Drake University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


making friends without being in greek life


One of the most frustrating things for me is the financial aid office. In order to pay for school, I need to apply for many scholarships and loans in order to attend the unversity, I work with the financial aid office a lot. Sometimes, they are very slow at getting me the help I need, or give me the run around when I'm trying to plan how to pay for my next year.


Drake is not a very adapting place for transfer students. Although there was a transfer orientation it was not very welcoming or informative and I feel like no one really met anyone. Also, it's frustrating how sporadically Hubbell South is open for food.


There is nothing frustrating about Kaplan. I like everything about it. There is limited amount of students in my classes and the teachers are very helpful with everything.


The most frustrating thing about Drake University is that we must all leave it at one point.


The most frustrating thing for me is trying to fit all the courses I need to take into my schedule. Drake provides a liberal arts education so there are classes similar to general education (Gen Eds.) courses that I have to take along with classes for my major. Becuase I am a Health Science major, few of these overlap. This makes it difficult for me to pick up a minor or area of concentration as well as a few extra classes graduate schools are looking for that are not directly included in the Health Science curriculum.


I think that the most frustrating thing about Drake University is the tuition. Tuition is ridiculously expensive. You do get a good education here, but the tuition is still outrageous. It is nice that we get offered financial aid though.


I believe that the most frustrating thing about Drake University is that on the weekends it is difficult to find school sponsored activities. At Drake there are not any movie theaters or malls within walking distance so weekends get repetitive.


I think the most frustrating is the lack of diversity. I wish there were more different kinds of people, or that different groupd of people interacted better.


Sometimes it is difficult to double major across schools. It often requires you to take on very full semesters of 18 credits (5 courses), however, it is very possible to do within 4 short years if you are motivated to put forth the effort.


Students who come to college to get away from home and do not take t he experience of college serious . They enter a fraternity then drop out becuase the standards are too high.


very cliques


I wish there was a little more diversity


The cost of tuition. I know that it will be worth it in the end because Drake is a highly credible school & I am receiving a wonderful education, it just seems like a lot right now. A large part of this is because I am not receiving any Financial Aid, and my parents are unable to co-sign my student loans. Therefore, it is difficult for me to find other sources to pay for my schooling.


The students who are stuck in the mindset that they are superior to others.


Barely any diversity.