Drake University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best hing about Drake University is that it is a medium sized university. The classes are small enough where you can truly focus and the professors know your name and are more than willing to help you anyway they possibly can. You also get a sense of community and are able to make lasting friendships as well.


My school tries really hard to get everyone active and participating in everything. Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. Sometimes that is super tiring, but in the end it helps make you more aclimated to being away from your home. All the opportunites and willingness of upperclassmen is amazing, and they don't make you feel like a "typical" freshmen at all.


The classes so far have all been challenging but extremely interesting. The curriculum is set up in a way as to expand your knowledge so you know more than just what is required for your major. Also, our mascot is ADORABLE (bulldog!) and is on campus a lot.


The professors at Drake are amazing. Many of them are involved in research for the university, but they care about the students just as much. Almost all are more than willing to help you during office hours. Many will give you internships or the opportunity to work on research with them, or give you career advice. Many of them are tough, but at the same time, they push you to ensure you do your best. It's not uncommon for your class to meet up for dinner with your professor at the end of semester.


Drake University offers a great learning environment. Most classes are medium sized allowing every student to get equal help from there professors. You are also able to gain a better friendship with each one of your professors. Although this is a small school there are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus.


I think that the best part of Drake is that there are so many opportunities to take part in and ways to get involved in different things. Drake also has a wonderful business school which is my interest. I have so far loved being a business student as well as attending Drake University. I have never had a boring weekend and have found wonderful friends in both my sorority, classes, and dorm building.


The best thing about my school is the friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Faculty and students at Drake are always willing to put forth the extra effort to help others succeed. This can mean staying after office hours or forming study groups. There is also a wide variety of extracurriculars which makes it very easy to get involved and meet a wide variety of people. People at Drake are accepting and friendly, which is great because there are many opportunities and you always feel like you fit in.


Drake University is a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone and I can count on all of the other students to have my back whenever I ask for it.


Very personable setting, most professors know each student by his/her name.


The best thing about Drake is how much the university works to fullfill the mission statement. Having a job placement rate after graduation at 98% consistantly, this shows how hard the staff works to help influence the students to do their best, grow their networks, and help shape them to be a responsible, engaging citizen.


The extra curicular opportunities and the chance to become involved on campus and gain leadership experience.


The size. Large enough that there is a variety of people, but small enough to get the attention you need and you get to know many people.


Its size is nice because classes are small and intimate. Students really get the chance to get to know not only each other but also the professors. Even in large lecture classes, it is possible to develop relationships.


The size of the campus. It is very small, about 15 square blocks. Everything is within a five to ten minute walk. Its very nice, especially in the winter when it is dreadfully cold.


The professors are wonderful. They will go out of their way to help you with assignments, internships or job searches. They are passionate about their subjects and so knowledgeable. Drake's professors make time for their students and really get to know them, and are often available for outside help or even just to chat. I feel like my professors really care about me.


A nice campus with a good learning envrionment and strong academic programs for students looking to succeed.


I think the best thing about the school is the small class sizes and availability of teachers. I also very much enjoy the social life, and that it seems most people want to be there to learn and socialize. I enjoy this the most because it creates a community feeling.


The best thing about our school is the size. Classes are mostly small, with the largest lectures being less than 200 students.; upperclassmen classes are smaller as people start specializing in their majors. Another part of this is that, because of the size of our school, students are generally able to create their own majors if their desired major isn't offered.


The best thing about my school is the variety here. Finding your niche is as easy as simply going to the activities fair and trying a few things out. We have over 160 organizations and if it's not here, you can create it! I thought it would be hard to make new friends and get involved, but within a few weeks I was involved and having the time of my life!


I love the big-school feel at a small school. We are a Division I school, so we have very competative sports teams, but the classroom size is small. You get one-on-one attention, but there is always something to do on campus because of the diversity of the organizations here.


The best thing about Drake is their determination to provide the best learning experience while challenging students. Drake doesn't give up on students and I know this from personal experience. They believe you are here because you deserve to be and they are willing to help however they can. I think that's the best thing because it shows individual students that they are cared about and aren't just a tuition check.


The relays in the spring. Because it is a time that the whole school shows spirit!


Small campus and student body, small class sizes




The size is just right.