Drexel University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Drexel is a very fast paced and specific to ones major.


It's really expensive but is career focused.


I have not yet started at Drexel University, however I would describe it as a school that is career focused and willing to work with students in order to reach their career goals.


My school one of the best engineering schools in the country that offers co-op jobs so that you work and study each year.


Drexel is a great university for student that want to explore great opportunities suring their studies and after they complete their studies with great career opportunitities.


Being at Drexel is like being in a full time career.


Drexel Univeristy is a different style type of university offering a different style of living, learning, and interacting with other students.


While Drexel may not necessarily foster relationships between its student body, the university primarily focuses on preparing the students for a post college career through a rigorous academic program while emphasizing job experience through the co-op internship program.


Drexel University is diverse with many culutres that come together as one community, fast paced and an awesome university to be a part of.


Drexel University is a great place to learn and build character through the rigorous 10 week quarter-based system while also gaining real world work experience through the 6 month co-op program.


Drexel University is an up-and-coming urban school that promotes efficient learning, fast-paced education, and getting students out into the real world as soon as possible in the best way possible while simultaneously making every student feel like they are accepted somewhere.


Urban city school


What you get out of this school is proportional to what you put in, whether it be academically or socially.


Drexel University is a school that focuses on not only giving their students a quality education, but also setting them apart from other students by providing them with the COOP program, which gives their students the advantage when applying for their first full-time job.


Drexel University is a diverse and fast paced university full of many opportunities.


Drexel University is not just an undergraduate college but a life learning experience, in the class room, sports and my co-op program.


It is great school where you will meet people from all over the world/


Drexel is a learning environment that prides itself on providing cooperative education to student to better prepare them for their respective field of study.


Drexel is a priceless opportunity for students to gain applicable job experience along with the necessary skills to be successful in the real world.


Work hard to land a good co-op to land a good career.


Pacey quarter-system school with a lots of learning to do.


Drexel is a university that prides itself on it's co-op program and although it is technically an engineering school is well versed in the majors available.


Drexel is a very culturally diverse and urban university.


Too business focused.


I well positioned university for students to enter the real world. An outstanding work internship program for the students to experience the real world and at the same time they are afforded the opportunities for work when they graduate and the state of the art technology gives the students the edge when applying for work also.


Drexel, a recognized name in private education and a global leader in co-op, online course delivery and the application of technology generally, serves as a highly respected source of knowledge and opinion among the media and general public.


My school is a large, diverse, urban university with exciting opportunities, career preparation and educational programs for everyone and every interest.


Culture-rich population of many diverse, academically-focused students with strong ideas and set plans for their futures.


Drexel is unique with a city location, friendly staff, wonderful professors, modern class rooms with a very diverse student body.


The university is nationally recognized for its achievements, architecture, and highly regarded staff.


A hodge-podge of every single type of person you could possibly imagine, who all share the common interest in their future.


Healthy comparrioson between academic achievement and social and phsyical obligations. A well rounded student is supported in all areas of their achievements and rewarded for their hard work.


Drexel University provides a safe environment for students to get the best college co-op, experience, and education, as well as providing opportunities for job placement after college.


While on co-op you make a decent amount of money and Philadelphia gives you plenty of ways to spend it!


Drexel is a largely technical school with a good academic program.


Drexel University is a melting pot of people in one of the most cultureally diverse cities in the US where students can find their calling and passions in life.


Drexel is very cut-throat in academics.


It's a difficult school in a big city that allows incredible job opportunities.


Small up and coming career focused university.


Drexel University is a great school where students can gain hands on experience and build strong relationships for both their careers and personal lives.


Drexel University has great teachers but it is not worth the money.


Drexel is a large private school filled with students who can afford to be there- however, if a student comes here for the right major, Drexel has a handful of amazing programs for certain degrees.


I have a great time at my school with my friends, we do plenty of work but find time to also have some of the best times of my life.


Drexel University is currently changing and growing to provide a better experience for its students.


The school is a good enviornment for someone to discover who they are for themselves and mature as an adult at the same time.


A lot of red tape and professors that are hard to get ahold of.


My school is a friendly, diverse, school that strives to instill a drive for success into its students.


Serious lack of student care.


Too much red tape, they try to make you fail.


Very diverse but still unified under one roof.