Drexel University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Biomedical research


My school is best known for its co-op program. The co-op program is usually a set of 3 (6 month) internships as a full-time employee at a company. You gain real world experience and build valuable connections while on each co-op.


Drexel is known for it's very successful Co-Op program, which gives students experience in real-world jobs and internships, both paid and unpaid. Depending on major, there are a variety of options available in Pennsylvania and all over the state. Drexel also allows for international co-ops, which give students a very broad work experience in many countries around the world.


Drexel is best known for its co-op internship program, which has secured partnerships with thousands of companies around the Philadelphia area, as well as around the country, with the intention of employing and providing the students with valuable experience within their major's industries.


Engineering and the Co-Op Program


Drexel is best known for career geared programs including engineering and nursing. Drexel is committed to providing its students with as much opportunity to enter the work force with success as it is to succeed academically. Drexel offers 5 year co-op programs to several majors, allowing students the opportunity to get real life work experience in the field of their major. Drexel also offers accelerated programs for students going for their second bachelors. It is these accelerated programs where Drexel truly shines, as they offer excellent education opportunities to working students.


I would not recommend Drexel if you like to take your time. Becaeuse of the quarter system time goes really fast and you really need to pay attention and study from day one. Furhtermore


When I tell people that I attend Drexel University's nursing school they are almost always taken aback. Drexel is seen as strictly engineering. Some even believe there is no point in going to Drexel unless you are in engineering. However, if I could give prospective students advice I would tell them not to be discouraged by Drexel's image and reputation as an engineering school. Although it may not be known for nursing, Drexel's nursing students graduate with the highest first-time pass rates on the NCLEX, the nursing boards, than any other school in the state.


Drexel University is known for its cooperative experience program. Through this program, students are able to find and obtain real jobs in their majors. By working at these jobs during the school year, we have a better understanding of what we will want to do when we graduate. We will also have the work experience.


Drexel is best known for the co-op program which allows students to get real world experience while still in school.


Their engineer program


Drexel is best known for their College of Engineering - one of the best in the entire nation!


Drexel is best known for its co-op experience.


It's science-based majors and programs. Drexel is also known for being a city school, with a conveient location right in the heart of Phildelphia. Those looking for a traditional college campus will be disappointed, but people who love the city will fall in love with Drexel. The co-op system is what most students come to Drexel for, since it's one of the best programs in the country. Also the BS/MS accelerated master's degree program is a rare opportunity.


The Co-op system is best known at Drexel University. The Co-op program is a system of paid internship during your academic study which comes in two options, a four year co-op program and a five yaer co-op program. The four year co-op program offers only 6 months (two terms) of internship where as the five year co-op system offers 18 months of co-op experience. This is a time to become more familiar with the working environment and to gain experience in the major of your choosing.


Drexel University is best known for its technology based majors. It is known for fields that involve computers, engineering, etc. Because of the increasing use of technology in many fields, Drexel seems to have expanded its choices of majors, and is becoming more progressive with its arts programs as well.


Drexel University is best known for is best known for it's lucrative Co-Op experience. All Drexel University undergraduates are given the opportunity to find an internship with a leading company in their field, either through individual search or through Drexel's Career Development Center. Students take part in either a 3 or 6 month internship where they can learn real life scenarios, garner real life experience, and sometimes even get paid in the process.


The school that I will be attending this year is best known for their business program. They have a great co-op progrma that helps the students decide what career they want to pursue.


Giving students a good education by providing experienced educators and giving them real world experience by providing an internship.


Their Nursing and Education programs. Also, for their philanthropic work. It is a Catholic College that values volunteerism in regards to community service.


One of the best medical schools on the eastern seaboard.


Drexel University is best known for their Engineering and Technology programs. The University is also known for its proximity to The University of Pennsylvania. The school is also known for being difficult academically and very selective about who they accept. But, the number one thing Drexel University is known for is the Co-op program, which allows drexel students to gain up to 18 months experience in their field by doing internships with businesses through the school's connections.


Drexel University is most well known for its co-op programs. It allows students the opportunity to get "real world" experience before graduation. This helps them to make sure what they are going to school for is really what they want to be doing the rest of their lives.


Drexel is well known as an engineering school. It is also one of the few that offer co-op working experience as part of the curriculum so you graduate with a degree and a resume of work experience.


Drexel University provides a unique learning experience because of its 5-year co-op program, which better prepares students and gives them an advantage when they are ready to enter the job market.


Engineering program




Co-op program is excellent. Great academics. Challenging, world-class university, internationally renowned and recognized.


It is mainly an engineering school


We are best known for our coop.


Drexel is probably best known for the Co-op program. It's also known for the engineering program, and the basketball team.


Drexel is best known for its academic and career placement programs.


Drexel University is best known for Business and Engineering.