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Everyone says their school has a lot of redtape and administrative blocks, but Drexel really sets the bar high. It's absurd. I've only met a few people who really like it here--mostly due to problems with the administration and redtape (re: financial aid, scheduling classes, scholarships, co-op help and scheduling, etc.). Ironically, though, all the professors I've had--both inside the psych department and out--have been great. Really helpful and nice.


The co-op opportunities that we recieve.


I love that the school is located in a city environment. It is easy to have a social life and there is always something to do. The school is not very spirited and not too many people attend the sporting events but the city provides limitless entertainment for us. I love the greek life on campus because it is very active. I do wish that the school would build more houses for greek life.


Drexel University is very diverse. Our student body is composed of many students from differing backgrounds, race, and ethnicity. Drexel is also in the heart of Phildelphia, which lends to many opportunities.


It is nestled in the city, which allows for a great life experience and everything is a walk away. Also I have the coop experience at my school where I can work for a real company and get paid doing something I may do in the future.


Drexel Univeristy has a co-op (read: multiple built-in internships) program.


It is a private school with great diversity.


College is college no matter where you go. What makes Drexel stand out? The city, the opportunity (Co-Op), the people, and the knowledge that its growing in a good way. You want to go to college to drink and meet people of the opposite sex? It'll happen everywhere. You want to become a leader in an organization? It'll happen everywhere. You want to learn a lot and better yourself? It'll happen everywhere. You want to leave college and think the "real world" is a piece of cake compared to what you dealt with at while in school, especially because now you're gettin' a big fat paycheck? It'll happen at Drexel.


fuck the administration, fuck the president. despite drexels outstanding academics, its administration has much to be desired. they do not care about you just your money. one of my advisors is incompetent at best and the other does not reply unless called. emails are never answered, phone calls never called back, forms, applications refunds are lost on a regular basis. campus life is great much to do, but anytime you need to be professional drexel does not return the favor. also as big as greek life is on campus drexel still hates it


Do not let the GPA system discourage you from taking challenging classes. It is unfortunate that if we take difficult classes, we might not do as well as others who are taking easy classes and the student with the easy class will certainly look better on paper with his/her high GPA, but you will have learned so much more by taking higher level classes that Drexel offers. Since we're in school longer, we have an opportunity to take more classes than students in other universities, so I'd encourage incoming students to consider taking challenging classes like quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, programming etc that might not be required for their majors. It is really beneficiary for co-op b/c employers are really impressed to see that a CHE understand quantum physics and programming can apply it to semi-conductor processing.


"We will lead" Pi Kappa Phi you know it


Drexel used to hold some clout, but it has gone downhill. Classes are taught by TA's. Classes are canceled a lot. Too many group projects. Too many bs courses that aren't necessary. Not enough to do on campus. No green spaces to just go and chill. Bad neighborhood.


We need a new president. One who is actually on campus once and a while and who cares about students--not just about making money off of us. Once you get in, you can't get out of Drexel. They're going to set me up to be very successful, but they're also going to take all of my money along the way.