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It is a really small school where everyone knows everyone and it is very friendly and also great with helpfulness and opportunities for help (free tutoring and helpful caring professors) along with special programs such as going abroad to study, volunteer and internship and also programs such as the walstreet semester (for my business major).


There are so many trees! We have an arboritum which students can visit like a forest. Instead of sororities and fraternities, we have theme houses which people with similar intersts (like music, spirituality, feminism) can apply to live in seperate from dorm-life. The theatre program also is more intense than others schools I was accepted. I can guess this based on what I hear friends at other schools say. If you study theatre, you will have the opportunity to do everything, even if you have no desire to do it.


The uniqueness of my school is easily expressed in all of the different clubs. You can join any type of club that you want! There are also so many different types of clubs that they apply to everybody.


It has a very good job placement record. The career center is really good.


Drew university prides it self in knowing that it's students will alws be attended to when it comes to ur small class dynamcs. Sudents are free to voice their opinions an dignite hidden leadears withen themselves. Unlike other schools Drew takes the initiative to make the campus more green, incorporating a new green dormitory, which saves and reusues energy. Drew remains strictly adement on recycling and its importance in order to save our planet. Not only does Drew create a strong connection to the earth, but it also takes particular interest in the futures of it's students.


Drew has a beautiful campus and really great classes. Tuition is also unique because it's so expensive.


My campus is surrounded by nature and is very environmentally friendly. Also, we are very close to the city of New York. Therefore, I have the best of both worlds.


The physics department is friendly -- almost like a family. The chair talked to me for more than an hour when I visited.


What is unique about my school is that it offers many courses, and many extracurriculars in a small campus setting.


You know every single person walking down the path and what they did last night.


The community at Drew is really unique. We are a very small campus, so most students get to know each other, and even if you aren't friendly with someone, you generally pass the same people on the path every day and will give each other a smile or a hello. The professors are very interested in the success of the students, and in general it's a tight-knit community.


The school is known as "The Forest." Next to the school, accessable to everyone, there is a track that winds around mini forest on campus. While walking to class, you will pass many different types and sizes of trees and may also see hawks, falcons, geese, chipmunks and squirrels. Outside every dorm building is a patio area with a picknik table to further enjoy the nature of the campus. At night, the campus is well lit but still dark enough to see stars sparkling through the tree tops. Durring the winter, the campus looks like a winter wonderland.


the good amount diversity in such a small school


Its focused more on academic than socially.


I love the small size of Drew and the unique community that we've formed here. Students look out for each other and the professors take a true interest in how you're doing in their classes and even in the rest of your life. I love that everyone knows everyone else.


small, very involved professors


My school is unique because it is located in a beautiful forest setting, is a small enough school that you don't disapear in the crowd and it is really not a big sports or party school.