We mainly focus on core classes to the students major. For example, freshman business students are taking 3, 4, 5 business classes a semester. I feel this provides all students here a competitive advantage against those at other schools.


It has a film program and hospitality school. Not to mention it is not too far from home but just far enough that I don't have my parents drop in on all the time.


Drake University is very career oriented. One of the things that Drake does is have career nights, where people from different companies show up and students can talk to them about hetting a job or an internship. Also students get to exchange bussiness cards with professionals, so they can keep in touch with them, to have some connections after they graduate. One os the best things that drake does, is they bring guess speakers for differfent careers, which talk about their professional as well as personal ife, so its easier for students to bond with them.


It's small enough to feel at home and to know someone almost everywhere you go, yet you will still meet new people all the time. Drake is environmentally conscious, politically active and community service oriented. Drake does a great job of making new students feel welcome and making sure students get to know one another.


In all, Drake is a great school for anyone looking for a laid-back atmosphere and a top-notch education. Des Moines is a small city but there is so much to discover. The Midwest is a very friendly place and it makes for a very easy adjustment for any newbie.


Typically not into taking time for online reviews such as this, but was motivated to by some blatently hateful/untruthful comments by students that clearly didn't put an effort into their education and chose to reconcile their lack of success by pointing fingers and placing blame in all of the wrong places. Check yourself transfer student, I'm assuming you could benefit from a little self-eval...


Drake is unique to the other schools I considered because of its size. It was smaller and more academically challenging than those other schools. Its exactly where I need to be.


This school was unique in that it had a more jovial atmosphere that I thought would be appropriate for my learning. I looked at and was accepted to three other schools, one other private school and two state schools. This school had a nice campus, appealing facilities, and very helpful staff. These things contributed to my choice of school.


It's location, it's size, it's teacher to class size ratio. And it's music program.


Its very tight knit and supportive.


Drake is just the right size, with the same high quality facilities and faculty that I could expect from a larger institution. It is smack in the middle of Des Moines, so the opportunities gain exposure to the music scene of a large city.


My school keeps the students engaged in society, education, and personal interets. It is easy to find someone or something that attracts the students at my school. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and coincede well together for students who wish to get their undergraduate and graduate degrees from the same school.


Go Drake! (meh, not really)